network – Wifi failing after update to 10.15.5 – Macbook Pro 15 (2018)

I after an update to 10.15.5 or even 10.15.4, my WiFi has periodically been failing.

At first, I thought it could be my internet or access point.

At failure, I would test with my mobile phone on the same network using a speed test app. My mobile phone always had connectivity and faster speeds (about 40mbs)

I tried my iPad with the same results.

Internet would fail for 30-60 seconds then come back.

Finally, I have plugged directly into ethernet and I am consistently getting 180mbs

As a side note: I am running SONOS and it never drops. It is on WiFi.

I am using Google WiFi with 4 access points. I am getting a “Great” signal on all 4 WiFi access points.

What's going on with SolusVM? No update since May 17, 2018? Now Solus.IO?

I noticed that when WHMCS creates a virtual machine on KVM that the password entered during the order does not work, and therefore after, I have to reset the password … | Read the rest of

screen – LG UltraFine 5K 27 "flickers when connected via USB-C to MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2018)

When I connect my MacBook Pro (13 inch, 2018) running MacOS Catalina 10.15.4 to my LG UltraFine 5K monitor, I notice a slight flicker in the bottom half of the screen. It seems to decrease over time.

Is it something to fear – and can I do something?

macbook pro – Connecting the 2018 13-inch MacBookPro to the Dell U2417h

I currently have a 13 inch 2018 macbook pro (without touch bar) which is connected to an LG monitor using an HDMI to USBC charger. This leaves an additional port for charging.

I want to connect another monitor (Dell U2417h) to my laptop. I have a 5 in 1 dongle ( What cables do I need to connect my laptop to this Dell monitor? Can I use the same cable I use to connect to my LG monitor? I also want to charge my computer at the same time.

Thanks in advance.

shri ganesh satta chart 2018

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macbook pro – How to clean up MacOS installation on 2018 MBP

I have a 13 inch MacBook Pro 2018. My system integrity protection is disabled and T2 security is set to None. After updating MacOS Catalina 10.15.3, my mac would stay on the start screen with an Apple logo. I recovered all of my data in recovery mode and tried to reinstall MacOS from there. I ended up having A software update is required to use this startup disk recovery error. I then completely erased the internal SSD, and using another drill for mac and disk, I created a bootable USB key with MacOS 10.15.3. I started this and I got the same thing A software update is required to use this startup disk recovery error. I tried to reset the mac to its original operating system after that with Shift+Option+Command+R, but after loading with rotating earth for a few minutes, I get an exclamation mark sign on that earth with the following underneath:  

Regarding the inability to boot the MacOS USB drive, I have read that new macs can only boot from APFS drives. However, I don't know how to do this. After using the disk drill to flash MacOS to a USB device, I tried to use a disk utility option Convert to APFS..., but this caused an error.

I don't know what to do anymore and I prefer not to go to an Apple Store to solve this problem. Is it even possible for a genius bar to repair the software? How can I solve this problem myself?
I have access to a few decent sized USB drives and a three boot Windows / Linux / MacOS computer, but no professional tools.

I would add that I couldn't install Linux either on my Mac, or even rEFInd.

I have a 2018 Macbook Pro looking for a 4K monitor

my first question, can a 2018 macbook produce 4k? what are the options? what kind of budget am i looking at? I obviously don't play (lol), I do multimedia production, I also try to couple myself with a kind of docking station. a good refresh rate would be nice! Characteristics

For many small domains Reseller vs VPS & HFW Mess of 2018 solved?

Have a reseller account at the lowest level with HFW (Host for Web) for about 25 years. Since their chaos in January 2018 with sites and emails for days (as discussed here, including me on a thread), I have been looking for a new host which has led me to good reviews for Hostwind . But I'm not a geek and I haven't had time and I don't want to face complications (they will be transferred for free).

As far as HFW is concerned, it looks like they moved from Chicago to New York and the recent reviews seem pretty good. So I plan to stay with them and no major problems in recent years.

I have around 30 domains via Namecheap, around 20 active in a reseller account with HFW, but they are all mine. Low traffic and still a lot of unused space with 100 GB of storage. WHM global and Cpanel for each area. Some that I haven't updated in years (I loved the ease of Frontpage for years, everything was done online, never used FTP, etc.) – but under the limit of 1 TB.

Whether I stay with HFW or go to Hostwinds, is there really a great ease of use to go to a managed VPS reseller vs a current reseller? I know an advantage is my own IP over shared and a few times a bad user on my shared IP has caused a blacklist, but not for years. I can't quite get the concept of VPS with many domains to manage via Cpanel vs VPS separate with one?

I'm a little scared to make the change because I don't have time to be a technician or the knowledge related to domain management. Although I come from the era of switches and 60 baud packet readers and Usenet before websites as well as Wang OS2 and even before card sorters before floppy disks and early hard drives about 3 feet in diameter! (old man)

Speaking also to Hostwinds, they suggested that I really needed 4 GB of memory with as many domains against 2, which I think is what I now have with the reseller. Does this make sense?

My MacBook Pro 2018 Touch Bar refuses to turn on

So I slept with the MBP plugged into power. When I woke up and tried to turn it on, it didn't work. I tried to click on the touchpad and it is responsive.

Holding the power button down does not help, the touch bar instead displays a red light for a fraction of a second.

I also tried the shift + control + option + power button without success

crash – Mac Mini 2018 freezes under load

I just bought a brand new Mac mini 2018 (i5, 32 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD) and it started kernel panicking (I guess it stops coming out on the screen and the fan becomes very strong for one second, the LED stays on and I have to hold it for 10 seconds to restart it). This happens pretty much under load, which is a shame because I have to use it under load.

I would like to attach the crash log, but it seems to be too long for StackOverflow.