command line – Why is access denied when using the unified write filter under Windows 10 IoT?

I use Windows 10 Enterprise IoT 64-bit and I try to run the following command at the command prompt:

uwfmgr.exe get-config

The result is always "The command failed (access is denied.)". whether you use administrator rights or not. Someone helped to disable some settings on the PC. It must be locked for security reasons, but I still need to be able to execute this command. Any ideas on how this could happen and what is the solution?

unbricking – Huawei P9 lite enter bootloader without volume keys and system access / recovery

About the phone: Huawei P9 lite VNS-L21C432B161 (Central Europe)

First modifications
A long time ago, I unlocked the boot loader and managed to root the phone. I've disabled the OEM unlock option in the settings after rooting because someone said I had to do it for security reasons. Then came EMUI 5 OTA. It is somehow updated without me accepting it. Android nougat detected that the bootloader was unlocked and so it assumed that the OEM unlock option was also turned on while it was really not, which made me prevented from reactivating it.
I've used the "<- Official restore package and installed ROM stock by Dload.

This is the part where I planted myself horribly
Now, I wanted to update Android 7 again, but Updater did not give it to me and I could not get it through TWRP. I've reinstalled the cancel package in download mode because it allows to add any ROM, hoping to then install Android 7 in download mode. ROM.

Current situation
Now I'm stuck on the "Your device has been unlocked and can not be trusted anymore. TWRP 3.0.1 must be installed but it never starts. Unable to access the boot loader, the phone does not seem to detect the power + volume reduction combination. Recovery remains stuck on the shortest warning screen at startup, recovery is also clogged. It was like that even before I tried, I do not know what caused it. I can not even access the download mode, which remains stuck also on the screen shorter warning.

Objective: to get to the boot loader without using the volume keys (this just does not work for any reason) and without going into system / recovery / erecovery because they also broke.

Thanks in advance

Filezilla can not access the Xampp virtual machine

Mac OSX 10.15

Filezilla could not access the local folder ~ / .bitnami / …..

The Xampp virtual machine is mounted and the network section, access was given on ports 80, 443, and 3306.

networking – Access the folder of the ubuntu machine via Windows?

I have an Ubuntu server that allows me to ssh via WSL.

I therefore have a username and password and I access it via ssh username @

But I want to mount this disk on my Windows Explorer in order to access sublime or any other editor, otherwise I have to use vim and sometimes tabs and spaces in python are overwritten.

No advice?

8 – How to know that a user can access the node / {nid} and node / {nid} / latest in the fastest way

I have a view showing the list of the latest revisions of nodes.

The view has title field.

The website gives users access permissions node/{nid}(indicates the last revision if the published default revision does not exist) and node/{nid}/latest (indicates the latest revision if the default revision and the latest revision are different) depending on the state of moderation and user groups.

I want to replace the title field of the view according to the rules below:

  • if the current user can access node/{nid}/latest the title refers to the page
  • otherwise if the current user can access node/{nid} the title refers to the page
  • otherwise show only the title text

Dozens or hundreds of people can simultaneously access the view. Therefore, I wish the display remains fast. What is the fastest way to check these?

I've been looking for hook_node_grants but it only supports visualization / update / delete operations, so I think it can not contain any data. node/{nid}/latest.
Do I have to store each pattern in the table just like node_access the table does and looks up when the view is updated?

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apache2 – Apache proxy allows bitbucket webhook access

I have an Apache reverse proxy configuration that works wonderfully, allowing only my own IP address:

    Order deny,allow
    Deny from all
    Allow from

I want to be able to add a second rule allowing servers

#allow access to bitbucket/webhook endpoint

    Order allow,deny
    Deny from all
    Allow from *

but everything ends with a 403: - - [10/Nov/2019:22:13:02 +0100] "POST /bitbucket-hook/ HTTP/1.1" 403 3869 "-" "Bitbucket-Webhooks/2.0"

So I deduce * should do it. but it does not work …

My phone access point is working and my tablet is connected but I do not get wifi

This problem never happened on November 9, I was on my Samsung tablet and my wifi started to run out, so I thought something was wrong with my tablet because I had it a few years later, so I added another camera. still does not work, so I turn on my other point of telephone access and it still does not work. I know my phone access point job is different because I never use it.So, I do not know what to do if you see the picture or if it displays the access points in using now, you should see connect but I do not get wifi the picture if you see it

c # – I need to access an array of object types that I create in the same form and know how to access from another form.

Create an array of object type associated with a group of labels in a form. I need to access the data from this table (player ()) once I click on the button 1 and it would also help me a lot if you could guide me on how to do it. access this table in another form.

Thanks a lot in advance and I appreciate your time because you really have no idea

//Creamos  un ciclo for para crear jugadores en su respectivo array con los atributos "nombre" ranzomizados.
            for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++)
                jugador(i) = new CJugador();
                jugador(i).nombre = arrayJugadores(i);

                jugador(i).punteo = arrayPunteos(i);

            label1.Text = jugador(0).nombre;
            label2.Text = jugador(1).nombre;
            label3.Text = jugador(2).nombre;
            label4.Text = jugador(3).nombre;

            label5.Text = jugador(0).punteo.ToString();
            label6.Text = jugador(1).punteo.ToString();
            label7.Text = jugador(2).punteo.ToString();
            label8.Text = jugador(3).punteo.ToString();


        private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

            Random rnd = new Random();
            int value = rnd.Next(0, 100);

            label9.Text = value.ToString();

            if (value >= 1 && value <= 15)
                // Se le asigna un "identificador" al boton en el metodo del objeto
                contadorBotones = 0;

                //Declaracion de valores en variables de objeto
                CCartaComun moteOfDark = new CCartaComun();
                moteOfDark.nombre = "Mote of Dark";
                moteOfDark.puntosDeCarta = 1;


                label5.Text = arrayPunteos(contadorTurnos).ToString();

Shared Windows hosting with access to the remote database


Can any one recommend a Windows hosting company that allows up to 6 websites on shared hosting with remote access to databases? A … | Read the rest of