Mac OS Blocks Reinstall on Macbook Pro 2019

My work donated a Macbook Pro to me, when I attempt to reinstall a clean copy of Mac OS Catalina via USB drive I receive a message saying that I don’t have permission to install Mac OS. Anyway to get around this?

Is Office365 tenant required for SharePoint 2019 SPFx development

As per MS , we have to setup a Office 365 tenant before we can develop a SPFx webparts.

Is it mandatory to have the Office 365 tenant or can proceed without having to create a Microsoft 365 tenant.

Import/Export between Excel and Calendar list SharePoint 2019

I need to Import/Export between Excel and Calendar list in SharePoint 2019 on Premise.

I have an Excel file that is updated as a calendar file, and I need to be able to have that information update a SharePoint Calendar file,
as well as update the excel file from the SP Calendar file if any changes are made there.

Thank you

How to attach collection of 2015 tfs server to 2019 tfs

Hi i am unable to find any documents regarding cloning of collection data to new tfs server from older version can anyone please help me
I have 2017 tfs server and 2014 sql associated with it

Due to production issue we will not be able to do in place upgrade
I thought of creating a test vm take backup of current tfs server and restore database back up of collection and attach the tfs collection to 2019 is this approach correct?
I need help

Now that the FBI said that the noose found in Bubba Wallace’s garage had been there since October 2019, is it still bad or no?

Is it still bad? Are you kidding me? NO it is not “still bad”. What is wrong with you?

Do you idiot leftists know nothing? MYGOD, dealing with leftists is like dealing with toddlers.

LOOK ASSHAT… First, the very NOTION that the US had gotten to the point that a noose found in a Black person’s garage makes national news is AMAZINGLY GOOD. The would have been the freaking standard in the 1950s, not national news worthy.

To find out that it in no way was directed toward Wallace means it was NOT a racist act committed against a black man. 

As to what the person meant who tied it, I don’t know.  Could have been anything from thinking it look cool for a decoration for Halloween (not October 2019). to thinking it was a reliable knot for this purpose. 

What I do know is that you rape children. You know how I know that? Because I read that intention into your question. Only a pedophile would write a question like this, RIGHT??? AM I RIGHT?? 

Nooses have been used THROUGHOUT history for EVERY race of people EVER.  

flow – Power Automate – Unable to access Folder structure of mapped SharePoint site with custom ports on SharePoint server 2019 using On Premise Data Gateway

I have mapped a SharePoint 2019 site library on SharePoint Server File system and using On-Premises Data Gateway, I want to create files in that mapped network folder using Power Automate.

If I mapped the SharePoint site with default port 80 and tried to create file (having root folder – \ow-sp19-srvEmails ) using Power Automate then it is successfully created.

However, If I mapped a SharePoint site having custom port (e.g. 4040) and after creating File System connection in MS Flow with following root folder path \ow-sp19-srv@4040Emails then I’m unable to access the Folder system it shows following error:

enter image description here

And If I tried to run the flow with putting the same Folder path manually then I get following error during Flow run:

The requested action could not be completed. Check your request
parameters to make sure the path
‘ow-sp19-srv@4040Emails/Testing Email Subject.eml’
exists on your file system. clientRequestId:

Troubleshooting steps already performed:

  1. Updated Gateway to June 2020 release.
  2. Tried to open the same UNC path from my local system using same credential that was used in File System connection of Power Automate.
  3. Made the ports opened to internet in Firewall.

Any help is much appreciated with respect to Creating Proper connection or troubleshooting via Power Automate logging if available.

SharePoint 2019 – People Search is not displaying user profile picture in search results

We are facing an issue to display user profile picture in people search. It’s displaying default photo of person.

Let me give overview of current environment setup.

We have configured the SharePoint 2019 with 3 tiers SharePoint farm.

We have configured 2 applications with host header as below:

  1. Intranet site
  2. My site

We have configured following services,

  1. User profile service with AD direct import sync and setup my site.

  2. Configured Search service with content source crawl URLs as below:

  3. sps3s://mysiteurl

  4. https://intranetsite

We have checked following possibility to overcome an issue but didn’t worked anything:

  1. Verified the metadata property and crawl property mapping for ows_picture, Picture URL

  2. Search crawl should not be displayed any errors for my site

  3. Crawl and search service accounts should have proper permission on user profile service, search service application and on web application level

  4. CrossDomainPhotosEnabled = true

  5. User information list (hidden list) is displaying proper profile picture.

  6. Checked proper permission assigned on profile_db in database

  7. I have observed that people search result is displaying below similar user profile picture URL – /search/15/_layouts/userphoto.aspx?size=M&URL=https://mysite/user profile/profile picture/abc_mlength.jpg

When I have tried to access the direct my site Url the it’s prompting credentials and after enter the correct credentials it’s display proper image. So, user profile sync is working properly.

I think an issue with userphoto.aspx (i.e. proxy) page to retrieve photo from mysite host site collection and display in people search but couldn’t found any solution how to resolve this.

I highly appreciate your suggestion or any assistance if I have missed anything on above points.

Note:- I did the same configuration in other environment and it’s working fine.

Looking forward your suggestion or any assistance.

Thank you in advance.

Cairo to Aqaba direct flights in 2019

Planning a trip for my wife’s 40th birthday to Egypt and Jordan from the US. I had hoped to stay in Aqaba as it’s quicker to Petra than Amman and we’d get a little beach time. I read online (in an article that I’m unable to hunt down at this point) that there are direct flights to Aqaba 2 times a week from Cairo. Have been unable to hunt these down on any of the major airline or aggregator sites. Does anyone know if this is still a thing?

laptop – Razer Blade Advanced 2019 INSANE SCREEN FLICKER. Works fine on Performance mode and when Plugged in

I hope someone can help! I have an issue with my brand new Razer Blade 15, every time its plugged in it works perfect without any issues, however when unplugged the screen would flicker like crazy, not brightness changes, the screen physically flashes on and off rapidly making it unusable. I messed around with the power plans and when its on performance mode (power plan) it works perfectly fine. However this causes battery drain on an already below average battery life! Also sometimes the screen flicker would correlate with the movement of the trackpad, if i moved it the screen would flicker, sometimes even if i dont touch the trackpad it would still flicker (balanced power plan)


i7 9thgen
2080 maxq
512gb ssd

Ive tried many clean ddu installation of different versions of drivers for the 2080 and also different drivers for integrated UHD630 graphics!

I also tried a clean windows installation.

Also tried all power options on intel graphics control panel.

I dont want to return it to razer as they have big delays in shipment and im sure this is a software issue?


Thanks in advance for any help!

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