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magento2.2 – How to configure Varnish 4.1 with Magento 2.2?

Running Magento 2.2.8 – Magento runs in developer mode

Varnish version 4.1.11

Varnish successfully installed on Apache 2.4

I put VARNISH_LISTEN_PORT = 80 in / etc / sysconfig / varnish

With ready-to-use settings in /etc/varnish/default.vcl, Varnish runs on (I see the X-Varnish header when pinging with CURL), except on my real estate and therefore my store. The https version of my store is the default version (of course).

When I probed with

curl -I http://example.com 

Surprisingly, Varnish's headers showed. So now, I have gone from the front and I have disabled "Update unsecured queries" from the Magento administrator. However, the http versions of my store pages did not load at all.

Configuration file exported from the Magento administrator for Varnish 4. Replaced Varnish default.vcl by the exported file.
Now, Varnish also does not work for (nor for my current domain name, nor with http or https)

I know the relative path "/ pub" added to the default.vcl problem exported by Magento. I removed the / pub and this did not solve my problem. I've completely removed the health check from the probe = {} and still no X-Varnish header (nor the X-Magento-Cache-Debug header).

grep -iw listen /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf

Apache is listening to and

grep VARNISH_LISTEN_PORT / etc / sysconfig / varnish


There seems to be a lot of information on the configuration of Varnish with Magento and I read a lot, I spent the last two days about it and I ran into a wall.

What do I forget here? What do not I understand?

Can anyone share his experience with detailed steps to successfully configure Varnish 4.x with Magento 2.2.x?

How did you configure Varnish (4.1) with Magento 2.2.x successfully?

I appreciate your response time. Thank you!

Here is the latest version of default.vcl that I have tried (the best until now, same effect that does not work):

                vcl 4.0;

import std;
# The minimal version of Varnish is 4.0
# For SSL offload, pass the following header on your proxy server or load balancer: X-Forwarded-Proto: https & # 39;

backend default {
.host = "";
.port = "8080";

acl purge {

under vcl_recv {
if (req.method == "PURGE") {
if (client.ip! ~ purge) {
return (synth (405, "Unauthorized method"));
if (! req.http.X-Magento-Tags-Pattern) {
return (synth (400, "X-Magento-Tags-Pattern-Required Header"));
ban ("obj.http.X-Magento-Tags ~" + req.http.X-Magento-Tags-Pattern);
return (synth (200, "Purged"));

if (req.method! = "GET" &&
req.method! = "HEAD" &&
req.method! = "PUT" &&
req.method! = "POST" &&
req.method! = "TRACE" &&
req.method! = "OPTIONS" &&
req.method! = "DELETE") {
/ * No-RFC2616 or CONNECT which is weird. * /
return (pipe);

# We only deal with GET and HEAD by default
if (req.method! = "GET" && req.method! = "HEAD") {
return (pass);

# Bypass shopping cart, orders and search requests
if (req.url ~ "/ checkout" || req.url ~ "/ catalogsearch") {
return (pass);

# normalize url in case of schema and main HTTP domain
set req.url = regsub (req.url, "^ http[s]?: // "," ");

# collect all cookies
std.collect (req.http.ookie);

# Compression filter. See https://www.varnish-cache.org/trac/wiki/FAQ/Compression
if (req.http.Accept-Encoding) {
if (req.url ~ ". (jpg | jpeg | png | gif | gz | tgz | bz2 | tbz | mp3 | ogg | swf | flv) $") {
# No need to compress them
unset req.http.Accept-Encoding;
} elsif (req.http.Accept-Encoding ~ "gzip") {
set req.http.Accept-Encoding = "gzip";
} elsif (req.http.Accept-Encoding ~ "deflate" && req.http.user-agent! ~ "MSIE") {
set req.http.Accept-Encoding = "deflate";
} other {
# unknown algorithm
unset req.http.Accept-Encoding;

# Remove Google gclid settings to minimize cache objects
set req.url = regsuball (req.url, "? gclid =[^&]+ $ "," "); # bands when QS ="? gclid = AAA "
set req.url = regsuball (req.url, "? gclid =[^&]+ & ","? "# bands when QS ="? gclid = AAA & foo = bar "
set req.url = regsuball (req.url, "& gclid =[^&]+ "," "# stripping QS ="? foo = bar & gclid = AAA "or QS ="? foo = bar & gclid = AAA & bar = baz "

# Static files are always cacheable. remove the SSL flag and the cookie
if (req.url ~ "^ / (pub /)? (media | static) /.* . (ico | css | jpg | jpeg | png | gif | tiff | bmp | mp3 | ogg | svg | swf | woff | woff2 | eot | ttf | otf) $ ") {
unset req.http.Https;
unset req.http.X-Forwarded-Proto;
unset req.http.Cookie;

return (hash);

under vcl_hash {
if (req.http.cookie ~ "X-Magento-Vary =") {
hash_data (regsub (req.http.cookie, "^. *? X-Magento-Vary = ([^;]+); *. * $ ","  1 "));

# For multi-site configurations to not cache content from one another
if (req.http.host) {
hash_data (req.http.host)
} other {
hash_data (server.ip);

# To ensure that HTTP users do not see SSL warnings
if (req.http.X-Forwarded-Proto) {
hash_data (req.http.X-Forwarded-Proto);
/ * {{design_exceptions_code}} * /

under vcl_backend_response {
if (beresp.http.content-type ~ "text") {
set beresp.do_esi = true;

if (bereq.url ~ " .js $" || beresp.http.content-type ~ "text") {
set beresp.do_gzip = true;

# only cache responses and 404 successfully
if (beresp.status! = 200 && beresp.status! = 404) {
set beresp.ttl = 0s;
set beresp.uncacheable = true;
return (deliver);
} elsif (beresp.http.Cache-Control ~ "private") {
set beresp.uncacheable = true;
set beresp.ttl = 86400s;
return (deliver);

if (beresp.http.X-Magento-Debug) {
define beresp.http.X-Magento-Cache-Control = beresp.http.Cache-Control;

# validate if we need to cache it and prevent the installation of cookies
# images, css and js can be cached by default, so we must also delete cookies
if (beresp.ttl> 0s && (bereq.method == "GET" || bereq.method == "HEAD")) {
beresp.http.set-cookie undefined;
bereq.url! ~ ". (ico | css | js | jpg | jpeg | png | gif | tiff | bmp | gz | tgz | bz2 | tbz | mp3 | ogg | svg | swf | woff | woff2 | eoff | ttf | otf) ( ? | $) ") {
set beresp.http.Pragma = "no-cache";
set beresp.http.Expires = "-1";
set beresp.http.Cache-Control = "no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate, max-age = 0";
set beresp.grace = 1m;

# If the page can not be cached, ignore Varnish for 2 minutes as a Hit-For-Pass.
if (beresp.ttl <= 0s ||
beresp.http.Surrogate-control ~ "no-store" ||
(! beresp.http.Surrogate-Control && beresp.http.Vary == "*")) {
# Mark as Hit-For-Pass for the next 2 minutes
set beresp.ttl = 120s;
set beresp.uncacheable = true;
return (deliver);

under vcl_deliver {
if (resp.http.X-Magento-Debug) {
if (resp.http.x-varnish ~ "") {
set resp.http.X-Magento-Cache-Debug = "HIT";
} other {
set resp.http.X-Magento-Cache-Debug = "MISS"
} other {
unset resp.http.Age;

unset resp.http.X-Magento-Debug;
unset resp.http.X-Magento-Tags;
unset resp.http.X-Powered-By;
unset resp.http.Server;
unset resp.http.X-Varnish;
unset resp.http.Via;
unset resp.http.Link;

[GET][NULLED] – Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin 4.1


[GET][NULLED] – Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin 4.1

4.1 Jelly Bean – Difference between / mnt / sdcard and / sdcard

I am at the beginning of the study of the Android kernel and I look at all directories of Android root.

I realized that the same directories were in these two: / mnt / sdcard and /SD card. What is the difference between them?

(The directories I found were:

Alarms, Android, Audio, Books, DCIM, Download, Images, LOST.DIR, Movies, Music, Notifications, Photos, Podcasts, Ringtones, Video)

I use Android 4.1.2.

Upgrading mac pro 4.1 to 5.1 does not work (it restarts normally)

In my quest to update my mac pro 2009 (4.1), I ran into an obstacle because the latest OS on which I can run version 4.1 is 10.11.

Now; I have found a method to flash the machine so that it becomes a 5.1; which allows me to install until Mojave I believe. The problem is that after following the instructions, the machine will not update. That's what I did

  • mount the firmware update DMG and launch the application, it creates a virtual disk on the desktop
  • Once done, he asks me to shut down the computer and restart it.
  • I restart according to the instructions; by holding down the button until the light flashes and the device beeps, but it is only starting the current operating system and no update is made. done

I've checked the following

  • my mac 4.1 has the latest firmware officially available at Apple
  • I have the original GT120 that accompanies it, in the lower slot (not the 16x, because this card is worn); In addition, the only other devices connected, next to the mouse and keyboard, are two additional hard drives.

Until here, after reading forums and tons of huge messages, I have not found any way to solve my problem. I therefore hope that everyone here has the experience of the procedure and that he can direct me to the right solution. Once this is done, my second step will be to choose High Sierra or Mojave, then try to install Windows via bootcamp, but one step at a time.

Japan – Where is this waterfront with a big wheel in Yokohama, in episode 41 of "Terrace House: Boys and Girls in the City"?

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To learn more, read our tips for writing good answers.

uk – 41 working days no decision taken by UKVI for the visit visa

I had my biometrics on October 24, 2018 from New York,
My wife and my wife in Nigeria had theirs on November 1st.
they both obtained their visas on 13 November and have since received their visas.

I've applied in the hope of spending Christmas with them, whether in the UK or Nigeria.
From October 24 that I sent it in the mail, no decision has yet been taken, I took 2 weeks off work from December 21 to January 5, which starts tomorrow .

I contacted them after 15 business days, but moved them to another 15-day queue at the end of this long wait.

I received an e-mail informing me that they were going to prioritize it now and that they should make a decision in 5-7 business days. today, there are 10 working days left.

I am seriously thinking of asking for my passport to be able to at least travel to Nigeria, but I learned that I could wait another 15 working days before returning it, unless I speed up the cancellation, that is to say pay excess fees.

Pay telephone or e-mail agents can only tell you the status. No matter what suggestion about the other options I have not explored, is there an accessible desk, how long does it take to return a passport without paying for my passport?

Today, it is 41 business days for a visa to visit from the moment I posted my passport and my passport is blocked and I can not even leave the United States.

Is Windows 10 32-bit suitable for iMac 4.1 under Bootcamp?

I have an iMac 4.1, 2 GB RAM and Bootcamp installed.
Is Windows 10 Home Premium 32-bit suitable for this machine? Or is it too heavy, better install Windows 7 Home Basic 32 bit?

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