My main goal is to distribute the highest level of customer satisfaction. for $ 5

My main goal is: Distribute the highest level of customer satisfaction.

I assure you of 100% quality work. I can provide accurate and timely deliveries, as well as any type of typing and copy-and-paste data, PDF conversions. I want to create clients who can regularly trust me and need expertise in managing their time. Acquire and learn new skills that will benefit my client projects.


[WTS] UK and US Reseller SSD VPS starting at $ 5.5 per month | Linux and Windows RDP


Veeble offers versatile web services, including virtual private servers, dedicated servers, remote desktop solutions, and web hosting. In addition, we are building a narrower and more reliable Web with complementary services to the fastest technology. We offer affordable 24×7 managed services that promise trouble-free hosting.

Presentation VPS Reseller, the ultimate VPS package for you.

»Create and delete VPS at any time
You can deploy Linux and Windows VPS at any time from the Control Panel using the available resources. You can also delete the SMV without hassle.

»Assign VPS to users you create
You can create user accounts and assign the deployed VPS to these accounts. Users can connect and manage the VPS via a separate control panel.

»Control panel with white label
You will be able to provide a control panel with a white label to your users. All you need is a domain name and we will help you with the blank configuration.

»Linux and Windows operating systems
You can deploy VPS with the Linux and Windows operating systems readily available in the Control Panel. There are no separate license fees for Windows operating systems.

»Free connectivity at 1 Gbps
You can benefit from a free 1 Gbps bandwidth on all deployed VPS.

»Multiple locations
Create VPS in the United Kingdom and the United States.

VPS Reseller Packages

»Number of VPS: 4 and more
Total number of processor cores: 8 and over
»Total RAM: 4 GB and more
»Total disk: 40 GB and more
»Number of IPs: 4 and over
Total bandwidth: 4TB and more per month in a 1Gbps port
»US & UK Locations

Starting at only $ 25/month

Set up and order now

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Regular VPS packages

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Xen VPS –
Windows RDP VPS –
Managed VPS –

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We accept the following payment methods

Pay Pal
All major international credit cards
Perfect money
Advanced cash
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple
All Indian credit and debit cards and Netbanking
Electronic Payment Portfolio
Local bank transfer to United States, United Kingdom and Germany
Bank transfer / fast

Learn more about payment methods here –

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Our support

We work tirelessly to ensure world-class support and a great customer experience.
You can contact us via

Email / tickets (24×7)
Live Chat (24×7)

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More than 10,000 targeted website traffic in the United States from Google for $ 5

More than 10,000 targeted website traffic in the United States from Google

More than 10,000 targeted website traffic in the United States from Google for $ 5

I will send 70,000 + 10,000 actual and distinctive guests to your website for $ 5
– Key options of this service:


100% distinctive guests from Google, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
Start between 12 and 24 hours
Fill out a money back guarantee
Boost your search engine ranking chase link will be provided
Keyword targeted traffic
Google AdSense Safe
Penguin and Panda Secure Traffic
World Traffic
Check out extras for country targeting

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Inconsistent exposures with my Neewer Vision 5 strobe with Nikon d7100

I was doing a children 's photo shoot and I was taking great pictures with my Nikon D7100 with a Neewer Vision 5 ttl strobe flash. Then suddenly, I could not get proper exposure! Occasionally, shooting is normal, but most of the shots are underexposed, as if the sync was off … All camera settings and exposure were identical between shots, and everything was fully charged, and I waited for it completely. Light the strobe between shots.

I can not for life to understand what was happening! The flash sync speed has been set to 1/250.

Maybe it's not enough information to give clues … but does anyone have an idea of ​​what's going on !?

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