[ Politics ] Open Question: Why did Wisconsin vote for Trump in 2016 but vote Democrat in 2018?

[ Politics ] Open Question: Why did Wisconsin vote for Trump in 2016 but vote Democrat in 2018? .

Macbook Pro 2018 dead after waking up sleep mode with Catalina

Uses Catalina since its release, which tries to use the screen mode of the shared tablet when it is available. The last time I used the machine, she was in sleep mode (MacBook Pro 2018) and when I tried to restart it, she instantly broke down and did not respond anymore to 100%, not light, no screen, no sound.

It is under repair, but are you wondering if other people have had this problem?

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Malware installed on my phone is Huawei Y7 2018?

I have a problem with my phone.I have turned off my phone, but the black screen with the red color steps. When I format my phone at the end of Google's steps, it says your phone has been rooted.
Please answer me!

Touch ID to wake macbook pro 2018, only works sometimes

Sometimes I am able to wake up my Macbook from a completely black screen with just the touch ID. But sometimes, I have to press a key on the keyboard or move the mouse before using the touch ID to reactivate the Macbook. I do not seem to know the reason, does anybody know?

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rooter – How to root Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) from Linux?

I have a Samsung Galaxy A8 phone (2018) (model SM-A530F) running Android 9. I also have a PC running Linux. I want to root my phone, but all the guides I've found mention that I have to use a special tool that requires Windows. Is it possible to root this phone from Linux? I have already enabled USB debugging and OEM unlocking on my phone.

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Can I connect an iMac 2018 to an iMac 2011 for data migration using an Ethernet cable?

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