reactjs – When using styles to move buttons, the & # 39; hotspot & # 39; stays in place but the buttons are moving

When you use styles to move the buttons where I want them, the touch area where you can press the button stays in the same place and does not follow it. This makes the button inactive and can only be operated if you find the original location!

I have tried:

  • using TouchableWithoutFeedback.
  • Moving the order of components
  • Put all sorts in the style reference.

Here is the rendering:

render () {

if ((this.state.isOn) === true) {


      Timer: {ms (this.state.time, {verbose: true})}



       Reset the timer





} else if ((this.state.isOn) === false) {


     Timer: {ms (this.state.time)}  


       Reset the timer





      { (function (item, i) {

return (i <5)? {Item} : null}). filter (x => x)


        { (function (item, i) {

return (i <5)? {Item} : null}). filter (x => x)


here is the style:

const styles = StyleSheet.create ({
container: {
flex: 1,
backgroundColor: # fff #,
alignItems: & # 39; center
justifyContent: "center",
pissbutton: {

upholstery: 10
borderWidth: 3,
borderColor: # 111 & # 39;
reset button: {

upholstery: 10
borderWidth: 3,
backgroundColor: # ed1c42 & # 39;
submit button: {

marginBottom: 36,
Top 100,
upholstery: 10
borderWidth: 3,
backgroundColor: # 42f471 & # 39;

I think when I use the style to move the buttons, they stay responsive instead of moving, but the hot spot stays where it is.

network – Resetting an iPhone with the error "No Service & # 39;

A few days ago, my iPhone 7 began to display the "No Service" error in the upper left corner of the screen. I've tried several ways to solve this problem, but nothing is done there. When trying to reset it, I received the error message:

Title: iPhone requires service

body: You will not be able to configure this iPhone after erasing. A cellular update is necessary before it can be reactivated.

What does it mean? Is it safe to proceed?

Networking – UBUNTU 18.04wget: Unable to resolve the address of the host 'my.proxy & # 39;

I am new to the Linux world, especially in the UBUNTU operating system and networks.

I am working on a server with UBUNTU 18.04 and I have problems with everything that includes networking.
I have set in the wired network the correct proxy that I use on a 16.04 UBUNTU version (the configuration is identical to that of version 18.04).

I have tried several times to set the proxy from the beginning and most guides do not help me much.

Please, give your opinion.

5th dnd – Does the ability 'Devour Intellect & # 39; can be used through the walls?

Detect the sensitivity. The devourer of the intellect can feel the presence and location of any creature within 300 feet of distance with intelligence of 3 or more, regardless of the barriers, unless the creature is protected by the empty mind to spell. (MM 191)

Detecting sentience does not allow the devourer of intellect to see the target, it simply detects their presence. He knows where they are, but he does not really see it.

As you have already stated yourself, the devourer must be able to see the target to use his abilities:

The intelligence devourer targets a creature he can see within 10 feet of one who has a brain.

However, RAW, the devourer could target a person he can see, but he can not physically reach behind a transparent barrier, such as behind a glass wall.

If he wins the fight, the intelligence eater consumes, magically, the target's brain, teleports into the target's skull and takes control of his body.

Thus, as the rules are written, a clear transparent barrier will not stop the devourer, but she will not be able to see through the will.

In the blind:
It has been mentioned in comments that the devourer can not technically see anything because he has a blind vision. There is already a question about blind vision and seeing through the walls that concludes that blind vision does not work through the walls, but it will not respond if "seeing someone without seeing it counts, it's seeing it ". This answer assumes that everything you can perceive with a blind or dark vision counts to see a creature, but not the abilities that "detect" the locations.

solaris – Mysql ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for the user 'root' @ & # 39; localhost & # 39; (with password: YES)

I installed mysql-5.7 on solaris 11. The installation was successful, but I can not find the file containing the temporary password.

I receive this error when I try to log in as mysql -u root -p.

Any workaround and tips for solving this problem would be helpful

cp: impossible to stat nonautilusplease / nautilus-browser.desktop & # 39;

After installing Xubuntu and restored /House from the previous installation of Ubuntu, I had some problems with opening the files. So I installed the nautilus. Then Nautilus took control and became my default file manager, which I had not planned.

I have therefore removed the nautilus, checked that Thunar is installed and followed this guide that I created. defaultthunar.

However when I run ./defaultthunar, I receive

Switching to the application launcher directory

Restoring backup files

cp: impossible to stat notautilusplease / nautilus-browser.desktop: no file or directory of this type

The guid says:

System default settings in Ubuntu are overwritten by hidden settings
the files in the user's home directory (~), if you want to change the settings,
This is the place to do it. Files in ~ / .local / share / applications

But I do not have any ~ / .local / share / applications file.

So I wonder how can I solve this problem?

ios – Can not set the value of the type 'Bool' to the type 'UIButton? & # 39;

I'm trying to hide a button until another condition is met. When I load the application, I use the slider and when it reaches the maximum, the button should be visible, but for some reason, it will not be the case. I just did it in another application without any problem and the code is almost identical.

I can not find what to do tbh.

redefines func viewWillAppear (_ animated: Bool) {
super.viewWillAppear (animated)

                profileVisible.isHidden = true

@IBAction func btnClicked (_ sender: N any)

motionManager.startDeviceMotionUpdates (to: queue) {motion, error) in DispatchQueue.main.async {
self.slider.value = Float ((motion? .attitude.roll ?? 0) * 1.4)

print (self.slider.value)

if self.slider.value == 1,0 {
self.profileVisible = false
self.motionManager.stopDeviceMotionUpdates ()

AudioServicesPlayAlertSound (kSystemSoundID_Vibrate); // vibrate when payment is successful

if self.slider.value == -1.0 {
profileVisible = true
self.motionManager.stopDeviceMotionUpdates ()
AudioServicesPlayAlertSound (kSystemSoundID_Vibrate);

filters – Delete archived status & # 39; the publication and the default page

I have a page status on my wordpress platform:
All, mine, draft, published and ARCHIVED as you can see in the picture below

status of wordpress pages

When I go to pages, the default view is All pages had 62 pages on my example.

I want to hide the archived page in the default view. Soon ALL (62) I want to see all pages except the archived state pages. the archived the pages must still be visible if we go to Archived tab.

Thanks for the help.

neural networks – Stephen Wolfram and Gerard & # 39; t Hooft propose that each cellular automaton is literally a universe?

Stephen Wolfram and Nobel Prize winner Gerard & # 39; t Hooft both think that the universe is a cellular automaton.

As far as I know, & # 39; t Hooft has developed a series of frameworks to build different models of cellular automata and Wolfram has also proposed a framework in which network nodes could produce different universes of cellular automata.

Both have proposed specific models of cellular automata to describe our universe (or rather they work in a description of cellular automata that can fully apply to our universe), but as they proposed a framework to create different models of cellular automata, therefore think that these authors think that each type of cellular automaton corresponds literally to a universe.

For example, apparently, Stephen Wolfram, in his book "A New Kind of Science," in Chapter 9, defines a series of network nodes that can replicate all models of cellular automata. But I'm not sure of that and I would need someone who knows this area better to confirm it to me.

So, does anyone here know that it's okay? Does anyone here know if it works well enough to tell me if these physicists think that every model of cellular automaton corresponds to a universe?

What does & # 39; A & # 39; in Accessibility Compliance Levels A, AA and AAA

I went through the WCAG 2.0 guidelines and found no reference to the letter "A" in the A, AA and AAA compliance levels. What does the letter "A" mean? Is it an abbreviation for accessibility?