Android WebView NTLM authentication with Sharepoint 2019

I am trying to open some Sharepoint 2019 pages with NTLM authentication in an Android WebView. He keeps asking for credentials and won't let me in. I contacted the Chromium team about this problem, but they did not respond, so I try here if someone else has encountered the same problem with me.

When I try the same method with Sharepoint 2016, it works perfectly but the same code doesn't work on Sharepoint 2019. Has anything changed on the Authentication side on Sharepoint 2019?

Thanks for the answers.

ssis – Installation of Oracle 32 or 64 bits on Windows Server 2019 to import data into SQL Server and use it with Power BI

Good morning all,

First post, so I apologize if I make mistakes.

I am an oracle noob and i am really struggling with this 32 and 64 bit business concept with oracle.

All I really want is to import data daily from an Oracle 12c DW into a local SQL Server 2019 and then connect Power BI over it.

The reason being that we are looking to exit Oracle and SQL Server and I need PoC.

So far, I've looked up and down and can't seem to figure out what to install to access what in Oracle.

All I really need, if I understand correctly, is to install an Oracle CLIENT so that I can then use SSIS to build my ETL routines. BUT when I install a 32-bit client, it says it needs a 64-bit client and when I install a 64-bit client, it says it wants an ODAC. I installed this too and still not successful.

I'm also having trouble understanding what level of folder goes in the PATH in the system environment variables.
It's so complicated compared to SQL Server – so I could really use your help in the following questions.

  1. since SSMS is 32 bit – Can I just install the Oracle 32 bit client and ODAC – if it is, what software should I download from Oracle and install – I can't tell the difference between xcopy and other versions (and can you tell me how to update the path)

  2. Do I have to install x64 bits, since I am on a 64 bit workstation? If yes, again, what software should I download?

My final goal is to be able
– Connect to ORACLE using SQL SERVER SSIS and import data daily via ETL routines
– as a temporary backup, also log into ORACLE using Power BI.

Any help and advice much appreciated.

thank you so much

December 31, 2019

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