mavericks – Force Intel HD Graphics 5000 to produce 4K

I have a MacBook Air running with Mojave at the end of 2013 and connected to a 4K monitor:

                Intel HD Graphics 5000:

Chipset Model: Intel HD Graphics 5000
Type: GPU
Bus: Integrated
VRAM (dynamic, maxi): 1536 MB
Seller: Intel
Device ID: 0x0a26
Revision ID: 0x0009
Metal: Support, macOS GPUFamily1 v4 feature set
LG Ultra HD:
Resolution: 2560 x 1440 (QHD / WQHD - Quad Wide High Definition)
User interface: 2560 x 1440 @ 59 Hz
Depth of framebuffer: 24-bit color (ARGB8888)
Main display: yes
Mirror: Off
Online: yes
Rotation: Support
Automatically adjust brightness: No
Connection type: DisplayPort

I have read many times that this chipset is capable of generating 4K, but macOS prevents it.

Is it possible to force Mac OS X to produce 4K?

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The maximum width and height for the downloaded image are 5000

I just updated magento to version and I am now unable to add images. "The maximum width and height for a downloaded image is 5000" on the image page. I tried to change the number 5000 to 50 and 50000 but did not change anything

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Networking – How does a browser find the destination of a general address such as http: // diskstation: 5000?

When setting up Synology NAS, I'm just curious about how it works.

The NAS can be accessed by another computer in the network with the address
"http: // diskstation: 5000" or "".

I do not know how it works …

I realized that the NAS can get an arbitrary IP address using DHCP (this can be false too), but … how can this be accessed with "http: // diskstation: 5000"? …

Can someone help me understand what's going on?

Thanks in advance.

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