The workflow column does not appear in the list or in this view & # 39;

I do not see how to solve this problem, the status column of the workflow does not appear in the list, I tried to set it to "change this view", but the column of Workflow does not appear.

Thank you for your help.

Label – Change Password – Old Password & # 39; vs & # 39; Current password & # 39;

A two-step approach to changing passwords eliminates the need to use one or the other term (see below). However, if you use a single form approach, I would recommend "current" because it is more accurate.

Google uses a two-step approach to change the password. First, they ask for "your password":

enter the description of the image here

Then, after checking your password, they will ask for your new password (with confirmation):

enter the description of the image here

If you want to keep an approach on a screen, I recommend you to use the "current password" because at the moment the user enters this password, it is the password current, not the old. This is the approach and terminology used by both Facebook and Twitter (among others).

Confirmation and / or "Show password" toggle

Google, Facebook and Twitter all require you to confirm / re-enter your new password when you change your password. Only Google has a button to view the password you just typed. The more I read and think of the password fields, the more I am convinced that a link or check box "Show password" should be included in the password fields.

nginx – Generic SSL Certificates and Tracking & # 39; www & # 39;

I have a generic SSL certificate for *

I use nginx and redirects all traffic from http to https, as well as rewriting URLs without an end www (if there is one).

So he has,

  1. —>
  2. —>
  3. —>
  4. —>

However, as my certificate is for *, case 3 receives a chrome SSL error ("This is probably not the site you are looking for!"), But if you click on it, it is redirected and all is fine. .

I understand why, since the initial connection is for https with a www (2 levels of subdomains), which does not correspond to what is on the generic certificate.

I thought that one solution would be to get an additional cert for *. *. cover www. *. But it seems like it will not work.
I spoke to agents from Namecheap and Comodo, and both said *. *. it was not possible.
I also came across this article

Is there a solution to this? To be able to cover www. *.

drop-down menu – multiple selection menu with option & # 39; Other & # 39;

It would be very unexpected on the part of the user that the "other" selection deselects the previously selected options. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the user understands that it is a multiselection OR other.

You can do this by using a radio button with the "select an option" and "other" options (the name of the options should be as accurate as possible). Selecting one of the radio buttons changes the next input field in a multiple-selection drop-down list or comment field.

And another thought about the multi-selector drop-down menu: if there were not many options, it would be less complicated for the user if the options were visible instead of being hidden in a drop-down menu.

What exactly does "neduit & # 39;

neduit is mainly used to find the days of the week. But I can not understand how it works. Can someone explain it correctly with code examples.

Problem with & # 39; Manage products & # 39; – Magento Stack Exchange

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php – Class & # 39; Wood & # 39; not found when running the Wood-starter theme

I've recently installed Timber on my WordPress instance, but every time I try to run single.php for the starter, the following error appears:

Fatal Error: Uncaught Error: The class "Wood" not found in website www Website wp wp-content plugins wood-library wood-starter-theme single.php: 12 Stack trace: # 0 {main} thrown in www Website wp wp-content plugins wood-library wood-building-theme single.php online 12

I've read that there may be problems with namespaces and update it to Timber Timber. I've tried this too and get the same class not found for Timber Timber. It is interesting to note that if I open it in PHPStorm, I can access the function directly from the class call so that it can recognize it.

Does anyone have an idea? I have tried different versions of PHP, different versions of WordPress and installation via WP-Admin and manually. None of these options solve this problem. (Please note, I also get this error to go to index.php in this directory).

5th dnd – This breed & Outsider & # 39; is homebrew balanced?

I am currently building a homebrew breed that I have created and after some good versions, I am thinking of coming up with a semblance of decent homebrew breed. However, I'm afraid it's unbalanced in places. Is the following breed (and sub-breeds) balanced and, if not, what changes could be made to make this happen?

My main objective seems to be the combat or flight mechanic provided to the Gemstone sub-race. The game tests have come back mostly positive, but I'm afraid it's too much for the sub-race.

Outsider traits

Your eldritch heritage manifests itself in various ways, in agreement with your relatives.

Increase of the capacity score. Your strength score increases by 2.

Speed. Your basic walking speed is 30 feet.

Natural trickery. Common with deception, an outsider is resistant to tricks of an arcane nature. You have an advantage over saving throws against Charm spells and you can not fall asleep by magic.

Claws. You perfectly master the big claws you have. They deal 1d4 sharp damage.

Darkvision. Accustomed to life underground, you have a superior vision in dark and dark conditions. You can see in a dim light within 60 feet of you as it was in a bright light and in the dark as it was in motion from a dim light. An outsider retains the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.

Languages. You can speak, read and write the common and another language of your choice.

Doppelganger Outsider

Foreigners who have chosen to hide in plain sight rather than in the shade. The flesh of a Doppelganger outsider is paler than that of their parents, their eyes are smaller and their limbs more anatomically similar to other creatures on a human scale. As a result, they are often shorter than their
Brothers of precious stones.

Increase of the capacity score. Your charisma is increased by 1.

Change shape. As an action, you can transform your appearance or return to your natural shape. You can not reproduce the appearance of a creature you have never seen, and you will return to your natural form if you die. You decide what you look like, including your height, your weight, the features of your face, the sound of your voice, the coloring, the length of your hair, sex and all other distinctive features. You can appear as a member of another race, even if none of the statistics in your game changes. You also can not appear as a creature of a size different from the one you have, and your basic form remains the same; If you are bipedal, you can not use this trait to become quadruped, for example. Your clothes and other equipment do not change in appearance, size or shape to match your new shape. You must keep some extra outfits on hand to get the most convincing disguise possible. Your true form is revealed if you fall unconscious.

Tricks outsiders. As long as the fitness-changing ability is active, creatures have a disadvantage on the controls that try to see through your disguise.

Outsider gemstone

The aliens whose ancestors stayed in the caves of their origin. The flesh of a stone stranger is hardened, almost like chitin. Their eyes are indistinguishable from precious stones, apart from the fact that they shine with a deep, arcane energy.

Increase of the capacity score. Your dexterity is increased by 1. Your intelligence is decreased by 1.

Psionic change. At the first level, you can launch not misty once a long time. At the third level, you can launch wink once a long time.

To fight or to flee. When you hit 0 or less, roll a Constitution save roll equal to the amount of damage taken during the attack. If you succeed, you regain your most primal instincts and unleash yourself like a wild beast. You gain temporary hit points equal to half of your maximum, rounded down, and you do not fall unconscious as long as you have those hit points.
You must use your towers to attack all hostile creatures, starting with the closest, within 20 meters centered on you. You can not get away from a hostile creature inside this beach unless you are heading to another hostile creature. This lasts a number of rounds equal to your rounded skill bonus, after which you fall unconscious and lose any remaining temporary hit points. This effect can not be used more than once until you rest for a long time.

excel – The object does not support the property or the method readAsBinaryString & # 39; & Object does not support the property or the method & # 39; charCodeAt & # 39;

I use xlsx.core.min.js to download Excel files on SP and pass their content to a new list.

The first console error I received was "The object does not support the property or the method" charCodeAt "."

I've read about compatibility issues with .readAsArrayBuffer () and have it replaced. Then I started getting the error "The object does not support the property or the method" readAsBinaryString "."

How can I make this code work? Thanks in advance!

ExportToTable () function
var regex = / ^ ([a-zA-Z0-9s_\.-:]) + (. xlsx | .xls) $ /;
/ * Check if the file is a valid Excel file * /
if (regex.test ($ ("# excelfile"). val (). toLowerCase ())) {
var xlsxflag = false;
/ * Indicator to check if Excel is in .xls or .xlsx format * /
if ($ ("# excelfile"). val (). toLowerCase (). indexOf (". xlsx")> 0) {
xlsxflag = true;
/ * Check if the browser supports HTML5 * /
if (typeof (FileReader)! = "undefined") {
var reader = new FileReader ();
reader.onload = function (e) {
var data =;
/ * Convert Excel data to object * /
if (xlsxflag) {
var workbook = (data, {type: "binary"));
other {
var workbook = (data, {type: "binary"));
/ * Get all Excel sheet names in a variable * /
var sheet_name_list = workbook.SheetNames;

var cnt = 0; / * This is used to limit the script to take into account only the first Excel sheet * /
sheet_name_list.forEach (function (y) {/ * Iterate in all sheets * /
/ * Converts the value of the cell to Json * /
if (xlsxflag) {
var exceljson = XLSX.utils.sheet_to_json (workbook.Sheets[y])
other {
var exceljson = XLS.utils.sheet_to_row_object_array (workbook.Sheets[y])
// alert (exceljson.length + "----" + cnt);
if (exceljson.length> 0 && cnt == 0) {
BindTable (exceljson, # exceltable #);
cnt ++;
$ (# Exceltable #); show ();
if (xlsxflag) {/ * If the excel file is an .xlsx extension, this creates a table buffer from Excel * /
reader.readAsArrayBuffer ($ ("# excelfile")[0].files[0])
other {
reader.readAsBinaryString ($ ("# excelfile")[0].files[0])
other {
// alert ("Sorry, your browser does not support HTML5!");
other {
// alert ("Please download a valid Excel file!");


WHY GOOGLE'S X & # 39; PORN ???? !!!!!

Was it just me … or did anyone else notice that for the FIRST TIME (at least since I started using the Internet in 2002), you NEVER CAN NOT access ANY PORN website on the GOOGLE search engine under ANY form —- the images archive, not in the video section, nor even in the websites listings !!!

You can not even access the nude photographs "artsie"! THIS is both unprecedented and unannounced !! I do not know anyone from you, but I've NEVER received an ad in my Gmail account saying Google did it! All I know is that one day he was there and the next day I checked to see if it was not the case! In fact, you can not access ANY subject containing the words "naked" or "naked – apparently THIS is considered a ground of" pornography "even WITHOUT sexual content! I am beautiful I have not been a GOOGLE subscriber because I think that right now there must be LOTS of paid subscribers who have signed up to just get pornographic websites!

Frankly, this seems to be a kind of general internet censorship (courtesy of the NSA) because even on the other major search engines — YAHOO, MSN, BING and AOL — it is impossible to # 39; access pornographic images and videos. If you type something with the words "nude" or "nude", you will get pictures of almost all naked bodies and Youtube videos of the same thing; which of course are already censored. The only way to access porn on these engines is to press the "All" option to access and access the lists of websites directly through pornographic websites – which you can always view to view lists of these sites. Apparently, it's a "Google trick" to purge Internet pornography.

The advantage of Google's access to videos is that it would include listings of clips with a description and pictures that would allow you to decide if you want to watch it AND without having to browse the website for the clip. in question.

Times change people ………….. and not for the better!