Have wallet but only 1st name shows up in the Excell file where I saved code?

I bought coins from coinbase and created my wallet in Exodus years ago. Now it is worth 10 times as much, but the Excell file is now corrupt and I can only retrieve 1 of 12 keys. Can someone fix my Excell file?

PHP, why does php recognize May 1st is less than 29th April?

I am trying to compare previous date with today which is May 1st, but turns out that previous date is higher than today. I wonder why is this happened and how to solve it?


$api_date = '2021-04-28T06:30:00Z';
$previous_date = date('d-m-Y , H:i', strtotime($api_date));
$today_date = date('d-m-Y , H:i');

if($previous_date <= $today_date)
    print_r('false'); //will return this, why?

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differential equations – Numerically solving 2 nonlinear PDEs of 2nd and 1st order

I want to compute flux coordinates ${psi,theta,chi}$ as functions of cylindrical coordinates ${r,theta,z}$ in the problem of ballooning mode instability in mirror traps (also called open traps) for plasma confinement and heating. Magnetic field in a mirror trap is expressed through the flux potentials as follows. In the cylindrical coordinates

left{frac{1}{r}frac{partial psi
(r,z)}{partial z},0,-frac{1}{r}frac{partial
psi (r,z)}{partial r}right}$


left{G(r,z)frac{partial chi
(r,z)}{partial r},0,G(r,z)frac{partial
chi (r,z)}{partial z}right}$

Function $psi(r,z)$ can be found as a solution of the Grad-Shafranov equation, however method of searching of functions $G$ and $chi$ is not widely known. Moreover, for investigating plasma stability it is better to express $r$, $z$ and $G$ as functions of $psi$ and $chi$. Appropriate equations were derived in 2011 by Arsenin and Terekhin:


${partial_psi}left(G(psi ,chi ) {partial_psi r^2(psi ,chi )}right)
+{partial_chi}left(frac{{partial_chi r^2(psi,chi)}}{G(psi ,chi )
r^2(psi ,chi )}right)=0$


$2 pi frac{partial p(psi
)}{partial psi } left(left(G(psi ,chi )
{partial_psi {r^2}(psi ,chi )}right)^2
{r^2}(psi ,chi )}right)^2}{{r^2}(psi ,chi
)}right)+frac{partial G(psi ,chi
)^2}{partial psi }=0$

Here $r^2(psi,chi)$ is the square of $r(psi,chi)$ and $p(psi)$ is radial profile of the plasma pressure. These equations should be solved on a rectangle area


with the boundary conditions



$G(psi,chi) partial_psi r^2(psi, chi)=2/B_0(chi)$

at the axis $psi=0$ of the axial symmetry, where$B_0(chi)$ is the magnetic field on the axis. At the boundaries $chi=0$ and $chi=chi_m$ we have the following conditions:

$partial_chi r^2(psi,chi)=0$.

Formal solution of Eq.15 can be found with DSolve. It expresses $G(psi,chi)$ through a double integral of $r^2(psi,chi)$. Calculating the double integral might be time-consuming so finding both $r2=r^2$ and $G$ with the use of NDSolve seems preferable. Unfortunately, straightforward attak on the problem failed with the error message:

"The PDE coefficient ... does not evaluate to a numeric scalar 
at the coordinate {0.0025000000000000005`,2}; it evaluated to 
Indeterminate instead"

Here is my code:

ClearAll((Psi), (Chi), (Theta), B, G, r2)
(* Eq. 9 from Arsenin's paper *)
eq09 = !(
*SubscriptBox(((PartialD)), ((Psi)))((G((Psi), (Chi)) 
*SubscriptBox(((PartialD)), ((Psi)))r2((Psi), (Chi))))) + 
*SubscriptBox(((PartialD)), ((Chi)))((
*SubscriptBox(((PartialD)), ((Chi)))r2((Psi), (Chi))), (G(
(Psi), (Chi)) r2((Psi), (Chi))))))) - 0
(* Eq. 11 from Arsenin's paper *)
eq11 = 4/B((Psi), (Chi))^2 - 
*SubscriptBox(((PartialD)), ((Psi)))(r2((Psi), 
(Chi)))))^2 + (!(
*SubscriptBox(((PartialD)), ((Chi)))(r2((Psi), (Chi))))/(
    Sqrt(r2((Psi), (Chi))) G((Psi), (Chi))))^2;
(* Eq. 15 from Arsenin's paper *)
eq15 = !(
*SubscriptBox(((PartialD)), ((Psi)))((
*SuperscriptBox((G((Psi), (Chi))), (2))))) + 2 (Pi) !(
*SubscriptBox(((PartialD)), ((Psi)))(p((Psi)))) 
((G((Psi), (Chi)) !(
*SubscriptBox(((PartialD)), ((Psi)))(r2((Psi), 
(Chi)))))^2 + (!(
*SubscriptBox(((PartialD)), ((Chi)))(r2((Psi), 
(Chi)))))^2/r2((Psi), (Chi))) - 0
(* boundary conditions *)
bc17 = DirichletCondition(r2((Psi), (Chi)) == 0, (Psi) == 0);
bc21 = DirichletCondition(G((Psi), (Chi)) == 1, (Psi) == 0);
bc22 = NeumannValue((* G((Psi),(Chi))!(
*SubscriptBox(((PartialD)), ((Psi)))(r2((Psi), (Chi))))
(Equal) *)2/B0((Chi)), (Psi) == 0);

(* set functions p((Psi)) and B0((Chi))*)
funs = {B0 -> 
    B00 (1 + (K - 1) Sin(((Pi) (Chi))/(2 (Chi)m))^2))
  , p -> Function((Psi), p0 (1 - (Psi)/(Psi)m))}

(* set other parameters *)params = {(Chi)m -> 
   B00 Sqrt(K) L, (Psi)m -> B00 a^2/2, B00 -> 1, L -> 1, K -> 16, 
  a -> 0.1, p0 -> A/(4 (Pi)), A -> 1}

(* define region where we look for a solution *)
(CapitalOmega) = Rectangle({0, 0}, {(Psi)m, (Chi)m}) //. params

(* visualize magnetic field on the axis *)
B0$((Chi)_) = B0((Chi)) /. funs //. params;
(* coordinate z as function of (Chi) *)
z$((Chi)_) = 
  Integrate(1/(B0((Chi)) /. funs), (Chi)) + 
    2 Floor((Chi)/(2 (Chi)m) + 1/2) //. params;
  2 Floor((Chi)/(2 (Chi)m) + 1/2) //. 
   params}, {(Chi), -(Chi)m //. params, 4.5 (Chi)m //. params}
 , AspectRatio -> 1/GoldenRatio)
(* Plot of B0 vs. z *)
  B0$((Chi))}, {(Chi), -1.1 (Chi)m //. params, 
  5.1 (Chi)m //. params}
 , AspectRatio -> 1/GoldenRatio)

(* combine system of PDEs *)
pde = {eq09 == bc22, eq15 == 0, bc17, bc21} /. funs //. params;
(* solve it ... *)
{r2s, Gs} = 
  pde, {r2, G}, {(Psi), (Chi)} (Element) (CapitalOmega))

Run Google Sheet Script Running for 1st entry only

I am currently running a google script to create a PDF from Google Form Inputs. I have moved my Form Response Sheet data to the 3rd row(image attached) (using the 2nd row for another formula). Every time I run the script it’s creating a PDF for 1st data entry only. Please suggest the changes I can make so that it gives the output every time i submit the form (trigger has already been set). This is the script-

function myFunction() {


function createPDF(){

const info = {
  'Timestamp' : ('4/7/2021 16:30:41'),
  'Location Code' : ('3456'),
  'Upload Image' : ('https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mietxRRzJLiOzwU71dJSmHJp9H833nul'),

const pdfFolder = DriveApp.getFolderById(“1I7ChP1xRbl7GwnvAcXV_9JIHegvsU2PO”);
const tempFolder = DriveApp.getFolderById(“1srcXlFgmh01e4Psw_dxM4bNgarY6tfli”);
const templateDoc = DriveApp.getFileById(“1xype5jUa6H8VJ4JSaV-KfccSjK5w6e-hmoI1k6MXSOc”);

const newTempFile = templateDoc.makeCopy(tempFolder);
const openDoc = DocumentApp.openById(newTempFile.getId());
const body = openDoc.getBody();
body.replaceText(“{Location Code}”,info(‘Location Code’)(0));
body.replaceText(” {Timestamp}”,info(‘Timestamp’)(0));
body.replaceText( ” {Upload Image}”,info(‘Upload Image’)(0));


const blobPDF = newTempFile.getAs(MimeType.PDF);
const pdfFile = pdfFolder.createFile(blobPDF).setName(info(‘Location Code’)(0)+”-“+new Date());


Only highlighted cell is running on each form submit

This is the google doc I'm using for pdf creation