to move a database on the SQL Server 2017 with the OLTP memory function

I have a database on SQL Server 2017 Standard Edition with in memory the OLTP feature enabled, I have to move it to another disk, what is the best way to do it? Are there any possible problems?

Can I get rid of this OLTP feature? Someone said to drop a recreate database? but how … preserve the data?

List created in Visual Studio 2017 that does not deploy correctly in Sharepoint 2013

I've tried creating list and library add-ins in VS 2017 for Sharepoint 2013 and when I deploy to my SharePoint development site, the link to the list or library does not work. I followed a number of tutorials and they all put the link as such:


(& # 39; Library & # 39; is the name of the library I created)

However, when I am the same convention, the project will not recognize the file.

Does anybody know why the project does not recognize this file?

Theme 2017 – the header image does not show on the mobile

I use the default WP Twenty Seventeen theme and have a header image enabled. When I select mobile in the customizer, the header image is displayed, but when I browse the site, regardless of the mobile device used, the image is not displayed.

No suggestion?

Silent SQL Server Express 2017 Data Database Error

I have installed a development environment under VMWare containing:
– Windows Server 2016
– SQL Server Express 2017

The goal is to perform migration tests of a database that is currently in:
– Windows Server 2003
– SQL Server Express 2008 R2

In the old environment (2008 R2), I use Database Email to send emails without problems.

I have done the same steps to send emails in the same environment.

Everything seems to work well. Emails appear in sysmail_sentitems. No problem in sysmail_event_log

However, emails do not arrive

But there is no mistake. Tests that I have done:
– I have disabled the firewall
– I have disabled Windows Defender
– I connected with Telnet
– I tried different mail profiles

Everything seems to go, but the mail does not arrive and there is no error.

An idea of ​​what I can investigate? Thank you!

How to embed a ReportViewer in design mode in a form with VS 2017?

I can not find a way to show myself the reporViewer in design mode on my form with VS 2017. Has anyone found a solution to this? Thank you so much.

In 2017 Theme, where is the thumbnail of the Messages page stored?

We built our new site at an intermediate URL. We then transferred it to the active site and everything is working properly, except for the "Messages" page.

On this page, the image specified as thumbnail continues to point to the intermediate URG. Like this (see the src attribute):

I've tried going into PHPMyAdmin and looking for wp_options and wp_postmeta thinking that the URL or image was stored somewhere in these, but I could not find it.

Can any one tell me where this option / value is stored for the theme?

Is it possible to use an imac 2009 as a screen for a macbook pro 2017?

Is it possible to use an imac 2009 as a screen for a macbook pro 2017? If so, what cable will I need for this to work? Ideally, with a mini-port display on a USB-C cable, it would work simply, but I have doubts.

Display – LG UltraFine 5K Numbers with MacBook Pro 2017

Yesterday, everything worked well. I had my MacBook Pro (four USB-C ports and a touch bar) connected to my LG UltraFine 5K monitor (Model's official name: LG 27MD5KA – B). At the end of my work day, I turned everything off. In the morning, I restarted everything but nothing seemed to work.

I proceeded to disconnect the monitor from the MBP and this one turned on without any problem. I've tried to plug in the monitor again and the MBP's screen has turned black. Eventually, the touch bar was no longer responding. I've tried all kinds of combinations to solve the problem:

  • Turn off the MBP, unplug everything from the mains, wait a moment and reconnect everything;
  • MBP PRAM reset;
  • MBP SMC reset;
  • Tried with another MBP touch bar;

One thing works only when the LG UltraFine 5K is connected to the mains and I connect an MBP with the cover. In this case, the monitor turns on, although very weakly, I can see the Apple logo, then suddenly the logo extends horizontally on the screen and the bottom quarter of the screen is distorted (everything is very pale) . If I open the lid, only the Caps Lock appears to work (which suggests that the computer has not crashed). If I pick up the MPB, it responds without problems after a few seconds. The reconnection and the MBP screen turn black and the computer stops responding (except for the capital lock). However, I can access the computer by remote connection (SSH) and have managed to turn it off or restart from there (sudo shutdown -h now or sudo shutdown -r now).

I even downloaded the LG screen manager, but the application seems totally useless in my case (although the copyright notice seems strange, it says "Copyright 2016-2026 LG Electronics Inc." ).

Do you have any suggestions to make (apart from bringing the device for repair)?

System used:

  • MBP (13 ", 2017, 4 Thunderbolt-3 ports, Intel Core i5 3.1 GHz, 8 GB RAM, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 1536 MB);
  • MBP (13 ", 2017, 4 Thunderbolt-3 ports, Intel Core i7 3.5 GHz, 16 GB RAM, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 1536 MB);
  • Bothe MBP are installed with macOS Mojave Version 10.14.2
  • LG UltraFine 5K (aka 27MD5KA – B);

51 Ways to Earn / Earn Money Online in 2017 | NewProxyLists

Everyone wants to make money online! Some people are doing well and fucking shit while others continue to try and end up with very little or no money at all. Making money is an art, everyone can not make money in the same way. You may be inspired by some people who make a lot of money online, but that does not guarantee that you will earn money like that.

Different people have different natural skills and, therefore, I present to you today 51 ways to earn or earn money online. I chose this list from the depths of the internet and some of my experience. If there are more ways, let me know through comments so that I can update this list.

The methods listed are all techniques to make money online, offline methods to make money are not included.

1) Paris – There are many good sportsbook sites where one can place bets on his favorite sports / poker teams, etc. and make money by winning bets. Do your research well and place the bets, you can win a lot of money with the bets.

Tip: You can bet on sports that always have a defined exit (Win or Loss) instead of playing at Casino / Poker, etc.

Some notable betting sites –,

2) investigations – This is a very old way to make money online. Contact a provider who will send you inquiries. Share your opinion about the survey and you are paid by survey. There are many sites offering these surveys and to be honest, many of them are scams!

Some legitimate survey sites paying for money – Inbox,

3) Paid Web Search – Did you know that you can make money just by searching the web with Google !? That sounds interesting, is not it?

Sites like, Google Screenwise, Bing Rewards, etc. You pay to install their desktop applications / mobile applications or browser plug-ins and continue your daily searches. You can easily earn around 5-10 USD per month

4) Online Trading – Create your trading account with a stock broker that offers online trading services and start! Of course, you will have to do a lot of research on the companies you invest in. If it is well done, it is a gold mine! Otherwise, it can lead to bankruptcy!

5) Online Forex Trading – Instead of stock, you trade on Foreign Exchange here! Forex Trading is very similar to stock trading. Here, you will instead have to trade foreign currency – Example: buy USD for 10 dollars and sell it when it goes to 15 dollars

6) Blogging / niche sites – A very popular way to make money these days, very crowded too! Create a blog about your favorite topics or trends and get the most traffic possible. Keep your visitors and earn money with AdSense, Bing Ads, CPA, and more. You can even use certain products online with the help of the website / blog that you have created. Efforts would be to create interesting content for your visitors, give the site a beautiful appearance and place ads in the right places.

7) Review / Test websites or apps – There are many sites that pay users to test new websites and apps. All you have to do is register with such sites and start testing the sites / applications that are assigned to you. You must essentially test usability, navigation, site errors, broken links, etc. on these applications / sites. Depending on the job, you can easily earn around $ 10 per mission.

Some websites of this niche – UserTesting, WhatUsersDo, UserTest, Enroll, UTest, Amazon M-Turk, etc.

8) Sites that pay you to take action such as clicking on ads, watching videos, etc. – There are tons of websites that pay registered users a few cents each time they watch an advertisement, click on an advertisement, visit a website, fill out a form, and so on. Many of these sites are actually scams! So, be careful when you sign up on such sites because you will end up wasting your time.

Active users can easily earn around 20 to 50 USD per month (depending on your country and many other factors such as age, income, etc.)

Some legitimate sites of this niche – Inbox Dollars, SuperPayMe, CashCrate, etc.

9) Publish Kindle eBooks – If you have a sense of story and can attract a lot of curiosity in your story telling, why not write it? You can post a lot of news on the Kindle Store and make money with the sales you make. The more popular you are, the better your sales!

10) Affiliate Marketing / Re-sale / Direct Shipping – It's as simple as that, only when it comes to the description! You will basically search for someone's product and market it; you will make sales for the manufacturer / seller and earn a commission on it. Shipping costs, etc. are taken care of by the seller. Sounds good no? This is an overcrowded niche, but you can still earn a lot of money in this area. Find creative products, focus on your audience, make your presentation and win the sale.

There are many scripts / plug-ins that you can use to manage orders / payments, etc., which are automatically transferred to the seller for shipping. You can simply work to bring traffic to your site

11) Sell your old unused books / stuff – This might surprise you, but selling your unused books / items online on Amazon (Books Only) or any other local classifieds can actually make you money. Search your home / office for things you no longer use that may be useful to others. Set a product condition and a decent price market value to achieve a quick sale

12) Domain Sales – Many webmasters these days have abandoned Domainering (buying / selling domains) because of the large number of TLDs introduced by ICANN. The other reason is the rare availability of domains generating huge profits on Top TLDs such as .com, .net, etc.

But that should not stop you from jumping into this stuff. Many new TLDs or gTLDs have great potential because the main ones become difficult to acquire. Do your research or become creative and buy great domains and sell them online at sites like NewProxyLists, Flippa, etc. to earn fresh money.

You can also try to buy old domains expired and hope to make a profit.

13) Online Tutoring – There are many training websites that have a vast base of users and are always looking for people able to effectively teach content to their visitors. Sites like Udemy claim that the average salary of an instructor is about 8,000 USD per month, which is really good for passive income.

Sites – Udemy, SkillShare, etc.

14) Sell your photos – Are you an obstacle and have you always loved being behind the goal rather than being in the front and taking selfies with a stupid face? This is for you then! There are thousands of photographers who easily earn between $ 50 and $ 5000 per photo! Yes, sites like ShutterStock pay only 25 cents per download for photographers. However, there are many sites like Alamy where you can really earn money if the quality and uniqueness of your photographs are appreciated by all.

Where to sell photos online – Alamy, Fotolia, SmugMug, 500px, Etsy etc.

15) Peer loan – P2P Loans are gaining a lot of popularity these days. If you have a little more money and want to earn interest money instead of keeping it in your bank, the P2P loan / financing is for you!

Many sites like FairCent allow lenders to register and start lending money to the borrower on the basis of a mutually agreed interest rate and repayment schedule. A contract is signed between them with the help of websites such as FairCent, which would also charge a commission since the transaction took place on their platform.

Before you start lending money, make sure that the platform you choose has a solid mechanism to check the borrowers. The contract document must be carefully checked by a lawyer before signing it. Prevention is better than cure!

16) writing – Writing content has always been in high demand because of the nature of the Internet. As they say – the content is king! To get good SERP rankings, you need quality content, to convince your visitors at a sale, you need quality content, to present your idea to an investor potential, you need quality content. As a result, content writers can never be out of demand

Good copywriters earn between $ 10 and $ 500 per article. It all depends on your writing style, your audience, your research on the subject, your command of the language, and so on.

If you're a good copywriter, start by looking for content writing jobs on Fiverr, FreeLancer, UpWork, ContentMart, and more.

17) Graphic designer – Well written content is useless if it is not presented in a nice graphic format. Rent excellent copywriters to get good content, but ignore the look of your site – you have to lose traffic. That's why graphic designers never live up to the demand!

Good designers can easily earn $ 2500 more for a single design than they realize! Improve your Photoshop skills and start marketing your work!

18) Web Development – You can say that with the takeover of WordPress on the Internet (about 30% of all websites are today on the Internet), the demand for web developers has decreased, no! Even though WordPress is very easy to use and sometimes does not require the skills of a developer; there are many things for which a developer is required

Few cases where developers are required – heavily modified websites, web coding on the premise that WordPress does not all prefer, developing scripting for websites, solving code problems, developing bots for them. automation, etc. are all the daily work of web developers.

How much can they earn a month? Depends on the nature of the work, the time required to do the work, the popularity of the encoder, the coder experience, etc.

19) Website Turnover – Create websites related to viral content / requested content, increase revenue & amp; traffic and finally sell the website for a good profit. There are thousands of webmasters who earn very well by returning their sites. How much can you earn? This can be a very nice stream of income; it all depends on the profits you make

20) developer of mobile applications – Know the coding of mobile applications? This is one of the best ways to make money these days! Propose your services to code applications for businesses or develop them for your own consumption (flipping). I've seen apps sell for $ 50,000 plus prices. So, start to get creative with ideas and code your apps

PS: The eco-system of the Apple app brings you more money than Android, because iPhone users are considered premium users

21) SEO consultant / consultant – Someone like me! This one is not easy; You must learn the basics of SEO, know how to apply the information you read on SEO blogs, stay informed of the latest trends in SEO and much more. As an SEO consultant, you would be responsible for auditing websites according to their design, coding, optimization, ranking, and so on. This job is paying off, but it's hard to find a steady stream of income until you're a reputable SEO consultant. in your circle

The success of a website depends on many factors – you, as a consultant, must be able to provide advice on all the factors applicable to your client's industry (website category)

22) virtual assistant – Many businesses require users to perform small tasks such as responding to customer emails, managing live chat, managing accounting, tracking orders / deliveries, writing small content, posting messages to the forum, and more. These people usually post their needs on forums such as NewProxyLists, WebHostingTalk, Warrior Forum, etc.

Develop your skills and start offering your services on webmasters forums with market places. I am sure you will find someone who would hire you for what you can do. Another method is to publish on Micro Job sites.

Virtual assistants usually charge every hour, however, I would suggest starting with a fixed price like – $ 50 per week, depending on the nature of the work involved

23) YouTube video channels – Have good presentation skills? Have good knowledge on a subject? YouTube is the right place to make money! If you search DuckDuckGo with – "How to make money with YouTube" or "People who have blocked the gold with YouTube", I'm sure you will find tons of publications on it. Winning on the Yukon has huge potential. the key is to make simple and informative videos on selected topics

Videos on the latest technologies, recipes, conspiracy theories, viral topics, tutorials, movie reviews, etc. have a huge audience. The more unique your style is, the more your audience connects – the more the audience connects better, the more moolah!

24) Create and sell audio books – If you have a good voice and excellent narrative skills, try this method! Audiobooks – stories and tutorials are in demand nowadays because people do not have time to read – a poll showed that people would rather listen than read. There are many sites on which you can sell your audiobooks –,,, etc.

25) Marketing in social media – Do you know the best tips of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, etc.? to drive traffic to your websites? Does engaging with potential customers / customers on official pages seem exciting to you? Social media marketing / digital marketing is the right choice for you. Marketers earn huge amounts of money by driving traffic to their customers' websites using a variety of tips and tricks.

26) Adult Chatrooms / Camrooms / Modeling – This one is not intended for shy souls! If you're ready to present your skills and tools to an online audience – whether it's a private room or a public camera, this one is for you! Trust and malice are the key here. There are a lot of websites that hire male and female models and the salary is handsome

27) Concert Websites – has changed the way people make money fast! The best thing about and other concert sites – it's not just an ephemeral trend. Started in 2009 – Fiverr has come a long way now. Do you propose to perform small tasks on these sites and simplify your life. fast money. I hope you know that there are a lot of sites like

28) Independent Websites – Similar to concert venues, these are intended for larger projects – Web Coding, Coding Applications, Creating Themes, Writing e-book, Digital Marketing, etc. Whatever your skill – most independent sites are happy to let you sell your skills. Make sure your profile is always up to date and professional. Initially, it is difficult to gain the trust of buyers because most of them prefer experienced users (number of years on-site), but with a good job, you should be able to easily stand out.

29) related to the game – Players can also earn money – did you know !? Whether it is to test forthcoming games, write reviews of newly released games, sell keys, make videos, etc., players gain many ways to win. money. There are also games competitions where you can win a lot of money. If you are a hardcore player – go for it!

30) Go online – Of course, how can this not be on this list? Limit gray zone – many people are still making money using this method. I will not list how, why, where and when here. You are all professionals in this field!

31) Mining / Cryptocurrency Trading – There are mainly two ways to earn money with cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.) – extracting or exchanging them.

Crypto-exploitation currencies require powerful hardware and expensive GPUs (graphics cards), as operations become more and more difficult day by day. However, there are still many pieces that are easy to exploit and the rewards are worth it. One of these coins is Monero – if you can mine with a hashrate of 30 KH / seconds, you can earn about 1 Monero coin (XMR) per day. The current value of Monero (XMR) is about 45 USD a piece – pretty decent, is not it?

Trading is another aspect of crypto-currencies. If you do not want to use the hardware or do not have the necessary hardware, you can still trade cryptocurrency. It's as simple as buying and selling parts of your choice. When you negotiate, make sure all your pieces are stored on an office wallet as a minimum precaution – storing on web portfolios or trading is very risky. Buy coins that you believe have future potential or that you know will increase, then trade as you wish – short-term profits or long-term investments.

32) Money exchange services – Accept it, there are too many ways to pay online: PayPal, Payza, Crypto-C Currency (more than 1000), WebMoney, Skrill, PerfectMoney, etc. Not all websites accept all these payments. You must then exchange Currency in the X system against Currency in the Z system to purchase goods / services from the AB website. How to exchange currencies – that's where you can earn money – exchange money from one form to another – from PayPal to Bitcoin, from Litecoin to Payze, from Webmoney to Skrill, etc. So you can earn decent commissions and help people too. Having so many foreign currency accounts is a risky and sometimes lengthy process. Once you start making money, it 's worth it.

Warning – The security of your accounts where you keep money will become more and more important because of the nature of your business. You can not afford to lose money because of a stupid hack

33) Part-time bookkeeping – Are you good with accounting / accounting? You can earn money by keeping books for business (online or offline). The amount you can earn depends on the nature of the client company, the number of clients you work with, and so on. You can search these jobs on most job portals or even independent websites.

34) Facebook / Instagram Pages – No, it's not marketing on social media. It looks like a website flipping: create popular pages and make money with them. The key here is to earn as many followers as possible. Do not look for fake followers – people want high engagement rates – fake followers have the worst rates of commitment. You can create a page, make it popular and sell it at a reasonable price. Another way is to create popular pages and sell (sponsored) publications on the page at a price – Example: $ 25 for a publication with product link, video and description for a page with 100,000 subscribers.

35) search engine evaluator – Do you know that even search engines sometimes display erroneous results? Do you know that people can earn money by evaluating search engine results? Well, it's possible. A good computer connected to the Internet and knowledge of the functioning of the Web can enable you to obtain a position of Search Engine Evaluator.

Sites:,, etc.

36) Private detective – Do you like Sherlock Holmes? Do you like to solve mysterious cases? This one is for you! Private investigators are in demand these days as the world becomes more and more cruel – you never know who is plotting against you! Become a private investigator and help your client discover what he wants: love affairs, finances, spying, etc.

37) name companies – Being unique is the key these days, companies have unique names and names; domains these days. You can earn money by becoming a Name Advisor – websites like,,, regularly run contests where companies / users ask for unique names for their activities, products, services, etc. If you are one to select the best & amp; unique name, you may earn something between 50 USD and 50000 USD!

38) Rent unused spaces – Websites such as AirBnB, etc., allow anyone to rent their unused space online at home. Make your space attractive, offer benefits and be friendly with your guests – your unused space can bring you more money than your usual salary!

39) write slogans – Similar to name societies – this one is for slogans or slogans – Unique and catchy slogans can also bring in money

40) Sale / re-sale of web hosting and related services – Anyone wishing to start an online business must purchase web hosting and / or related services. As long as there is Internet, the hosting activity will remain fashionable! Shared hosting, VPS hosting, RDP, dedicated servers, etc. can all be offered / resold to earn a very good money. Be sure to market well and offer strong customer support to your customers

41) comics – Are you good at drawing drawings or stories from cartoons? Many online publications are actively seeking to recruit comic artists with the required skills. Make creative cartoons with unique stories, you'll save a lot of money

42) Cartoons / stories for adults – Comic books, stories and drawings for adults; magazines are a fury too. Create your own website and offer content to premium customers (some free samples to convert) or offer your skills to a website that already does. Income is very good in this area

43) Sell creative products – Selling creative products on websites such as Etsy, eBay, Pinterest, Amazon, etc. can be a source of revenue if your products are creative, of good quality and well marketed. What's a creative product that you can ask for? A purse designed to give the impression that it is out of the norms, it is creative. Basically, any natural product designed in a unique way is creative

44) hacker with white hat – Piracy does not always have to be illegal; most large corporations use white hat hackers to regularly monitor their online security. Government agencies are also hiring white hat hackers for threat surveillance, cybersecurity, tracing, counterterrorism, and so on. You can become a full-time employee or a part-time consultant. The money to win here is superb. The right set of skills and experience will bring you a lot of money.

45) Bug Bonus Programs – Do you know that many large websites have programs where anyone can report bugs / flaws / security issues, etc.? In turn, they pay well bug reporters (according to company policies) after the test / resolution of reported problems. Many people have done their job online full time and have really earned for their money. If you are one of those people who can find fault, reverse engineering codes are for you.

46) Create and sell scripts, software, etc. – How many plugins / premium scripts have you seen? Most likely, it will be thousands. Make / sell scripts, software, etc. Online saves a lot of money. Make sure you solve problems, automate tasks, and so on. for your product sales to be good. Copying an existing script / software will not help you much

47) Online account sales (Netflix, etc.) – Discard your unused subscription accounts – there are many sites on which you can sell your subscription accounts for a price. The more you have, the more money you can make. Many surveys have shown that subscription buyers do not use them much, any more. I have 10 accounts of this type that I plan to sell soon.

48) Creation / editing of videos – YouTube becoming a very popular media, creating / editing videos has become one of the most sought after jobs. There is a huge demand for content creators in this space – if you have the right skills, start looking for jobs on freelance websites / as webmasters – this is very expensive.

49) Server Administration – If you like to play with the servers and make sure that their security is perfect, monitor the users, etc., then the server administration is the best solution for you. Many web hosts hire server administrators – full-time and part-time; most allow you to work in the comfort of your own home. The salary is ok, go if you like the challenges

50) commercials on websites – Do you have a popular website with good traffic? You can create placements on your website where you can allow advertisers to publish their ads at a price – it depends on your website, niche, traffic, engagement, and so on. There are websites that earn huge amounts of money doing this.

51) Counseling – Whether online or offline, counseling is a big livelihood nowadays – no, we're not talking about medical advice – you need to be a qualified doctor for that. If you are very familiar with a particular topic, such as CPA, you can create a website for other users to pay fees. Help them earn money by charging either a portion of what they earn or a fixed price per session / user. . Ditto can be applied for coding, design, referencing, etc. Make sure to be an expert in your field before you even start looking for clients – you do not want your clients to have a bad result in your opinion

My earnings in 2017 – Happy New Year

See attachment 227277

See attachment 227278

See attachment 227279

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