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The broker offers forex, CFD and Bitcoin trading with leverage up to 1: 2000, a 35% welcome bonus and MT5 support.
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AAFX is an excellent commercial broker – Discussions & Help

The FXLinked global trading account contains all the requirements of a trader, with ultra-low spreads reaching 0.0 with no commission, no sliding, no no-listing policy and 99% speed. The global account is intended for Forex, Equities, CFDs, Indices, Metals and Energies Trading, with the ability to exchange all instruments whose reference currency is EUR, USD or GBP and whose leverage reaches 1 : 400 on more than 200 instruments and negotiates on several devices. I can cover my positions, but fully covered accounts are not immune to Stop Out. If my account holdings reach a zero or lower level for any reason (such as generalized to new, exchange deduction or maintenance expense deduction), my open positions will automatically be closed. Then I can say that my broker is excellent.

Now I'm using AAFX – Discussions & Help

Now I use an AAFX-regulated trading broker, which always guarantees the security of funds in any deposit with a wide range of trading technologies. And this ECN trading broker does not restrict any kind of trading techniques with scalping and hedging. So, my commercial life is very comfortable and profitable.

AAFX is a standard ECN broker – Discussions & Help

With the best broker running STP named Forex4you, I negotiate to earn a good amount of money. I chose this STP broker as they are the best and provide the best services for all types of traders. They give me the lowest trading spread from 0 pips, 1: 1000 leverage, low trading costs, low commission, no hidden fees, multiple sources of revenue for an account, a intelligent bridge technology, a wide range of deposit bonuses, etc.

Now I am with Aafx who is a real

Now, I am at AAFX, which is a real ECN trading platform and guarantees at all times the security of the funds, a superior execution for a comfortable trading, lower trading spreads for the use of trading techniques, a cost low transaction, easy withdrawal system without long processing time, active customer services and much more, which are very useful for leading a comfortable trading life with course, and do not limit any kind of scalping trading techniques and cover.

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I am an AAFX dealer who offers more than 60 pairs. Traders can take advantage of ECN accounts here with the lowest transaction cost and the lowest spread level. They will have no restrictions on pending orders and will be able to easily trade with their platform. As a climber, I still enjoy my broker thanks to its intelligent bridge technology that is more suitable for scalpers and those who like to cover themselves on the market.

AAFX is a licensed broker – Discussions & Help

AAFX is an authorized broker and licensed by Financial Services and Commissions called the E-Global Trade and Finance Group. This broker has been operating successfully in this sector for over 10 years. They have a good reputation and get many rewards for their customer service. I select this award-winning broker to successfully complete transactions and create a bright future in the currency sector. They are very trustworthy and I am very satisfied with their customer service.

Aafx is an extraordinary broker and therefore offers many ways to make a profit

AAFX is an extraordinary broker and therefore offers several ways to earn money even if traders do not have trading knowledge or good skills. I have been trading with this broker for a long time and I am making good profits on the foreign exchange market since my broker provides me with the AAFX copy exchange system. With this AAFX copy exchange service, I have the opportunity to follow the activities of the experienced trader. Now, as a result of their activities, I behave too.

Aafx is the best broker of all the brokers I've used up to now

AAFX is the best broker among all the brokers I've used so far. It provides a highly protected environment, which eliminates all possible technical risks and also offers the incredible trading conditions that no other broker offers you. Traders can apply any trading strategy, such as scalping, hedging, trading information on this platform. I earn a lot of money with their support.

As a newcomer, I feel good with AAFX, ECN's authentic run-time trading phase – Discussions & Help

As a newcomer, I feel good with AAFX which is the authentic ECN execution trading phase and guarantees at all times asset security, a predominant run for trading, minimal trading spreads, low transaction costs, a simple withdrawal framework with no long process, dynamic client departments and substantially more authentic commercial offices that are extremely firm to lead a happy with the existence of the trade with absolutely.