SQL Server 2012 – Is it possible to request a description of the work schedule?

I am working on writing a script to analyze all active jobs and have almost everything I need, but if possible, I would like to be able to also request the description of the schedules. . Is it possible? I am able to query the name and the identifier on msdb.dbo.sysschedules but he does not seem to have the description of the schedules. Where can I find this information?

Windows Server 2012 R2 – RDP Connection Timeout When Host Is Loading Processor

For more than 3 years, I have regularly observed the following: while our server is compressing backups (7z, all cores, inactivity priority), the first attempt of RDP on another computer the local network causes the delay to expire. The second attempt connects and opens immediately. Cancel and quickly retry the connection does not help, I have to wait 60 seconds.

When I record the exchange with Wireshark, I find that both sides are exchanging about 3 KB of data in the first 400 ms, and then the communication breaks down after the last packet of the remote endpoint . After 60 seconds, it sends a RST, an ACK, and the RDP dialog box continues to spin for another 10 seconds before declaring a delay.

What is strange is that if I cancel and retry the connection after a wait, it connects. I still see the RST packet for the first connection appear on the mark of 60 seconds. The wait time seems to be a global thing.

So … no idea what I'm dealing with here?

Need to move ssis package from SQL Server 2008 to 2012

We need to move the ssis package from SQL Server 2008 to 2012 to another server. The package on the source is stored in msdb.

What is the best way to move packages in 2012?

Can we upgrade Macbook Pro from 2012 using nvme ssd with the help of an adapter

I am looking to improve storage on a macbook pro 2012 and move to a ssd. I know I could get a 2.5-inch drive in the optical drive bay, but I would prefer to keep the optical drive.

Is there a way to use a nvme ssd in a macbook pro model mid-2012? I know that an adapter is needed, so what adapter works? In addition, I've heard that some brands of nvme ssds are working, so a confirmation on this would be helpful.

I do not know if the version of the operating system matters, but it is the English version: 10.11.3.

Why does not SQL Server 2012 use my "best" execution plan when it is provided via the USE PLAN flag or via a stored query plan?

I have a third-party application that I can not modify and that runs a "bad" query that can run very slowly under certain circumstances (we've already removed it after 6 hours). It's after doing what we could to speed it up through indexing, which we can control.

    SELECT *
    FROM findetail 
    WHERE fintransact is null 
    and (validation is null or validation <= ' ' or validation = ' Zero value transaction;') 
    and (exists (select * 
                 from counterparty 
                 where counterparty.counterparty = findetail.counterparty 
                 and counterparty.status = 'ACTIVE')  
          or findetail.counterparty is null) 
    and (findetail.acctstatus = 'FINAL' or findetail.acctstatus = 'PROVISIONAL') 
    and (findetail.transactiontype = 'AP' or findetail.transactiontype = 'AR') 
    and ((findetail.position not in (select position.position 
                                     from position 
                                     where position.positionmode = 'FINANCIAL' 
                                     and position.exchange is not null)
          or (findetail.fee in (select fee 
                                from fee, feetype 
                                where findetail.fee = fee.fee 
                                and fee.feetype = feetype.feetype 
                                and feetype.excludemargin = 1 )
    and ( findetail.counterparty = 'ACPTY' )

It's easy to rewrite the query to be at least a little "better":

FROM findetail 
WHERE fintransact is null 
and (validation is null or validation <= ' ' or validation = ' Zero value transaction;') 
and (exists (select * 
             from counterparty 
             where counterparty.counterparty = findetail.counterparty 
             and counterparty.status = 'ACTIVE')  
       or findetail.counterparty is null) 
and (findetail.acctstatus = 'FINAL' or findetail.acctstatus = 'PROVISIONAL') 
and (findetail.transactiontype = 'AP' or findetail.transactiontype = 'AR') 
and (not exists (select position.position 
                 from position 
                 where position.positionmode = 'FINANCIAL' 
                 and position.exchange is not null
                 and position = findetail.position)
      or exists (select fee 
                 from fee, feetype 
                 where findetail.fee = fee.fee 
                 and fee.feetype = feetype.feetype 
                 and feetype.excludemargin = 1 
                 and findetail.fee = fee)
AND ( findetail.counterparty = 'ACPTY' )

It is not yet perfectly optimal, but is about 8 seconds, which is much better than several hours. It also retains the approximate structure format of the original, which is important because an option of last resort is to try and modify the query string (visible but divided into sections as it is dynamically constructed to using some "if" statements in the code). in one of the .dll files of the third-party application.

In addition: when I completely rewrote the query so that it was "even better" (up to 3 s of execution) using the appropriate joins, the SQL Server was no longer recognizing this "even better" run plan as valid for the "bad" query when I was trying to use it via the USE PLAN query flag. Moreover, it would not be possible to modify it in the .dll file if I end up trying.

I've therefore captured the blueprint of the "best" query and tried to force it on the "wrong" query using the USE PLAN flag. SQL Server accepts the forced plan as valid (at least, does not complain as it did for the "even better" plan), but it does not use the "best" plan either. Showing the estimated execution plan displays the same incorrect plan as before, and runs the results in the query for at least 10 minutes before I kill it.

I've tried this in SSMS with both a USE PLAN index and the creation of a stored query plan. Whatever the case may be, SQL Server when running the query continues to use the "wrong" plan. Any ideas on why, if he thinks the plan is valid, he still does not use it?

Any help is welcome, thank you!

SQL Server 2012 – Backup of Log Shipping

By performing a full backup (non-copy only) in primary mode, does this affect the log backup LSN chain and prevent log shipping from working?

No never. The full backup has NO impact on the transaction log backup chain, it will not interrupt the log processing. I strongly suggest that you read Paul Randal's Backup Myths section.

can I perform a full backup and a differential backup at the main level, and then for the log backup, can I use the log backup performed by sending logs to a shared folder for recovery in case of failure the main server and the secondary server?

Yes, you can not, neither a full backup nor a diff backup would prevent the sending of the logs, although your request seems strange to me. If their database is LS and you want to restore a full backup, diff, and log, be sure not to delete the log backups from the shared drive after crossing the threshold in LS.

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    How to solve the problem "The battery does not load" for 2012 macbook pro retina?

    I have a Macbook Pro and its battery does not charge.

    If I turn off the AC adapter, the computer turns off instantly. No sequence of stop. I have to plug the AC adapter to turn it on.

    Each time you turn on the power, a screen displaying Macintosh HD appears. And a network selection option at the bottom. By pressing the arrow under the HD icon, the macbook starts. Take enough time. About two minutes. Before this problem started, it started in seconds.

    Mackbook details:

    enter the description of the image here

    The battery stays at 0%

    enter the description of the image here

    Battery status:
    The battery seems normal and the Macbook detects it.

    enter the description of the image here

    Things I've tried:

    • Restart.
    • Reset SMC.
    • Clean the Magsafe port.
    • Disconnected and reconnected the battery connector by opening the back.

    None of this has worked.

    I've also tried to find the answer in other questions here, like
    Macbook Pro (mid-2012) battery not charged
    Macbook Pro Retina – "The battery does not charge"

    But nothing has changed the state of the battery.

    How can I solve this problem?

    Windows Server 2012 R2 – The Perl script runs in a command prompt but hangs under Apache / CGI

    I have a Perl script that does calculations. When I run it through a command prompt, this is done in 0.53 seconds. But when I run the same script on Apache / CGI, it hangs. There is probably a problem of parameters. Maybe there is not enough memory, although I do not see any limit in httpd.conf.

    Operating System: Windows Server 2012, Apache 2.4. I have been watching the newspapers, but there is no mistake. The script runs correctly on Apache if the number of calculations is small. How can I debug, what to look for?

    SQL Server 2012 – How to change concurrent users = 0?

    First, I was having a network problem every time I tried to connect to my remote SQL server. Sometimes the error was not displayed nor properly connected, but sometimes it gave me that kind of error. To solve this problem, I searched on Google and found this video. I followed these instructions.

    BUT I've also made a mistake, it's that in the properties of SQL Server, I changed the user concurrently in 1. I forgot the note above of this written field is 0=unlimited.

    After the changes have been applied, my first problem has not been solved, but another problem arises: now it gives me an error like A connection was successfully established with the server, but then an error occurred during the pre-login handshake. (provider: Shared Memory Provider, error: 0 - No process is on the other end of the pipe.) (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 233)

    Even the administrator is not allowed to connect to the server. And our work has stopped. So help me, please, to put competing users back to 0?

    Thank you