We will shoutout and promote music on our 50k instagram music page for $5

We will shoutout and promote music on our 50k instagram music page

@Verified_Muzik organization is seeking to help small musicians to reach their dream by featuring and reposting their musical talents on the Instagram page which is boosting the small artists to go viral and be on the explorer page on Instagram and gain more followers and fans!

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architecture – Is it a bad design to have 50K links on a single RabbitMQ queue?

We are designing a new feature in our system where consumers (consumer == internal application) should receive messages about changes to articles that interest them.
From the statistics we have collected, we see that the maximum number of items that a single consumer can interest is 50,000 (on average it would be around 15,000) .
Initial tests show that it works well and RabbitMQ manages it, but when we delete such a queue (if for example we reduce the system and close one of the instances), it takes a few minutes to be deleted and RabbitMQ the management portal no longer responds.

Does it make sense to have so many fixings or is it a bad design?

  • We will have about 50 consumer instances, each with its own queue which is not persistent and should be deleted automatically when the consumer stops

Hitleap with 50K + minutes to increase traffic for $ 5

Hitleap with 50K + minutes to increase traffic

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Hello. Sale of Amazon Aws SES accounts.
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Would you like to go through a rigorous background check for a 50k local police job?

Not today, no. We are trying a lot to recruit young police officers.
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They can no longer recruit people as before, it's the bad name that the Liberals gave them !!


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Is VPS good for a blog about 50K UV traffic with about 200 concurrent users occasionally?

I am looking at Hostgator's VPS configuration below for my blog. Can someone let me know how good it is for a WordPress-based culinary blog that receives 50k UV per month and occasionally hits ~ 200 concurrent users for 1-2 hours two to two weeks in which a new recipe is put online. Each webpage is about 4 to 5 MB each.


  • 2 Core processors
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 20 GB SSD disk space
  • 1 TB bandwidth
  • Plesk sign
  • Linux KVM VPS based hypervisor technology
  • Virtualization based on the hypervisor
  • Free dedicated IP
  • 45-day money back guarantee
  • Price: 6000 per year

Is it adequate or excessive for my blog?

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