No airline assistance to return home after cancellation (due to COVID19), can I be compensated under EC 261?

Last month, Morocco locked up while I was on vacation. I had tickets with BA. At that time, some flights were canceled, but so-called rescue flights were reinstated.

Airlines such as Easyjet and Ryanair have offered their customers an existing seat on these rescue flights (if their flights are canceled). BA did not. BA did not notify me of the cancellation of a flight. I discovered the news.

When I called BA, they told me they had no more flights. They offered me flights in April (which in fact were also canceled). They later introduced additional rescue flights and of course did not offer them to me – why would they do so when they can sell them for £ 300 each. After I returned to the UK, I asked them to pay for my new ticket with Ryanair (£ 300 single). They offered me the refund of my original tickets (£ 180 return)

The wording of the law is given below. It indicates that I should be able to receive a satisfactory refund or diversion. Course i want them to provide rerouting (or a cost covering that)

Do I have legal status if I have to take action against them? I was under the impression that airlines were legally required to buy you tickets (from their competitors) if they canceled flights from many stories that I have read before or is it only in case they denied you boarding?

Note that the delay fee does not apply here as I think this is an exceptional circumstance, but the airlines should offer re-routing or reimbursement in this situation.

(12) The problems and inconvenience caused to passengers by cancellation of flights should also be reduced. This objective must be achieved by encouraging carriers to inform passengers of cancellations before the scheduled departure time and in addition to offering them reasonable re-routing, so that passengers can make other arrangements. Air carriers should compensate passengers if they do not, except when the cancellation occurs in extraordinary circumstances which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken.

(13) Passengers whose flights are canceled should be able to obtain reimbursement of their tickets or obtain re-routing under satisfactory conditions, and should be adequately supported while awaiting a subsequent flight.

MODIFY: suggests that there is a rerouting right. It does not mention any preconditions for this.

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ANSI based on Windows Sockets and
SCO-ANSI compatible terminal
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large rear scrolling buffer
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connection and automatic connection
print line emulation
telnet file objects with shell extension
session recording
Tabbed sessions
easy to use interface
answer function
PC scan code support
fast direct connection mode
support for the transfer of the local environment
complete ANSI order reference included
user-definable screen resolution
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API – Application Programming Interface
Policy Editor
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