18.04 – Duplicate restore failed

I had problems with connecting my laptop to the wifi, so I decided to just reinstall the operating system. I made a backup copy with Duplicity and I moved it to my phone, then I reinstalled Ubuntu 18.04, and then I transferred the backup to my laptop to restore it .

I have done it before, but this time things did not go as well. I have gone through the restore dialogs and, at the start of the restore, an error has occurred:

Restore failed

Failed with an unknown error.

Traceback (last end):
"/ Usr / bin / duplicity" file, line 1555, in 
    with_tempdir (main)
"/ Usr / bin / duplicity" file, line 1541, in with_tempdir
fn ()
"/ Usr / bin / duplicity" file, line 1393, in the main folder
do_backup (action)
"/ Usr / bin / duplicity" file, line 1472, in do_backup
restore (col_stats)
"/ Usr / bin / duplicity" file, line 728, in restoration
restore_get_patched_rop_iter (col_stats)):
"/Usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/duplicity/patchdir.py" file, line 558, in Write_ROPaths
for ropath in rop_iter:
"/Usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/duplicity/patchdir.py" file, line 521, in integr_patch_iters
for patch_seq in assembly:
"/Usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/duplicity/patchdir.py" file, line 389, in return_tuples
setrorps (overflow, elems)
"/Usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/duplicity/patchdir.py" file, line 378, in setrorps
elems[i] = iter_list[i].following()
"/Usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/duplicity/patchdir.py" file, line 121, in difftar2path_iter
tarinfo_list = [tar_iter.next()]
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/duplicity/patchdir.py", line 339, in the following
self.set_tarfile ()
"/Usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/duplicity/patchdir.py" file, line 333, in set_tarfile
self.current_fp = self.fileobj_iter.next ()
"/ Usr / bin / duplicity" file, line 764, in get_fileobj_iter
KeyError: 1

I need to solve this problem urgently, and I will provide updates if I discover something, but what I can really do, is to look for the error and see if anyone. One of the others lived there. I'm not sure what's going on.


LANG = C DEJA_DUP_DEBUG = 1 deja-dup - restore

who, after successfully detecting all my old snapshots (he said DUPLICITY INFO & # 39; home / user / snap / app / …), created the following output with errors. I really need to recover my files and I do not know what happened to create such a huge mistake.

google chrome – How to make sure that Ubuntu 18.04 stops asking me to unlock the connection keyring?

There are 2 floating solutions on the web to solve this problem:

  1. Disable the keychain of passwords in Ubuntu or insert a blank password. I do not think I understand all the implications of this hacking and I would not want to compromise the security of my system to solve this problem. So I'm looking for another solution.

  2. Make sure Google Chrome uses its built-in password storage instead of relying on the Ubuntu password keychain. To do this, you need to locate the Chrome launcher in system folders and add "–password-store = basic" to the exec command. None of these changes, however, modify the launcher in the dock. Or should I say "dash"? I do not know the proper terminology of Gnome but these are the shortcuts of the application in the left bar. If I click on this Chrome launcher, it still brings a lot of pop-ups that ask me to unlock the keyring.

Editing launchers like this one does something, because it fixes the launcher in the "Applications" menu. By this I mean the list of installed applications that you see when you click on the 9 points at the bottom left of the screen. (I'm sorry I did not provide the correct name for this menu, but I could not find what Gnome calls all of its UI elements).

So, if I open the menu and click on the Chrome launcher, everything is cool. But if I click on the icon located on the desktop or if I click on a Thunderbird link that launches Chrome, hell breaks loose. Not only do I get a ton of popups that ask me for my password to unlock the keyring, but some stored cookies are also reset.

Webcam – Can not Use FaceTime HD Camera on Guest VirtualBox Ubuntu 18.04 OS

I've installed Virtualbox & 6.0.6 expansion pack on an OSX host (on Mackbook Pro with Type-C, 2018 15 "Mojave 10.14.4).
On this configuration of VBox, I installed Ubuntu 18.04 as a guest with default configuration (no changes to the settings except for the activation of the USB controller).

I have enabled Facetime HD Camera VirtualBox (menu bar> Devices> Webcams> Facetime HD Camera checkbox on), but when I test the / dev / video0 and / dev / video1 with cheese command on blank screen guest pops up with this error:

** Message: 15: 09: 30.041: cheese-application.vala: 211: Error setting the camera: No device found.
... (omitted: the assertion was current: device! = NULL failed)
** (cheese: 1592): CRITICAL **: 15: 09: 30.053: cheese_preferences_dialog_setup_resolutions_for_device: assertion & # 39; device! = NULL & # 39; has failed

In addition, the green light on the Macbook indicating that the camera is in use will not flash at all during the entire process. In addition, no application registered under Privacy Settings on OSX has requested access to the camera.

I have reinstalled VirtualBox, but there is no change thereafter. I've also reinstalled the Ubuntu guest, but the problem persists.

I've also tried to manually connect the camera with the terminal control VBoxManage controlvm (vmname) attach .1 (or its hardware ID starting with 0x)but that does not change anything.

backup – Ubuntu 18.04 usb connection problem

Using Ubuntu 18.04, I backed up my personal folders on a USB stick daily. A few days ago, this process failed with the report stating that the storage location was saturated. I understand that in these circumstances, already dup would delete the oldest files to make room for new backups, but that does not seem to happen. I then plugged in another USB drive in order to continue the backups, but the process failed with the report stating that it was waiting for the USB drive to be connected although it was present, mounted, in the list of files. I have not been able to discover the reason despite the many searches done online, even if I am not an expert in computer science. I then discovered that I could copy folders to this identical USB drive using the "Copy to" command without difficulty. Anyone can please explain what could be wrong and what I should do to overcome this situation. Cordially.

Archer T2U AC600 nano, how can I install it in Ubuntu 18.04?

I've migrated from Windows 7 to Ubuntu and the computer does not recognize my wireless adapter. And I want to know how to install it, unfortunately, it does not have drivers for Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu 18.04 Boot is stuck at "Hold on hold until end of boot"

I am currently using my old Windows computer to post because I have caused a boot process problem on my Ubuntu 18.04 computer. The problem started when I was trying to figure out how to remap my right control key (which I often use but that was broken) on my right alt key. I had read online that people recommended modifying the xkb file to remap the keys. After editing the lines concerning control and alt, I restarted my computer and found that the startup process was frozen at the line "Queuing until the end of startup". I left it all night thinking that it could end, but nothing has changed.

I've also tried rebooting many times, as well as using the repair menu options, such as repair and cleaning, but nothing is done there. Finally, I tried some of the other problem solutions with similar problems, but they did not help either. One of the solutions was to remove snapd, which I did, but it just lengthened the list of boot processes.

I have access to the recovery mode, the menu and F2 / F3, but I do not know Linux yet, so I do not know any troubleshooting order that can help you. If I caused this problem when playing with the xkb file, does anyone know any terminal commands to restore the file in its original script? I know that Windows had a recovery option to restore the system to a previous state (which I had used when I was interested in registering and that I had broken data on my win 7 ). Does Ubuntu have an option or command that can do something similar? Below, the screen on which my computer freezes.

Thank you all for your time and the advice you can give me to solve this problem. I will try to answer the questions as soon as possible. although I can be delayed because of my job.Ubuntu 18.04 start blocking the image on the screen

18.04 – Can not wake up after blackening the screen

My computer seems to hang when the display time is exceeded, I can not move the mouse to unlock it.

So, when the screen darkens, I can not lock the screen immediately, but have had to wait about 10 minutes, and then when I move the mouse, I will screen locks. It really bothers me, I use Windows on the same computer, this never happens, so there can be no hardware problems.

I use Lubuntu 18.04, can I do anything? I've heard about removing Light-Locker and replacing it with xscreensaver, but apparently it also removes lubuntu-desktop.

intel graphics – i5 7300u wrestling with 4k youtube and constantly increasing to 100% at 4k on Ubuntu 18.04

I therefore have a Dell laptop with an i5-7300u. At home, I recently upgraded a 4k monitor that I plan to use for playback and programming of videos (I have a desktop for games).

According to the Intel website and other platforms (youtube guides, web articles, etc.), the i5 should be able to handle 4K videos, etc. This is suitable for general tasks (I write this on the 4k monitor earlier). But as soon as I put youtube at 1080p / 4k, the CPU reaches 100% and stutters like crazy. I do not know if this is a problem with Ubuntu, a browser or if my processor is not for the 4k version, although that's what Intel says.

No matter what advice would be great, sorry if the post is too long, I tried to put as much information as possible.

18.04 – How to always use a particular monitor

I have two monitors, one is my main work monitor on which I use eclipse. Each time I run the application from eclipse, it creates a new window. However, it is still running on the same monitor.

Can I convince Eclipse or something to display the application on another monitor. I know I can hang out, but doing it every time is a waste of time.

18.04 – How to make the cursor go beyond the edge of the touchpad?

I am looking for a solution so that the cursor continues to move in one direction while I am at the edge of the touchpad. This "feature" already exists in Windows.

For example, when I want to drag a folder, which is on the left side of my desk, to the right side of my desk; I would not be able to do that, because after I'm at the edge of the touchpad, my cursor stops at a position, while under Windows, it continues in that direction.

Of course, I have searched for solutions on the Internet, but without success, that is why I hope to find a solution here.