How to abort the USSD download to my cell phone or at least what is needed so I can use my cell phone. even to call 911 if needed?

How to abort the USSD download to my cell phone or at least what is needed so I can use my cell phone. even to call 911 if needed?

Abort A Program for Imaginary Values

Abort A Program for Imaginary Values – Mathematica Stack Exchange

iphone – How do I abort “add a call” on iOS 13?

The scenario is I’m in the middle of a phone call, apparently my face brushed the button for “add a call”. I’m still in my call, looking at that “Add a call / Contacts” menu.

I need to get back to the menus that let me switch between keypad and speakerphone controls. There is no exit/X/back out button on this screen. The only screen features are “Groups” and “+” (to add a contact) then it’s a list of my contacts. Dragging down from the top does nothing. Going home and selecting phone app again simply brings me back here.

If I navigate the buttons on the bottom, I can get to a “Keypad”, but this keypad does not have the button to let me switch to the menu with “speakerphone on/off”. Further, typing in this keypad Does NOT generate DTMF touch-tones to the recipient, and so it cannot control navigational menus.

How do I abort an “Add a call”?

android 11 – Battery drain while doze, CPU abort wakeups

I’m running Android 11, in a Moto G30.

I’ve noticed battery drains from 100% to 80% from 1am to 9am when I wake up. I decided to get a using ADB and load it in Battery Historian.

Seems like at some point in the night, JobScheduler runs and finishes in a minute, but CPU stays on forever (even on full doze state). Reasons seem to be several Abort:Pending Wakeup Sources related to networking. At these point, battery discharge rate is ~2.5% per hour, whereas “normal” screen-off / doze rate is ~1.5%.

These are some screenshots, and here’s the

enter image description here

Here’s the CPU wakeup sources list,
enter image description here

And here’s a previous time when JobScheduler runs and CPU behaved well,

enter image description here

Abort a function if it doesn’t finish executing by n seconds in Python Flask

I’m building an API with the Flask library in Python. In my API, I try to call a function that may take a while to finish executing. Sometimes it finishes in less than a second, and sometimes it takes a few minutes. How do I kill it if it takes more than 12 seconds without actually sleeping for 12 seconds in my program?

from flask import Flask
from multiprocessing import Process

app = Flask(__name__)

def evaluate(to_eval):
 # ... (might take a while)
 evaluated = <evaluated>
 return evaluated

def api():
 # ...
 to_eval = <some_value>
 process = Process(target=evaluate, args=(to_eval,))
 evaluated = None
 status = 'success'
 if process.is_alive():
  status = 'timeout'
 return {'evaluated': evaluated, 'status': status}

I tried the above, but it sleeps for 12 seconds even if the function finishes executing in less than a second. I want the response to be returned if the function finishes executing by 12 seconds. If it doesn’t, the code should return a response with an error message saying “Timeout” or something like that.

Can someone please help?

Getting different results with `Abort` run in the documentation window vs a notebook (probably newlines)

I’m getting different results with respect to Abort when performed in a reference documentation notebook vs a new notebook. I am pretty confident it’s to do with the newlines I introduced in my new notebook, because it all works fine when I collapse it back onto one line.

In(12):= ClearAll(a); ClearAll(b);

In(13):= Print(a);

During evaluation of In(13):= a

Out(14)= $Aborted

During evaluation of In(13):= hi

But in the documentation window for “tutorial/InterruptsAndAborts”, the first evaluable cell:

In(3):= Print(a); Abort(); Print(b)

During evaluation of In(3):= a

Out(3)= $Aborted

I’ve checked Hold(<that>) // FullForm // CopyToClipboard and they are not identical, though they do display identically: in my notebook, it’s a TagBox monstrosity:

RowBox({"Hold", "(", 
RowBox({"CompoundExpression", "(", 
RowBox({"Print", "(", "a", ")"}), ",", 
RowBox({"Abort", "(", ")"}), ",", 
RowBox({"Print", "(", "b", ")"})}), ")"}), ")"}),

Whereas in the documentation window it’s precisely:

Hold(Print(a); Abort(); Print(b))

Question: why are newlines causing different behaviour with respect to Abort here? I am strongly inclined to call this a bug, because the FullForm of the expression with newlines displays identically to the FullForm of the expression without newlines; it’s only when you attempt to copy the held output (e.g. with CopyToClipboard) that you discover they’re different.

My version:

In(12):= $Version
Out(12)= "12.0.0 for Mac OS X x86 (64-bit) (April 7, 2019)"

(This odd behaviour discovered while trying to answer Stop a script. Just stop it .)

notebooks – Is this a bug: If I use NotebookEvaluate, then I can’t abort a While loop

I have a notebook Main.nb. This notebook contains a While(...) loop that takes about twelve hours to run. I have a second notebook called DataPreparation.nb. As the name suggests, the contents of DataPreparation.nb should be evaluated before the While(...) loop mentioned above.

Scenario 1 (with no bug):

  1. From DataPreparation.nb notebook, Select All and Evaluate.
  2. Switch to Main.nb notebook and start evaluation of While() loop.
  3. If I need to abort the twelve hour While() loop, I use Alt+. and it promptly
    stops. Good.

Scenario 2 (with the bug)

  1. From Main.nb, I invoke this command:NotebookEvaluate("DataPreparation.nb", InsertResults -> False).
  2. Start evaluation of While() loop.
  3. If I need to abort the twelve hour While() loop, I use Alt+. The abort command is ignored.
  4. To abort the twelve hour process, I must quit Kernel. I lose my work.

It appears that after I have used NotebookEvaluate, Mathematica loses track of where the abort command should be directed. I know that is an imprecise description of the problem, but it is the best I can do.

ps. This question is different from the question here. The difference is that the loop which can not be aborted is not contained in EvaluateNotebook("DataPreparation.nb"). In other words, calling an outside notebook anywhere in Main.nb creates the problem.

distributed systems – In some circumstances, the choice of transactions to abort may be obvious

In some circumstances, the choice of transactions to abort may be obvious. However, in other situations, the choice may not be so clear. In such cases, we would want to abort the transactions that incur the minimum costs. What kind of considerations will be taken?

Possible to abort bitcoind during blockchain download?

I just installed bitcoin core through brew on my mac.
The blockchain is now downloading but it’s slowing down, so I would like to restart it.
Can I abort the process and restart it and will it pick up from the last block?
Or will it start from scratch again?

Matriz em linguagem C, erro zsh: abort

Estou tentando criar uma matriz para ler o nome de 5 alunos.

    #include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

int main(void){
    //Programa para calcular a média das notas de 5 alunos, sendo que cada aluno possui 3 notas.
   char nomes(5)(30);
   float notas(5)(4);
   float media(5);
   int cont1, cont2;

   //Leitura dos nomes e das notas de cada aluno.
   for(cont1 = 0;cont1 < 5; cont1++){
      scanf("%s", &nomes(cont1)(30));

   //Imprimindo os nomes para testar
   for(cont2 = 0;cont2 < 5; cont2++){
      setbuf(stdin, 0);
      printf("n%s", nomes(cont2));


O código está funcionando para ler os 5 nomes, porém na hora de exibir os nomes, ele exibe apenas 3 nomes e apresenta o erro: zsh: abort, logo após terminar de exibir os 3 nomes no terminal, o que pode estar acontecendo?

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