3.5nd dnd – Are there ways to make an object count as a creature even briefly?

Objects are not creatures.

(We will ignore the indefinite question of corpses ….)

The object must remain an object, if possible. Polymorph is not an option, no matter. The idea is to make it a valid target without making it a creature.

Are there methods that can make an object temporarily count as a creature for the purpose of targeting it with an effect that targets creatures?

3.5nd dnd – What feats or other options can help avoid touch attacks?

If the character has only 10 DEX, he becomes vulnerable to touch attacks because this type of attack does not count the armor.
What feat can I take or what should I do to avoid these attacks or at least reduce the damage?
12 STR
10 DEX
20 CON
16 WIS
14 CHA

3.5nd dnd – Is there a way to use Flurry of Blows in armor?

"Burst of blows"

I can not find any option to use a feature called "burst of blows" with armor.


The prestige class of the master of exotic weapons of Complete Warrior offers a "burst of strikes" option. This adds only one attack and always applies a penalty of -2 (that is, it is equivalent to a series of 1st level monk's rolls), but there is no restriction of 'armor. It must be used with an exotic double weapon or with a spiked chain.

Other ways to get more attacks

There is a lot ways to get more attacks. the haste spell, and the related speed Special weapon property, are the most famous examples. The swiftblade prestige class deserves special mention just to do so much more with haste.

It is not quite the same thing, but it would be negligent to let the fight to two arms et al. here because these can also give more attacks for a -2 penalty on all attacks. Having to use two separate weapons, using one-handed weapons and small arms, taking many feats, are all important drawbacks.

The swirling variant of frenzied rage is another easy source of additional attack, accessible to anyone who is diving into a barbarian – which is already a good idea thanks to Full ChampionThe Lion Spirit totem option, which gives the impact.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the exploit of Snap Kick Battle Tome: with this, you take a -2 penalty on the attacks to make an extra shot without a weapon, but what is special is, unlike most other options, that you can use it whenever you want to do one or more attacks. All other options in this response require a full attack, which is very restrictive because you can not move or use some combat features that require standard action (such as typing maneuvers of the same type). Battle Tome).

3.5nd – Walls insensitive to fire damage

What are the possible options, preferably, but not necessarily, using the Abjuration Magic School, to make sure that the walls of a room are totally safe from fire damage and therefore can not be burned, melted or anything like that.

If the walls are rendered – completely – indestructible by a proposed method, this obviously meets the above criteria.

3.5nd dnd – Is it possible to cast spells with 0 dexterity?

According to the archival glossary:

Dexterity 0 means that the character can not move at all. He stands still, rigid and helpless.

He does not win paralyzed and therefore no specific game rule limits it to purely mental actions or prevents it from speaking. We must therefore fall back on the natural English meaning of words.

My interpretation would be that he can cast purely mental spells, or spells requiring concentration / material elements that he already possesses. Given this section on verbal components,

A silencing spell or gag spells incantation (and therefore spell).

I would interpret that being forced to be motionless also spoils such components. On the other hand, as a player, I would accept to make a decision in this direction.

3.5nd dnd – Is there a rule-based method for directing a character trying to grab a snake?

Wicked sorcerer just sank Summon a monster I and now a snake has appeared next to a player. The snake is right next to the king, so she wants to try to catch it and cut off her head.

Is there a rules-based way for me to work the role and the CD? I thought it was not a grappling check because it was not really fighting a small snake, so it may be an opposite DEX control?

3.5nd dnd – Why take four levels in Swashbuckler?

As far as I know, it is common knowledge that the Swashbuckler is only useful because of the daring exploit of the outlaws and the lightning strike. Between them, they only need three levels in Swashbuckler. However, when I went through the discussions on the Swashbuckler, I often saw four Swashbuckler levels mentioned as a possibility, although that does not give any new class. What is the value of this extra level? I guess it has something to do with how Daring Outlaw is stacking up, but it is not obvious to me. Is there a hidden assumption about thief levels?

3.5nd dnd – Does the bullet flashing lights and shower sparks of a shooting star ring allow saving throws?

In the SRD, it says:

The first special function, flash ball, releases one to four balls
lightning (choice of the ring wearer). These luminous globes look like
dancing lights, and the ring bearer controls them the same way
(See the description of the fate of the dancing lights). Spheres have a
Range of 120 feet and a duration of 4 turns. They can be moved to 120
feet by turn. Each sphere is about 3 feet in diameter and
creature that is within 5 feet of one's charge
dissipate by taking electrical damage during the process
number of balls created.

He also says:

The sparkling shower is a flying cloud of mauve sparks awakening
out of the ring for a distance of 20 feet over a 10-foot wide arch.
Creatures in this area take 2d8 damage each, otherwise
wear metal armor or a metal weapon. Those who wear metal
Armor and / or carrying a metal weapon take 4d8 points of damage.


None of these features directly address the need to make a backup throw or execute a ranged attack to hit a target. Should these features require backup jets or attack jets?

3.5nd dnd – What makes the victims burn from the inside?

During our campaign, our group was supposed to meet a crew aboard their ship who was leaving in search of a relic for the king. A psionic party used timehop ​​and we boarded the ship an hour later, and when we got there, all the crew members had been killed.

They were killed in a very specific way: their eyes were burned and their muscles burned and their skin melted.

Our SM said that the cause of death was in the PHB, and he wants us to discover it in order to advance the story. He wants us to use our knowledge to try to understand it. I've read the PHB but I just do not know where to start – maybe some diabolical subtypes or some kind of relic – because the world of D & D is so vast.

So, instead of reading the whole book (which I really should do …), I hoped that someone could point me in the right direction. Maybe not necessarily in the PHB itself, but in the Monster Manual or Magic Compendium.

What creature / spell / object / etc. would cause this effect?

3.5nd dnd – Do the power points and powers of Psion and Ardent pile up?

Powers of discipline

The psion discipline ability is, just like the assistant school specialization option, formulated counter-intuitively. Perhaps, in a sense, even more than school specialization, because the ability to discipline does not stop you from learning all powers.

Instead, some powers are available for psions only through the ability of discipline – for example, a psion must be a shaper, that is, specialized in metacreativity, in order to learn astral construction with their known psion powers. You can see how the astral construction description of power lists its level as "Shaper 1", rather than "Psion / Wilder 1" as shown in crystal sparkleDescription of. You can see all the powers of Extended Psionics Manual which are restricted in this way here; Complete Psionic its version of these lists on pages 75 and 76.

Especially, psions can learn other powers of these disciplines – it is only certain, special powers that are restricted. So, you must be a shaper to learn astral constructionbut any psion can learn crystal sparklealthough both are powers of metacreativity.

As for hop dimension, it is do not a restricted power reserved for nomads (psions specialized in psychoportation). In reality, it's not a psion power at all. It is only available in the coat of Liberty, which means that passersby can learn it that way. Since this is not a "limited to other disciplines" power for the psion, the psion / ardent can learn it as easily as an ardent to a class; nothing on the psion says the opposite.

But let's say, for example, that we were talking about astral construction, which is a restricted power for psions, available only if the psion is specialized in metacreativity. The Ardents can also learn this power through the mantle of Creation. It's a power that Extended Psionics Manual says "the psion can not learn powers that are limited to other disciplines", that is. Does this mean that the psion / ardent can not learn it? No, that does not mean that school specialization limits what a wizard / sorcerer can learn as a wizard. We do not have an explicit example as is the case for the wizard / wizard example of Complete arcanebut 1. this corresponds to this example, and 2. this is consistent with the fact that, for the sake of simplicity, class descriptions are written from the perspective of a single-class character from the 1st level.

Bottom line: The discipline of Psion has no effect on the powers you can learn and manifest as fiery, even if you are a psion / ardent multi-class.

Power points

The answers to your questions are mainly set out in the section Psic Characteristics of Multiclasses:

Psionic characters multiclass

If you have levels in more than one psionic class, you combine your power points from each class to build up your reserve. You can use these power points to manifest powers of any psionic class that you have.

Although you keep a reserve of power points among your class, race and feat selection, you are still limited by the manifest level you have achieved with each power you know.

The question of the combination of power bonus points for each class is not explicitly addressed, but can be understood through the application of these rules: psion just give you the basic power points that come from the class, but also the bonus power points of high intelligence. Likewise with ardent, whose power points also include bonus power points of high wisdom. The rules here say to combine them, so you should. Note that you always have different levels of demonstrator for each class! This affects how many bonus power points you get, so you get total

$$ PP_ {psion_ {base}} + tfrac {1} {2} times Int times ML_ {psion} + PP_ {ardent_ {base}} + tfrac {1} {2} times Wis times ML_ {ardent} $$

I seem to remember a rule that it was impossible to get power bonus points twice with the same ability score, but I can not find it now. It makes me think that it is in Complete Psionic-This would not be a very good rule (the need to use the separate manifest level for each balance, no need to further limit it), and Complete Psionic is notorious for the application of absolutely useless nerves on psionic material. Be very careful with this book, it has a terrible reputation. the astral construction Psychokinesis nerves and nerves should be ignored. Many fluff and flavors are also of very poor quality. The ardent is great, but it is one of the very few things in the book (the others are the practitioner's exploit and the soulbow prestige class).