how to separate the images of the paragraphs when importing into our drupal site 7 [on hold]

I want to import data into my custom content type and retrieve images attached to a paragraph field when importing data into a different field than my content type. how to do this? pls help me.

feeds – what is the ideal module to import data on our drupal 7 site

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Drupal 7: Launch the Media Browser with the File Webform Component

I have web forms that only authenticated users can fill in and send. I would like the file component to launch the multimedia browser instead of just searching for a file and downloading it. I spent many hours trying to solve a response with Google. The best I've found is to use the HTML text box with a custom WYSIWYG profile containing only the Media Browser button. It works but remains a text field, which means you can enter it. I can do it this way, but it would be so much better if it worked like the Image field type and Media Browser was running on the browser. Click on.

I can use a module that changes the way the file module is managed, if that's how well Webform handles file downloads.

Submission problem with Contact Form plug-in 7 – No mail redirection / URL

I'm trying to integrate CF7 into a site, as I have already done many times before. For some reason, instead of sending an email, the form refreshes the page with a new URL that begins as follows:

[page url]? _wpcf7 = 7 & _wpcf7_version = 5.1.3 & _wpcf7_locale = en_US & _wpcf7_unit_tag =

and continue to include the information that has been entered. This reloads an empty form, but there is no success / error alert and no message is sent.

The problem can be replicated here:

I've tested for plugin conflicts and even with everything that is disabled outside of CF7, the problem persists. The browser inspector shows no problem with loading JS either.

So the problem must be related to the theme I wrote, but I tried to look for this error to be able to solve the problem and I did not find anything that explains what is happening to correct it.

Does anyone know what the problem is?

I'm using CF7 via a custom field (ACF), for which I've added the following code to functions.php:

add_filter (& # 39; the_excerpt & # 39 ;, shortcode_unautop & # 39;);
add_filter (& # 39; the_excerpt & # 39; do_shortcode & # 39;);

and that I call as follows:

I've also tested this by using the shortcode directly in the_content. I do not think that causes the problem – the form appears on the page anyway.

If anyone could help me identify the cause of the problem, I would be grateful for it.

Microsoft Patches Windows 2003, XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2

Windows 8 and Windows 10 are not affected.

PHP 7 – How to update PHP 7 to Slackware 14.2

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7 – Change the column class of the view grid according to the number of elements on a specific field

I have a grid listing a type of content that allows the user to add up to 3 videos using a specific field. What I want is to change the configuration of the grid, if it has 1 video, I want to use the class col-md-6 if he has more than one video, I want to use the class col-md-12 to integrate the videos. My grid layout goal is like this

| |
| ¯¯ | ¯¯ |
| __ | __ |

I was able to do this by analyzing the generated HTML code, looking for a specific class existence, which is of course a terrible implementation, like this:


<div id = "views-bootstrap-grid-"class ="">
$ column):?> <div class = "">
$ count):?> <div class = "clearfix visible--bloc ">
<div class = "">