2016 – Requirements for SharePoint Framework v1.1.0

I want to create my first spfx page on our SP2016 on-premise environment. Could you advise what is the requirement? I mentioned version 1.1.0 because later versions are not supported by SP2016 according to this article. However, no additional explanation is provided about the configuration of the SP2016 development environment.

Can I know which version I need?

  • NodeJS
  • Yeoman
  • swallow
  • MNP
  • SharePoint yeoman generator

Another question, why does Microsoft make the on-site administrator so frustrated?

USA – Why has Myanmar been removed from the list of countries of the international driving license issued by the AAA between 2016 and 2019?

Why has Myanmar been removed from the list of countries of the International Driving Permit issued by the American Automobile Association (AAA)?

Myanmar was in the international driving licenses issued in 2016, but not with the international driving licenses currently issued (2019-10-14).

Here is the list of countries in international driving licenses currently issued (2019-10-14):

enter the description of the image here

Here is the list of countries in international driving licenses issued in 2016: Myanmar is present in the list.

enter the description of the image here

The International AAA Online Driving Permit application form still mentions Myanmar: https://web.archive.org/web/20191015015350/https://www.aaa.com/vacation/application2a. pdf

2016 – Excel Web Access Web Part Does Not Load Binder

I have tried to fix a problem on my SharePoint 2016 site with Excel Web Access. I'm trying to incorporate a simple worksheet into a page. I should simply be able to open the Web Part menu and select the workbook, as shown in this screenshot:
enter the description of the image here

However, nothing happens once I select OK or Apply. The page is simply refreshed and nothing happens. I can open any workbook in Excel Web App by clicking it in the document library, as expected:
enter the description of the image here

I've already tried reloading the Office Online server into Sharepoint, which has not changed the problem.

This was not a problem in SharePoint 2013.

Create a Sharepoint Online folder from VBA (2016 access)

I am a newcomer to SharePoint Online and I am trying to add a subfolder to a SharePoint document library from Access 2016 using VBA.
This recent message seems to be exactly what I need:


Could someone give a more complete example of the code needed to achieve it?

Which API should I reference and how?

What references do I need in the Access Database: Microsoft Scripting Runtime, Microsoft XML, V6.0, VBA-JSON v2.3.1 Module?

Also, what URL should I specify if the top-level documents are located in this type of path:
https://SampleName.sharepoint.com/sites/sitename/Shared Documents /

Thank you.

to connect – SharePoint 2016 – Sorry, something has gone wrong when connecting to the site … click on return to the site loads the site

By connecting to a newly created SP site from the local SP server, the login process works correctly. The external connection to the site generates the error message "Something went wrong", but if I click on return to the site, from the error page, the site loads correctly and works properly. Thoughts?

sql server 2016 – Consolidating DATABASES without impacting its Applications, Reports and Users


One of our SQL server has got 150+ game databases, eventually, the team has created a separate database for each game. Over time, the team end up having 150+ databases and the number is increasing for each month (at least one game arrives for each quarter that means new arrivals for each quarter). The team does not want to make any changes to this application, but it is a huge effort to change the architecture.

So, I have done a kind of proof of concept for them in my previous post for this scenario.

Users or reports or applications with this enterprise server must NOT have any impact.
Inserts must happen against the RESPECTIVE Game database records.
MUST happen AS-IS without any impact.
MUST work AS-IS without any impact.

I have posted a detailed article in the following blog on how we achieve it. Anybody achieved better and effective than this.


Thank you,

How to create an HTML css email in Outlook 2016

So my company uses Outlook Exchange and I now have to design an HTML email so that it looks like an official email with a header with the company name / logo and a foot of page with some information and the central part of the text.But I have no idea how to do this (no idea at all) and I also have a lot of questions about it. Someone guides me please.

My idea is to create a kind of model so that the exchange administrator can then use the template and send emails. Is it possible? can he edit the body text in bold and bold type or I will have to edit in CSS html each time for him. I do not want to use an external app again and again? Is there a free software? Does it export as often? Please help.

SharePoint 2016 Scheduled Incremental Scans Are Not Running

  • SharePoint 2016 MinRole Farm with the latest hotfix KB4475590 (September / 2019) Security Update for SharePoint Enterprise Server 2016 Core.
  • Scheduled incremental scans are not running although, in Central Administration, the date and time of the next incremental crawl are updated in the Manage Cumulative View. content sources, but nothing really happens.
  • If I manually trigger an incremental scan, it works fine.
  • No errors were recorded in the ULS logs or in the event viewer.
  • The scheduler timer job on the search server is not running, even though I click Run Now, it does not seem to work.
  • In Central Administration> Server In Battery, the server with the role application with search displays Compliant: No (Hotfix) and I have clicked the Correct link. After a certain amount of time, the compliance status does not change to Yes.

Things I tried to solve the problem without success:

  • Stop the search services on the server and the timer service by clearing the configuration cache and restarting all services.

  • reset index, manually start the full scan and configure the scheduled incremental scan, which will not run either.

  • created a new content source and configured incremental crawls to see if it will run in this new content source and that did not happen either.

An idea or suggestions about the problem and how to solve it?

partitioning – Bootable USB key with Windows Server 2016 does not install, load after multiple attempts

Windows Server (2016) does not load on a bootable USB stick. I've tried to load from the gentlemen and gpt partitions. I'm trying to load it on my Debian computer to turn it into Windows Home Server 2016. I've created the USB device using the following command lines on the Windows 10 Pro 1903 desktop.

Step 1. Click “start”, input “cmd” in the search box and hit Enter to open the Command Prompt window tool.

Step 2. Type “diskpart” and press Enter to open the Diskpart tool. Type all the following commands and press Enter to execute them one by one.
1. list disk

2. select disk x (x is the number of your USB flash drive)

3. clean

4. create partition primary

5. select partition 1

6. format fs=ntfs quick (if you want to create UEFI bootable USB, type “format fs=fat32 quick”). I assume fs=ntfs is for a GPT partition and the fs=fat32 is for a MBR partition?

8. active

I've tried to load it on my Debian machine as MBR and GPT, but linux will not let this USB charge?

View the Web front-end IP address in the SharePoint 2016 master page

is there a way to display the IP address of the front-end Web server on the main page of a site? I have a table at the bottom of my main page where I would like to store the code. I'm doing load balancing and I'd like to have an indication of the server I'm typing by displaying the WFE IP address at the bottom.

Thank you.