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access checklist – oracle apex DBA_NETWORK_ACL_PRIVILEGES

I am facing a problem when I create a web source module as shown below

The endpoint URL could not be invoked.

An error occurred while calling the url.

ORA-24247: network access denied by the access control list (ACL)
either I have already completed the steps of ACL


1 /sys/acls/http_permissions.xml 09A49A873E6F4D3296A277266F626D8F


1 /sys/acls/http_permissions.xml 09A49A873E6F4D3296A277266F626D8F APIS connect true true false
2 /sys/acls/http_permissions.xml 09A49A873E6F4D3296A277266F626D8F APIS resolve true false

please advice if a buddy knows how to access i jason data from an external site

web browser – how does required authentication differ from denied access

I was trying a bug bounty challenge and I was given a vulnerable URL that needs a password to access it.

  • Case 1: When I try to do a SQL injection in the username and password, I get a page: access denied "Username not found"
  • Case-2: If I continue to enter random normal usernames and passwords, I get the "Enter Username and Password" dialog, and after so many
    tests, I get the page that says: WWW authentication required!

How are the two scenarios different?

East Case 1 different from Case 2 in terms of vulnerabilities?

enter description of image here

sharepoint site owner: access denied

I was modifying the permissions of my SharePoint site and I accidentally checked my email to see that.

I am receiving authorization requests but I am looped back to Access denied. I am the sole author and editor of the SharePoint site.

How do I restore my full control?

permissions – Remove / Revoke LinkedIn access to my gmail contacts

LinkedIn had access to my Gmail contacts.
I usually pay attention to these issues, but I guess it was I who, at one point, granted them access in error by LinkedIn.

It’s already done.
Now I have two questions:

  1. Is there a way to tell LinkedIn to "forget" the information it got from this event (all at once, without going through the contacts one by one)?
    Note that, if I have established a LinkedIn connection after transferring gmail -> LinkedIn, I want to keep it. But I want LinkedIn to forget the rest of the information.
    Official information from LinkedIn is unclear about this.

  2. Is there a way to check if my permission includes periodic access to my Gmail contacts?
    The tooltip displayed when hovering over the phone icon in the image below suggests to me that this is the case.
    If so, is there a way to revoke this authorization?

enter description of image here

categories – How can you access category information from a topic?

I create a wordpress site to host my illustrations and comics, each series of comics is in its own category, so I would like to display the category information in the site via my theme / plugin that I create.

There are three things I would like to do:

  • Display the category title, description and a URL to its archive using its category ID.
  • Get the identifiers of the oldest and most recent article in this category so that I can add links to "Start Reading" and "Read Last"
  • Sort an array of Category IDs by date of the last post, so the last updated series can automatically float to the top of the list.

Is it possible to do this?

node js – Is there a user and access control library for the MERN stack?

I'm currently learning the MERN stack, having previously worked mainly in Django. However, I find myself recoding the same things over and over again manually and I am not entirely satisfied with the end product, like programming a user database, roles and permissions. In Django, everything is done automatically, which I loved. Is there a library that I can just install in NodeJS that acts more or less the same way? Should this be managed on the backend in NodeJS or Express, or on the frontend with React? What are the best practices for this?

The library should be able to do the following:
create and modify users
assign roles to users
assign permissions to roles

SQL Server – How to export MS SQL DB from Docker-Linux to Access format

I have an MS SQL database which is currently operational on my Mac in a Docker container which hosts the Ubuntu Linux version of MS SQL Server. I need to export the database in a format that can be imported into an access (yes, Access) database.

Otherwise, I would need to export all 300+ tables to CSV, and I hope I would not need to do them one by one. Is there a way to export all tables in bulk to CSV? But it is an alternative option. I always prefer export compatible with Access, because our new supplier SIS apparently uses it. Thank you!