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magento2 – Filter the attributes compared to the accepted products from configurable in Magento 2

I have a product list page with just configurable products, all configurable products have listed all of its associated products. Filter the navigation search attributes from configurable products, but I want to search for filter attributes with all of the configurable items listed with its simple items.

For example, I have 8 configurable items in the product list page and each item shows all of its associated products in a table with its attributes, so if the color attribute is present in the 8 configurable items and in some of its associated products, then in layered navigation color should not display its number at 8, it must display all the numbers present in the list page in configurable and associated products. Below the link to the screenshot for more understanding.

without context – Algorithm to generate entries with certain properties, but not accepted by a given regular language

For your specific question, you are requesting to generate a string in $ bar {L} cap P $. Note that since $ L $ is regular, $ bar {L} $; and note that $ P $ is without context. It is known that the intersection of regular and contextless language is contextless. So you're wondering: given a contextless language, how do you generate a word in that language? It is simple.

Concretely: you could represent $ L $ as a DFA, then take the supplement to get a DFA for $ bar {L} $. You could represent $ P $ like a grammar without context. Then, using a product construct, you can get a context-free grammar for $ bar {L} cap P $, delete all non-productive non-terminals, then generate a random derivation in the grammar (or, if you want to become more fanciful, you can search for the shortest word in the grammar using an algorithm simple).

Product construction works by replacing each non-terminal $ T $ of $ P $ with non-terminal forms $ {} _ sT_t $, which means that $ L ({} _ sT_t) $ is the set of all words $ w in L (T) $ so that if you start the DFA in the state $ s $ then feed $ w $, it ends in state $ t $. You can understand how to change all the rules of grammar, for example, $ T to UV $ becomes the rule collection $ {} _ sT_u à {} _sU_t {} _tV_u $ for all states $ s, t, u $.

You can find the shortest word in a grammar without context by a simple iterative algorithm. For each grammar symbol $ T $, let $ ell (T) $ denotes the length of the shortest word generated by $ T $, that is to say the shortest word $ L (T) $; we suppose $ ell (a) = $ 1 for all terminals. As an indication, if $ alpha = alpha_1 cdots alpha_k $ is a chain of terminals and non-terminals, defined $ ell ( alpha) = ell ( alpha_1) + dots + ell ( alpha_k) $. Initially define $ ell (T): = infty $ for all non-terminals $ T $ and treat all rules as unmarked. Then repeat the following. Choose an unmarked rule $ A to alpha $ or $ ell ( alpha) < infty $, together $ ell (A): = min ( ell (A), ell ( alpha)) $and mark this rule. Repeat until convergence. After that, $ L (S) $ tells you the length of the shortest word produced by the grammar, if $ S $ is the starting symbol for grammar. You can increase the algorithm to track the word itself as well as its length, then you will be able to get the shortest word out of the grammar.

This can be handy for your application, as it gives you the shortest counterexample: the shortest string which has balanced parentheses but is not accepted by your regular expression.

Submit Your Movies / TV Links (All Guests Accepted) | NewProxyLists

Hello uploaders,

We invite downloaders to submit links from their movies / TV series to our website.

Please send us your sample links to upgrade your account to a linker account.

We have movies and TV shows from all over the world (Holly, bolly, lolly, French, Latin, German, Turkish, English). You can submit links in multiple languages.

Thank you

Length of channels accepted by DFA

Problem: given a DFA $ D $, search for all possible lengths of strings accepted by the $ D $.

It is logical that these lengths can be represented as $ a_i + kb_i $. What could be the algorithm for finding all these pairs $ (a_i, b_i) $?

The DateTime input parameter is passed with the DD / MM / YYYY standard not accepted in the C # web service with .Net core 2.0

I have created a C # webservice which has the following input method:

protected override async Task ReadProductsAsync(string Key, DateTime startDate, DateTime endDate)

When I call a web service via a factor passing the dateTime parameters in MM / DD / YYYY format, it works. So when I run using YYYY-MM-DD.

But when I call the webservice passing the date in DD-MM-YYYY format. It gives the following error below:

"code": "6",
"message": "The query date range provided is not valid.",
"details": ()

I need a web service to accept the DD-MM-YYYY standard, could someone help me?

5th dnd – Can a necromancer liven up a creature with a sensitivity that has accepted before death to be animated?

The title says it somehow but I'll explain it better:
If a necromancer had to make an agreement with 4 people before a fight, the necromancer could animate them if they died and during the fight, then those same 4 people had to die, would these 4 people be resuscitated more friendly than most skeletons / zombies or would they just have regular aggression?

France – Are credit cards accepted in the Christmas markets of Strasbourg?

We plan to visit "The Christmas Capital" (Strasbourg, France) and its famous Christmas markets in the beautifully illuminated streets with delicious aromas and holiday atmosphere.

Will we be able to pay by credit card when shopping at Strasbourg Christmas markets, or cash in EUR is our only reliable option?

Is American Express widely accepted in Hong Kong?

Planning a 5-day visit to Hong Kong, Disney Land being the main destination. I have an American Express card that I rarely use, and I would like to abuse it during this trip.

Is American Express widely accepted in Hong Kong?

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