SharePoint 2013 search: create a scheduling interface problem

When I try to create a schedule for an incremental or full crawl, the following interface appears a bit like a corrupt ad:

enter the description of the image here

Note that the html Select rights label. If I compare it with another work interface, the button with the Select rights tag suppose to be the D & # 39; agreement button. This is what the creative schedule involves looking for:

enter the description of the image here

Version number of the SharePoint 2013 CU updates June 2019

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2013 – Create the main scope for the same project

In our department, we can make offers with different packages. These offers are sometimes only one device and are sometimes defined. If the proposal package (project number) has been submitted in one way or another, it must be written in the "Main Scope" column. If only one device has been submitted, the name of the device must be entered in the "Main Scope" column.

How can I write this condition?

enter the description of the image here

exchangewebservices – Search in Exchange 2013

I tell you my problem.
We have an exchange in 2013 and we suspect that some filter very specific and confidential data.
What I try is to look in the contents of all the mailboxes that are in this exchange for these specific data. I did several tests and I was looking for a lot, but I did not find anything that could result.

An idea?

Sincerely and thank you

2013 – Nintex form in the middle of the page

I've designed a Nintex form and I want to place it in the middle of the page.

I followed the steps below

  • Modify the form
  • Click Settings (Top Menu)
  • Develop custom CSS

and tried

text-align: center;


display: table;
margin: 0 auto;

and also

.nf-non-dialog-outer {margin-right: 50%; margin-left: 50%;}

but nothing worked.

Please suggest

Web Services – How to Deploy the Js Rest API of the Node in SharePoint Server 2013

I have created a REST API to retrieve product details from the SQL database. For the moment, I only have my dbconfig file where I have added the configuration of the SQL database. Now I have to deploy this REST API on SharePoint.

My angular forehead

Steps to do?

In ASP.Net Web Services, we built the project, got the dll file, and deployed it in IIS. But in the knot js how can this be done?

2013 – A click on the empty content editor Webpart opens the confirmation window

We have a 2013 configuration on site. We are admin of the site collection, so everything is client side and javascript, no access to the central administrator. We have a site that uses page publishing features and custom layouts.

On our custom page layouts, we have Webpart areas with content publisher web pages already on a blank page. When we are going to edit the page, we get a Click here to add new content to the default parts of the empty content editor.

When we click on it to add new content, a confirmation / alert window will appear.

Leave site?

Changes you made may not be saved.

Leave Cancel

If we click on exit, we go to the landing page of the site. If we click Cancel, we stay on the page and can enter our content in the web editor.

This is confusing for the users of our site.

I know it must be something we have done in a custom code, other sites that we do not have this problem, but I do not know where to look.

I've used the debugger in my browser and I can not really know where to add stitches or what piece of code to follow. It looks like he's calling onbeforeunloadbut that's about all I could find.

Someone knows what happens when you Click here to add new content?

SharePoint 2013 Survey repeats an unanswered question

I have a survey in SharePoint 2013. Is there a way to have an omitted or unanswered question repeated at the end of all the questions in the survey? Has anyone encountered this situation?

macbook – The VGA Thunderbolt adapter does not work on Macbookpro Retina late 2013

Hello everyone, I'm Italian, sorry for my english,

Yesterday was in trouble. I am a video operator and I was at the cinema, connecting my American MacBook Pro Retina late 2013 (Osx Mojave) to a third party Thunderbolt / VGA adapter. The VGA cable was about 20 meters long and was connected to a plasma screen that only included the VGA. When I connected the cable in question, the mac went black for a second (as he'd recognized it), but that did not really work (in the parameters of D & D). Display, the second screen was not really visible).
Here is what I did to try to solve the problem:

  • Restart the MAC with the cable and the adapter connected
  • Reset SMC and NVRAM
  • Used another lightning / VGA adapter
  • Started in safe mode

None of this worked and also connected my adapter with the same cable and monitor to another mac of another person next to me and it worked. To make things even less understandable, I went home and tried my vga monitor with my vga cable to the mac with the same adapter and everything worked fine.
Do you have any suggestions?
ps: The monitor that was not working on my computer I do not think it supports a resolution greater than 1024×768, and I wrote that mac came from the United States because I was in Italy yesterday (this poses a problem for the video protocol?)