3000 deaths from 9 to 11, 40,000 deaths from the flu. What is actually a "big deal"?

9-11 like Clinton and Democrats supported

The terrorists who did it but never were

Continued or held accountable. We need

Tighter intelligence agencies and we need

To end the liberalism of land tenure security

Which only caused problems. Clinton and

The RINO bush created it so that it is not in our

Countries have an interest in keeping it. It is designed

Weaken our intelligence agencies and

Increase the national debt. We have to go down

Size the government and make it more efficient

And profitable.

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SQL Server – What is the risk of fragmentation of a table containing 40000 products that may affect performance

So the database administration is not a strong point, so I have some questions to ask.

All this is related to the performance of a website that I am looking at, and I have spent quite a bit of time researching / diagnosing it.

  • There are two sites, a test site and an active site.
  • I've noticed that pages load times are much longer on the active site than on the test site.
  • The test site specifications are very low – VPS 2 virtual processors with 14 GB of RAM and SQL + Web site running on the same VPS system
  • The specifications of the live website are 4 dedicated servers, all with 8 virtual processors and 16 GB of RAM
  • The active site uses a separate dedicated server for SQL with 16 virtual processors and 112 GB of RAM.
  • The website has an average of 120 concurrent users on average at any given time, but can range from 70 to 150. When we send a campaign by email, it can reach 400. When we reach 400 processors, as you can expect, you can reach 100% depending on the actions of the users. do on the website, but they resist quite well even with the RAM.

I would expect the active website to behave faster than the website under test, but that is not the case.
I've gone through the code, but I firmly believe that it's due to the database.
The size of the live website database exceeds 50 GB during the backup and the test site is 4 GB.

The two databases are quite fragmented and I wonder what is the probability that this fragmentation affects performance?
Also, given that the live website is many times larger than the test site, will high fragmentation affect the performance of the live site much more than the test site?

Here is a screenshot of one of the indexes in the products table.
enter the description of the image here

Since I have not dealt with this issue before, here are some tips for rebuilding / updating indexes. Should I put the website in maintenance mode so that no one can interact with the tables during rebuild / update indexes? How long does it take on a table with 12 indexes and 40,000 products?

Thank you

factorial – Can not find a calculator that can handle 220! x 40000

For a game I play, I try to calculate the cost of buying all the boxes in the extension area of ​​a level. the first box costs 40,000 euros, each subsequent box costs 40,000 euros more than the previous one. the level is 16 x 16 squares and I start with 6 x 6 already open. I think the calculation to solve is 220! x 40000, I can not find a calculator online or irl able to handle the problem. I found a factorial calculation that solves 220! but that will not let me do x 40000.
Is there a mathematical trick to solve this problem? or an easy way to solve it?

Looking for staff on a 40,000 member website! | Promotion Forum

I am merging all my websites and starting with a new group of staff members due to their inactivity. The forum will have about 40,000 members and potentially around 50,000 if the merger goes well. It is a general discussion forum designed around game development and web development. He has discussions about the game, development discussions, webdev discussions, and more.

What I'm looking for is what I'm looking for, because it shows that you're active on a forum and you know the WebDev niche.
Having other places where you are active will also help.

This is a volunteer position and, because of its size, it will be a great place to become known. (good thing this is not an artist we are talking about :cigar:)

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