SharePoint column fill notification in SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflow

I am using SharePoint Designer 2013 and I want to notify some people if a specific column in the list has been updated by someone. I just want to know what i can use in the steps so it can start working?

Choice menu: CAB notification to Release Manager.
The options are: successful, pending, rejected.

So, if the CAB advisory member selects one of these from these options, people should be informed that a decision has been made and they can verify it.

Thank you very much in advance.

Extended latency in the SharePoint 2013 farm

I plan to expand our SP farm. I will move 1 WFE and 1 APP to another data center.
Distance between data centers less than 10 km.

On the basis of this article, there are strong requirements:

In order for an extended farm architecture to function as a supported high availability solution, the following prerequisites must be met:

There is a very consistent intra-firm latency of <1 ms in one direction, 99.9% of the time over a ten minute period. (Intra-farm latency is generally defined as latency between front-end Web servers and database servers.)

The speed of the bandwidth should be at least 1 gigabit per second.

The question is – What if sometimes the latency between the remote WFE and the DB server will be 3 or 4 ms? Several times in 10 minutes, the latency was 3 ms.

What will it cause? Only poor performance or something more?

How to manage job publishing data from SharePoint 2013 custom timer on SIEBEL SOAP service failed on intranet after activating TLS 1.2

The custom timer job is deployed to the SharePoint 2013 farm (on-premises).

The solution is written using the .NET Framework 4.5.

The timer jobs are executed at the Windows service level, therefore assuming nothing to do with IIS.

The Job sends ListItems from SharePoint to the SOAP service of SIEBEL.

It worked fine until the guys on the network activated TLS 1.2 on the network.

The URL is accessible from the browser with SSL.

We haven't updated the WSDL and Proxy classes assuming that WSDL has nothing to do with TLS, please correct me if I'm wrong.

We have tried the link below

  1. The three extracts from Sebastian Castaldi.
  2. Add Remy's code
  3. Manuel Roldan Code

Also, it somewhat helps to change the behavior but did not work
We do not have access to the server, what we can do is provide the WSP solution to the administrator who generates the log and using the ones we get below the errors


System.Net.ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = System.Net.SecurityProtocolType.Ssl3;


01/14/2020 10:27:04 AM

Failed to use Ssl3
Exception: the underlying connection was closed: an unexpected error occurred during reception.


System.Net.ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = System.Net.SecurityProtocolType.Tls;

01/14/2020 10:27:04 AM

Failed to use Tls
Exception: the underlying connection was closed: an unexpected error occurred during reception.


System.Net.ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = System.Net.SecurityProtocolType.Tls11;


01/14/2020 10:27:04 AM

Failed to use Tls11
Exception: the underlying connection was closed: an unexpected error occurred during reception.


System.Net.ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = System.Net.SecurityProtocolType.Tls12;


01/14/2020 10:27:04 AM

Failed to use Tls12
Exception: the underlying connection has been closed: unable to establish a trust relationship for the SSL / TLS secure channel.

We can see that when using the Tls12, the error changes.

I think we tried everything at the application / code level, now we need to check at the server level if we missed something, let me know.

We can send the data by deleting the registry value below:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control SecurityProviders SCHANNEL KeyExchangeAlgorithms PKCS

By deleting the PKCS register, we are able to publish the data on SIELBEL

Also, anyone can share their thoughts behind this error.

Tasks – Sharepoint 2013 workflow list item not updated

I have a list and a to-do list.

In my list, I created a "Reason for rejection" column.

In my task list, I created a custom column "Reason for rejection".

in my workflow if the approver rejects a request and completes the Reason for Rejection column in the task list. This should update the reason for rejection column in my list in the submitted form. But it does not work. Can anyone help me?

Main – Upgrade from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 – Appearance and usability have not been upgraded

  1. Find out if there are any compatibility issues and resolve them before upgrading the user interface
Test-SPSite http://SPWeb.Com/sites/siteCollection
  1. Actual user interface upgrade
Upgrade-SPSite http://SPWeb.Com/sites/siteCollection –VersionUpgrade -Unthrottled 
 #Unthrottled flag starts upgrading immediately
  1. Find the current status of the upgrade
Get-SPSiteUpgradeSessionInfo –site http://SPWeb.Com/sites/siteCollection

Invalid SharePoint 2013 workflow URL

You are looking for help. We recently moved a SharePoint 2013 environment from Windows Server 2008 to Windows Server 2012. During the test, I configured new alternative access mappings to test with, for example:

Today, however, we are going online, so I have restored the alternative access mappings to their default values, when testing the workflow, we continue to get it old URL, which ultimately leads to suspension of the workflow:

Workflow error

The links to the old URL were deleted on all servers and I saved the workflow service with the new correct new URL.

Any advice and help would be appreciated.

2013 – Improved performance of creating / copying files and folders (using code) in our large document library

We have a local SharePoint 2013 team site and we have a document library that contains around 29,000 +++ items, and these files are structured under around 4,000 folders and subfolders. now inside our server side event receiver, i use the following method to copy files and folders, as follows: –

private void copyfiles(SPItemEventProperties properties, SPListItem currentItem, string from, string to)
      SPFolder folder = properties.Web.GetFolder(properties.Web.ServerRelativeUrl + "/Shared Documents/" + currentItem("ReferenceNumber") + "" + from + "");
      SPDocumentLibrary currentDL = (SPDocumentLibrary)properties.Web.GetList(properties.Web.ServerRelativeUrl + "/Shared Documents/");
      SPListItem softemplete = null;
      TaxonomyFieldValue taxFieldValue = currentItem("CustomerName") as TaxonomyFieldValue;

      var label = taxFieldValue.Label;
      var titlewithoutspecialchar = currentItem("Title").ToString().Replace("~", " ").Replace(""", " ").Replace("", " ").Replace("%", " ").Replace("&", " ").Replace("*", " ").Replace(":", " ")
              .Replace("<", " ").Replace(">", " ").Replace("?", " ").Replace("", " ").Replace("\", " ").Replace("{", " ").Replace("}", " ").Replace("|", " ").Replace(".", " ");
       if (folder.ItemCount > 0)
            SPList list = properties.Web.GetList(properties.Web.ServerRelativeUrl + "/Shared Documents/");
            SPQuery query = new SPQuery();
            query.Folder = folder;
            SPListItemCollection listitem = list.GetItems(query);
              foreach (SPListItem i in listitem)
                 if ((i.Name.ToLower().Contains(currentItem("ReferenceNumber").ToString().ToLower() + " -") &&
                    (i.Name.ToLower().Contains("sof") || i.Name.ToLower().Contains("pof") || i.Name.ToLower().Contains("qo"))

                     i.Name.ToLower().Contains("request for approval"))
                     softemplete = i;
                       if (softemplete != null)
                            byte() fileBytes = softemplete.File.OpenBinary();
                            string destUrl = properties.Web.ServerRelativeUrl + "" + currentDL.RootFolder.Url + "" +
                             currentItem("ReferenceNumber") + "" + to + "" + currentItem("ReferenceNumber") + " - " + label + " - " + titlewithoutspecialchar.Trim() + ".xlsx";
                             if (i.Name.ToLower().Contains("request for approval.oft"))
                                    destUrl = properties.Web.ServerRelativeUrl + "" + currentDL.RootFolder.Url + "" +
                                   currentItem("ReferenceNumber") + ""+to+"/Request for Approval.oft";
                              else if (i.Name.ToLower().Contains("request for approval.xlsm"))
                                    destUrl = properties.Web.ServerRelativeUrl + "" + currentDL.RootFolder.Url + "" +
                                   currentItem("ReferenceNumber") + "" + to + "/Request for Approval.xlsm";
                                    SPFile destFile = currentDL.RootFolder.Files.Add(destUrl, fileBytes, false);



Now this method takes enough time to finish copying (sometimes around 10 seconds), although I use the CAML query to find only the files in the desired folder usingquery.Folder = folder;. so can anyone provide advice on improving this method? as i think it is already set to the maximum, is this correct?

upgrade – migrate a sharepoint subsite 2013 to 2016

What is the error you get when migrating the content database, could you share it here? About common troubleshooting in content database migration, you can refer to the article below:

SharePoint migration: basic tips and tricks in a migration project

In a second approach, you can use the third-party migration tool like sharegate, Metalogix or the Microsoft SharePoint migration tool.

Sharegate and Metalogix – a trial version is available, you can download it and the Microsoft SharePoint migration tool is a free version, you can also use it.

2013 – Replace "," with ";" in a single line of text column

I need advice on the following situation.

I have a column which is a single line of text which stores the email addresses separated by a comma (the value is created by the lookup table).


I want to convert it to:;;

I have to convert it before I can send an email.

Any existing solution or advice will be appreciated. I am using SP2013.