What were the capitals of Madagascar in the 1980s? [migrated]

The Collins Gazetteer of the World (circa 1985) lists Madagascar as having two capitals: Tananarive (now Antananarivo) and Ambagovy. What is this second place, and in what sense was it considered a capital?

product identification – Does anyone know the name of this RPG featuring possessed villagers in the Yorkshire Dales ca. 1980’s?

Years ago as a youngster I played an RPG book that was set in the Yorkshire Dales. I recall the story goes; you as the main character travel up to a remote Yorkshire mining village from London to visit a friend.

The village, surrounding areas and the mines have been overtaken by locals who have become possessed turning into zombies and other monsters. The weapons you have available are things like shotguns and kerosine bombs. I remember it begins by you walking up a country road to your friend’s house after journeying up to Yorkshire, it describes the moon being too high in the sky for the time of year as the starting narrative. A zombie/possessed man attacks you jumping out of the hedgerow on the roadside as the first enemy you face. You find the friend’s house abandoned and note left behind for you.

I would love to know the title of this book as I can’t find it online by a descriptive search, it was probably published in the 1980’s. I loved playing it as the concept and narrative were brilliant. I recall it was not one of the Steve Jackson / Ian Livingstone franchise titles but was an independent publication possibly published before they cornered the market on RPG books. If anyone can help me identify this book I’d be most grateful.

Do you agree that Joe Biden is the worst Democratic candidate since the 1980s elections?

I don't think Biden is the brightest guy on the planet, and he's not the person I wanted to see at the Oval Office. However, compared to little Donnie, he is a genius and has extensive experience in government, especially in foreign policy (one of the many areas where little Donnie really fell at work) . He understands how a presidential administration must function and he knows who are the best and the most qualified to staff it.

He is also basically a normal human being. We desperately need a new normal. Conman Huckster's fraud at the White House right now is seriously degrading and degrading for the office. Biden won't do that.

reference query – Looking for a column of British problems (?) in the 1980s

While digging into some dusty corners of my binder, I found a photocopied sheet of eight 1985 (manuscript) problems that I remember having received from my high school math teacher there. a long time ago. Four of the problems are labeled "Set U" and the other four are labeled "Set V". I reproduce "Set U" below, but I do not ask for solutions to problems; My question is rather

Where can I find the other problems in this series?

Presumably, the series started with "Set A"? Some additional information: At the bottom of the U series, it is advisable to send the solutions to DM Hallowes, 17 St. Albans Road, Halifax before June 1, and at the bottom of Series V, to FJ Budden, 15 Westfield. Avenue, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne before October 1st.

Here are the problems of Set U.

U1. Given $ cos alpha + cos beta = $ 1. Prove it
cos { cos beta cos ( alpha / 2) on cos ( beta- alpha / 2)} +
{ cos alpha cos ( beta / 2) over cos ( alpha – beta / 2)} = 1. $$

U2. ABCD is a general quadrilateral with squares outlined outward on all four sides. These squares have centers W, X, Y, Z which form a second quadrilateral. Each quadrilateral has two diagonals. Prove that the circles of the four diagonals form a square.

U3. Find all triangles whose sides and surface are integral, so that the area is numerically equal to the perimeter.

U4. Two rectangles are described as incomparable if neither one nor the other can be placed inside one of the other when they are aligned so that the corresponding sides are parallel . Prove or refute the following statement: "No rectangular region can be associated with incomparable rectangles."

What was the real impact of the transition to economic freedom in the 1980s? What economic freedom existed since 1980 that did not exist before?

I do not understand what you mean by "economic freedom" … for whom?
In fact, the 1980s were the worst decades for American consumers and workers that America experienced just prior to the Great Depression:

1) The savings and loans were deregulated and, like Neil Bush's Silverado Savings and Loan, he bowed and people with cash and savings on deposit Have never recovered.

2) Ronald Reagan contracted our national debt by cutting the taxes of the rich, which resulted in a shortfall and the Republican Congress borrowed money from China and Japan to make ends meet. Until then, America owed nothing to foreign countries.

3) Ronald Reagan and George Bush felt that our stock market should not be regulated and LOTS of people lost money because laws and rules were reduced.

4) And even worse, unemployment is huge as manufacturers have begun to "downsize" and let workers go.

(5) Traditional employer-provided pension benefits have been eliminated in favor of a self-employed 401-K DIY. Unions have lost ground and members. Salaries did not match the cost of living.

6) Worse yet, bank credit cards could charge interest of over 25% on outstanding balances! And that made him the first holder of consumer debt.

7) Predatory loans on mortgages.

8) Consumers were almost encouraged to spend, spend, spend because everyone else was doing it.


Was feminism anti-masculine in the 1970s and 1980s?

Yes, most certainly. It was taken up by Marxist doctrine in the mid-1960s – and basically expelled men from the movement, and that's a thought that feminism still holds today. What happened was an extension of taking the staff and making it politic – it was a sentence for them – to make the staff, political. The implications of this were that if your husband was a ****, then all the men were shit.

No place for men in a movement with this thought and no place for men to be anything but an enemy