Horizontal lines on my MacBook Air / Pro 2019

My friend and I have one of the newest versions of Air and Pro with the Touch ID, but why do purple horizontal lines appear when we place our phones against the screen? We have tried it on other friends, but it seems like this only happens for the most recent versions of the MacBook. someone knows why by chance?

54-minute stop at Chicago O'Hare in December 2019 from West Palm Beach in Winnipeg, MB Canada

Help, I panic! In December 2019, my family and I fly from Winnipeg, Canada, to West Palm Beach, Florida, via Chicago. On the flight, we have a stopover of one hour and a half in Chicago. Scary but I think feasible.

However, on the way back, there are 54 minutes left. EVERYONE I talk to says that I have problems. Are they right? I travel with my husband, aged two and a half, with a car seat and two checked luggage. Any advice on what I should do?

I booked through Expedia and I wonder if I should call them to cancel, change or something like that.

Drivers – An AMDGPU-PRO tale about Debian (2019) – What should I do if I install AMDGPU-PRO and can not even get a startup screen?

There are a number of discussions on StackExchange on AMDGPU-PRO (such as (here) (1), (and here) (2)), but there seems to be a number of variables that can go wrong, and in my only case, none of the wires I found here or anywhere else could help me. In order to help other people who might follow my sad approach, I thought I should document this for posterity.

OS: Debian 10
GPU: AMD / Radeon rx580, also with Intel Integrated Graphics

I bought a GPU a long time ago with the hope of doing a bit of mining. I was a newcomer to programming and I did not really know how to make it work. She was there for a while. In light of recent material successes, I decided to try my old GPU. I've had the GPU running using (this) (3) wonderful tutorial that configures the GPU using Mesa. The test suite (and the noise) confirmed that the graphics processor was working. Yay! But I wanted to be able to exploit, and I quickly discovered that the extraction programs all used a different driver – AMDGPU-PRO. I thought it might not be too difficult and I downloaded the latest version (which might be important afterwards) from the AMD website.

The installation was not too difficult and I restarted.

I did not even have a splash screen.

I could tell that the computer was running because I had an external drive connected to a service system, and its relaxing flashing light meant that he was reading and writing as he was supposed to do it. Sometimes I got a loading screen that said things like:

( OK ) Started GNOME terminal...

But that would depend on the very example that I gave. I tried to connect to it blindly (in order to uninstall the drivers), but it did not work. The LED on my hard drive is not flashing at all, which makes me think that my keyboard controls were not working at all.

Starting in the BIOS menus will not show anything on the screen, although my external hard drive can not boot, I guess it would load the BIOS menu.

The classic wisdom is to keep SHIFT or ESC at startup to access a command line, but in my infinite wisdom, I use a wireless keyboard. I still have not gotten my hands on a PS2 keyboard, although I borrowed a USB keyboard and could not access GRUB with it.

I've thought of trying to boot from a live USB drive, but apparently, my BIOS does not give priority to USB boot. Good try.

So I was there, no screen, no keyboard. How to operate my computer? I tried IRC (from my other machine) and I was advised to erase everything and start over. Not that I'm sure how I would even get there.

What is the best Lightning Bitcoin wallet for Android and iOS from 2019 October? [on hold]

Lightning Bitcoin has been out for a good year or so. What is the best mobile wallet to use the Bitcoin Lightning Network?

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Best alternative fiverr, freelance site in 2019

Discussion in & # 39; Internet Marketing & # 39; started by jessicaandrew, October 10, 2019 at 4:28.

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    Today & # 39; hui
    I like receipts:

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    # 1

    October 10, 2019 at 4:28

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New social bookmarking list – Oct 2019

Good morning all,

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I will try to update many other resources as soon as possible – instant business profile, guest post list, list of article sites.


Google Updates and SERP Changes – October 2019

WebmasterWorld reviews the changes to Google's SERPs monthly.

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Something scary comes back … The 2019 edition

https://www.webhostingtalk.com/ Yes it's back for another year! https://www.webhostingtalk.com/

https://www.webhostingtalk.com/Something scary comes back to WHT https://www.webhostingtalk.com/

Halloween is almost here and we want your scariest stories about hosting and computing to get us all in the mood. And there is a price for the best!

– The contest is open until 23:59 GMT on Saturday, November 2, 2019, at which time the thread will be closed during the counting of votes.

A maximum of 2 entries per member is allowed – All subsequent entries will be deleted. Requests for deletion of entries will be refused.

– Entries can include support tickets that you have managed, bloopers as root, failures caused by accidental pressing of the "CELA" button, difficult customers, the moment you have (almost) cleaned the server of the customer, etc. as a hosting and / or computer, you are ready to go!

– The entries must be posted on this thread. If you put them somewhere else, they will not count.

– Entries copied from elsewhere will be deleted. Make it original, fun if you like, but really scary! https://www.webhostingtalk.com/

The members will decide the winner. Just use the "ThumbsUp" button to vote for your favorite story (s), but be careful. If you vote too often, you will reduce your influence. You can remove and replace the thumbs up as often as you want until the wire closes.

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