magento2.3 – Unable to add Product image in New order Email Magento 2.3.5

I have tried below 2 solutions:

  1. Get product image for invoice email in magento 2.3

  2. (Solved) Magento 2, Add product image in all transaction emails(shipment, invoice, credit memo)

I am using Claue theme, I pasted the below code in invoice/default.phtml & order/default.phtml, then did a setup:static-content:deploy -f. Created new Order, but I do not see the product image in email only the items as shown in the image below.




$objectManager = MagentoFrameworkAppObjectManager::getInstance();
$product_id = $_item->getProductId();
$product = $objectManager->get('MagentoCatalogModelProduct')->load($product_id);

$_imagehelper = $objectManager->get('MagentoCatalogHelperImage');
$image_url = $_imagehelper->init($product, 'cart_page_product_thumbnail')->getUrl();
<img src="<?php echo $image_url ; ?>" alt="<?php echo $product->getName(); ?>" />

This is what I see in email:

enter image description here

I am using Magento 2.3.5-p1, I am not sure if I am pasting the code in correct block. I pasted it below <tr class="bundle-item bundle-parent"> and above <td class="item-info">.

Magento 2.3.5 adding custom product attribute

I want to add a custom product attribute. Of the attribute is enabled (should only contain yes or no) if it’s enabled I want to change the price to coming soon if it’s disabled show the price.

magento2.3 – Magento 2.3.5 SessionHandler::read():

my site some time in a day go down and debug show me this error:

{"0":"Warning: SessionHandler::read(): The session id is too long or contains illegal characters, valid characters are a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and '-,' in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 22","1":"#1

How can I solve this issue?


magento2.3 – Magento 2.3.5 – Large table scconnector_google_feed_cl

We found a ‘large’ table on our completely clean Magento 2.3.5 store, that we run some indexes after we added a few products.

Is there anyone who can tell us what table scconnector_google_feed_cl is for and what it is creating?

We did not set up any google settings or something. Can we remove or truncate it for example?

magento2.3 – How to change default search placeholder text in Magento 2.3.5

I want to change the default search box placeholder text by using a translation file – it’s the text that says “Search entire store here…”. I want to change it to “Search website”.

I have tried doing this with a translation file at app/design/frontend/<package>/<theme>/i18n/en_US.csv with the following content:

"Search entire store here...", "Search website"

And then I completely cleared the cache and static view files (we are running in developer mode). However, the original placeholder text remains and i’ve not found a way to change it.

I have also tried adding the translation to app/design/frontend/<package>/<theme>/Magento_Search/i18n/en_US.csv and this also had no effect.

We are running Magento version 2.3.5-p1.

Where do I need to add the translation file to change the search box placeholder text?

How to add custom category rule tab in form in admin side in magento 2.3.5

Hello Friends I want to add new tab in form for applying rule for specific category in magento 2.3.5.


magento2 – Magento 2 Installation Error on 2.3.5

The issue is actually in Url Rewrite

1st Try the First Check that rewrites module is enabled or not in your apache server if not then enable and restart the server

sudo a2enmod rewrite
service apache2 restart

if You are Still Facing this Problem

go to etc/apache2/apache2.conf


<Directory /var/www/>
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride None
    Require all granted

<Directory /var/www/>
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride All
    Require all granted


service apache2 restart


if this doesn’t work then most probably

Please Deploy Static Content with language Code Propel Something like that

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f en_GB // UK English
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f en_US // US English
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f pt_PT // Portoguese

Magento upgrade 2.3.5

Previously i was using Magento 2.3.4 and upgraded to 2.3.5 using command line

I now see that there is also a 2.3.5-p1.

When 2.3.6 comes out later this month do i go straight from 2.3.5 to 2.3.6 or do i need to install 2.3.5-p1?

magento2.3 – Magento 2.3.5 Cart shows blank popup

I have installed Magento 2.3.5-p1, and to test the default order/checkout, I added an item to cart, however, the shopping cart button shows nothing but a blank popup as shown in the image below.

enter image description here

Morever, if i go manually on cart page, I can see the order, and when I click checkout I get nothing but a blank page.


-bash-4.2$ tail -40 connector.log 
[2020-07-12 06:17:00] dotdigital.INFO: ERROR Creditmemo Order not found :2, quote id : 2, store id 1 [] []

Nginx error logs have nothing with regard to this. I have also given correct permission i.e.

find var generated vendor pub/static pub/media app/etc -type f -exec chmod g+w {} +
find var generated vendor pub/static pub/media app/etc -type d -exec chmod g+ws {} +
chmod u+x bin/magento

magento2 – Remove “required field” validation in street[0] input Magento 2.3.5

I need to separate the street field into two inputs (street and number), but send them as the same field to the database.

One solution was to create these inputs, concatenate their value with Javascript and insert it into the input street (0). This works quite well, but at the time of going to the billing section I can’t move forward because it indicates that the field is empty, even when I insert a value with javascript.

how can i disable this validation?

It is not an option to use more street lines. I already use the 4 available

I know this seems strange, but because we migrate from M1 to M2 we need it in that way