Outlook 2010 with Exchange Online – Which version of TLS is used?

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2010 – DLL missing for workflow

When trying to access http: //[domain]/sites/Home/_layouts/wrkmng.aspx I am receiving an error regarding a missing DLL in the asp.net folder. I'm browsing the folder and the DLL is actually not there.

The missing DLL is: App_Web_wrkmng.aspx2a428413.44q7ajjl.dll.

I had this error when accessing "Workflow" from the site collection site settings (the "Workflow Settings" link located just below "Workflow"). work "works perfectly). I think I have already visited this page, so I do not think it has been that way all the time.

  1. What would make a dll disappear?

  2. Are the file name numbers related to my instance of SP? As, I can not download an App_Web_wrkmng.aspx.xxx.xxx.dll file right?

document library – SharePoint 2010: Solution for MS Office Protocol URL Schema?

One of my clients is still running SharePoint 2010 on site, so opening documents from an MS Office applications library only works with IE and ActiveX controls embedded in it. SP2010.

As SharePoint 2013 and later have a backup mechanism that allows non-IE browsers to use MS Office URI schemas (ms-word :, ms-excel: etc.), I wondered if there was a possibility (is there an SP solution like?) to have that in SharePoint 2010 too.

2010 – Add a background image to the site page that expands to fill the background

I am working in SharePoint 2010. I want to display a background image on the home page, which extends over the entire content area. I have this in a web part of the content editor:

And then this in the body of the page:

* All my web parts *

I have worked mostly, my image is displayed behind all other parts Web. But this does not extend to fill the space. I've tried several online examples that would work on a normal HTML page, but I think SharePoint interferes with the size of the background.

I've also tried this, it shows the image, but does not stretchable:

Count the number of attachments in the SharePoint 2010 list with jQuery help

I would like a piece that would give the number of attachments in a list of share points using jQuery. my current code counts down just how many I have. Please help. See my code below:

PreSaveAction function () {
var count = 0;
var elm = document.getElementById ("idAttachmentsTable");
if (elm == null || elm.rows.length == 0) {
console.log (elm);
document.getElementById ("idAttachmentsRow"). style.display = 'none';
var r = confirm ("text");
if (r == false) {
returns false;
other {
return true;

other {
count ++;

alert (count);
return true;

How to update the 2010 SP background image

How can I add an image or change the color for only one of my SP pages?
for the moment the background color is white.


2010 – Do not see the document properties I've created

When you copied the documents, SharePoint probably copied the properties of the existing documents by adding columns to the library. Go to Library Settings and see if the unwanted extra columns are there. If they are really not necessary, delete them. Be aware that there is no cancellation for deleting columns.

Web Part – SharePoint 2010 – Search Web Part – Can not View This Web Part

I have exactly the same problem after the December 2018 updates. I was able to delete a .Net update, which did not solve the problem. SP 2010 updates can not be uninstalled. Other things I tried and did not work:
– Restart the servers
– Open the peopleresults.aspx page in SP Designer and save it.
– Modify the Web Part settings, such as display, results query, appearance, presentation, and so on.
– Creation of a new page with only the "Main Results of Person Search" Web Part.
– XsltTransformTimeOut edited

    PS C:  Users  Someone> Add-PSSnapin
PS C:  Users  Someone> $ farm = Get-SPFarm
PS C:  Users  Someone> $ farm.XsltTransformTimeOut
PS C:  Users  Someone> $ farm.XsltTransformTimeOut = 5
PS C:  Users  Someone> $ farm.Update

 PS C:  Users  Someone> $ farm.XsltTransformTimeOut

– Web and SP log files checked, as well as the event viewer, for more information on the error.

We are about to declare this part of the search impossible to resolve. The "All Sites" search still runs and displays "People Matches" in the right column of the search results. We also have Lync to search for people, but many prefer to use this feature in SP.

I can not spend more time on it, but if I find something, I'll do an update here. We are getting closer to begin the migration to SP 2019.

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Webpart Sharepoint 2010 Column View

How to change the columns I see in my Webpart? I have multiple columns in my list and I have adjusted the order of the columns so that they appear as desired. However, I only see 6 of the 20 columns of my Webpart and not the ones I want to see.