cordova – How can I generate Ionic 4 icons?

I'm trying to generate ionic from an icon already placed in the resource folder, the other images of different sizes but not generated with the command ionic cordova resources -icon, as I already have seen in some places, and the following message is displayed. :

enter the description of the image here

unreal 4 – How can a variable have two values ​​at the same time?

Just to clarify, I do not want to know how to make a variable display 2 values ​​at the same time.

I want to know how it goes in my project.

In the Blueprint, I have a timer that generates every 5 seconds 2 warriors at different locations. This is to distinguish them. One is from the blue team and the other from the red team:

enter the description of the image here

The team of everyone that I can define correctly, the problem arises with the entire variable.

The value of the blue warrior variable must be 5. The value of the red warrior variable must be 1.

I have a text rendering that displays the time and value of the variable that I quoted:

enter the description of the image here

In Event BeginPlay, I have a loop that displays the value of this integer variable that I quoted:

enter the description of the image here

Picture of the game:

enter the description of the image here

Picture of the game:

enter the description of the image here

How can a place show that the variable is 0 and in the other indicate that it is 1/5?

PC Games – The Sims 4 Island Living-CODEX | NulledTeam UnderGround

The Sims 4 Island Living-CODEX

2019 | PC | Developer: The Sims Studio | Publisher: Electronic Arts | 32.5 GB
Language: Russian | English
Voice language: Simlish
Genre: SimulatonA flawless stay

The sequel to the popular series of simulators of God, in which the player controls the lives of heroes, satisfying their needs and equipping homes.

In The Sims 4, players are even more closely associated with virtual humans, and the latter behave even more realistically. At the same time, in The Sims 4, players will be able to freely change the world using handy tools and share their own creations with friends.

Description of the installation and launch:
Important! Before you install it, clean the computer thoroughly of repacks and other hackers.
Likewise, before you install and run, turn off the Origin.
Mount the image with the help of Windows Explorer or any other editing program, then run the Setup.exe file contained in the # 39; s image.
Install the game by following the setup program.
Install Visual C ++ 2013.
Install Visual C ++ 2010.
Install a multilingual hotfix by copying all the files from the TS4_Language_Strings_1.52.100.1020 folder along the path of the game The Sims Island 4 Live with the replacement files.
Copy the Game folder from the CODEX folder located inside the image when traveling with the game The Sims 4 Island Live with the replacement of files.
Place the EASetup.exe file along the path with the game The Sims 4 Island Living, run it as administrator and select the language of your choice from the list and then click Apply.
To play.
If the game does not start with an error, you must get started as an administrator.
Visual C ++ 2013 requires exactly 2013 and no other Visual C ++ 2010 is also needed to launch Language.Selector (EASetup.exe).
Ask questions about how I can help …

List of problems and their solutions:
When a problem or another appears, this section will be replenished. If your problem is not in the list below or if they do not help you solve it, you need to specify the following to help you:
Describe your problem and under what circumstances it arises.
Describe installed on your computer (laptop):
Operating system.
Video card.
Additional software: DirectX and Visual C ++.
Are additional materials (mods) installed?
Login to the gallery:
Option 1:
Create an account in the Origin.
Download and install "The Sims 4: Character Creation Editor (Demo)".
Connect the origin and access the gallery from the editor.
Keep your favorite items in your library.
Without saving, exit the editor.
Turn off and turn off Origin.
Launch the game and use the objects in the library …
Language.Selector how to use ?:
Follow the path The Sims 4 Island Living and run the EASetup.exe file.
Choose a language from the list.
Click Apply and wait a few seconds while the utility makes the necessary changes to the registry and minimizes it.
Ps. If the language change does not work, you must run the file from the administrator name.

Required configuration:
Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 64 bit;
Processor: Intel Core i5 or faster, AMD Athlon X4;
RAM: 4 GB;
Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 650 or higher;
Sound card: audio device compatible with DirectX 9.0
Free space on the hard disk: at least 1 GB


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cordova – IONIC 4: how to open an external URL only in the mobile Chrome browser, not in the default browser

Since the Ionic 4 mobile app, how can I open an external URL only in a Chrome browser? I've tried InAppBrowser with _system, but it opens in the default browser.

Can any one let me know if there is a way to use an external URL only in a Chrome browser?

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Why is the GPS chip not detected on ARCHOS Alba 4?

I use Android Nougat, but there are no options for GPS in the location menus (just to save battery >> wifi, Bluetooth and cellular network only)

Other GPS applications do not even detect the chip in the first place … why?

differential equations – pde 4 orders with precision problem

Clear ["Global`*"]
c = 0.03;
k = 10 [Pi];
w = 10 ^ 7;
h0[x_] : = Exp[-x^2/0.05];
p[t_, x_] : = -D[h[t, x], {x, 2}

- c Exp[2 I k x + 2 I w t]
eq1 = D[h[t, x], t]== 1/3 D[(h[t, x]^ 3 D[p[t, x], X]), X];
Traditional form[eq1];
x0 = -1.5;
x1 = 1.5;
con1 =
!  ( * SuperscriptBox[(h), 
RowBox[{"0", ",", "1"}], ")"}],
MultilineFunction-> None])[t, x0] == D[h0[x], X]/. x -> x0;
con2 =
!  ( * SuperscriptBox[(h), 
RowBox[{"0", ",", "1"}], ")"}],
MultilineFunction-> None])[t, x1] == D[h0[x], X]/. x -> x1;
con3 =
!  ( * SuperscriptBox[(h), 
RowBox[{"0", ",", "3"}], ")"}],
MultilineFunction-> None])[t, x0] == D[h0[x], {x, 3}]/. x -> x0;
con4 =
!  ( * SuperscriptBox[(h), 
RowBox[{"0", ",", "3"}], ")"}],
MultilineFunction-> None])[t, x1] == D[h0[x], {x, 3}]/. x -> x1;
sol = NDSolve[{eq1, h[0, x] == h0[x], con1, con2, con3, con4},
h, {t, 0, 2.5}, {x, x0, x1},
MaxSteps -> 10 ^ 5,
Method -> {"PDEDiscretization" -> {"MethodOfLines",
"SpatialDiscretization" -> {"TensorProductGrid",
"MinPoints" -> 2500}}},
PrecisionGoal -> 2, MaxStepSize -> 0.01];
Ground[Abs[Evaluate[h[1., x] /. ground[[1, 1]]]]{x, x0, x1},
PlotRange -> All]

The mathematica code gives the warning that ""

NDSolve :: eerr: Warning: estimate of the local spatial error scaled to t = 2.5 in the direction of the independent variable x is much greater than the prescribed error tolerance. The spacing of the grid with 501 points may be too large to achieve the desired accuracy. A singularity can be formed or a smaller grid spacing can be specified using the MaxStepSize or MinPoints method options.

and bad results.enter the description of the image herebut the good result is enter the description of the image here. My problem is how to improve the code?