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Windows App – Recent Advanced Access 6.0 Multilingual 017 Edition | NulledTeam UnderGround

Advanced Recent Access 6.0 Build 017 Multilingual | 1 MB

Advanced Recent Access is designed to display and open the latest used resources (files and directories).

And you can see more recent resource properties, such as path, size, type, modification date, and creation date.
See more recently used resource properties
+ Displays the path, size, type, and modification / creation date of recently used resources.
+ Automatically save the times consulted.
+ Automatically delete recent resources that do not exist.
+ Can quickly filter recent resources based on their types, such as directories, documents, images, audio, video, compressed, etc.
+ Can sort recent resources by properties above.
+ Displays the number of recent resources.
+ Automatically refresh the list of recent resources.
+ Automatically memorize the order and width of columns, the sorting of columns and their order.
+ Automatically memorize the size and location of the main window.
+ Can hide columns that you do not want to see.
Windows 7, 8 / 8.1, 10


Sharepoint Online – Users with the Change permission level can access site navigation, but will get denied access when they attempt to submit the change.

we have a classic team site collection with the publishing features enabled + we have a subsite where the publishing features are not enabled.
Now, I've granted some users the Edit permission on the subsite and read on the root site. where these users will be able to access the navigation of the subsite site as follows: –
enter the description of the image here

and these users will also be able to add new links and change the order of the navigation links >> but when they attempt to submit the site's navigation page, they will generate this error: –
enter the description of the image here

so it's strange that users can access site navigation + add / remove links but can not submit changes .. no idea what's going on?
Thank you

Access scripts from a subfolder in Unity

For a Unity project, I use this ROSBridgeLib from GitHub. There were no clear instructions on how to import the library. So I simply cloned the repository in my directory. The scripts folder inside my project Assets folder. This causes the unit to launch a error CS0234: The type or name of the namespace ROSBridgeLib & # 39; does not exist in the namespace 'ROSBridgeLib & # 39; (is missing an assembly reference?). How can I solve this problem?

I want to be able to organize my The scripts folder so that I can keep C # files in subfolders. How a script at the root of my The scripts folder access the ROSBridgeWebSocketConnection.cs script in the folder Scripts / ROSBridgeLib?

Thank you for your help!

Can not access data source details when creating an empty data view Web Part with Sharepoint Designer Help

Using SharePoint Designer 2013, I can no longer access a list data source
on SharePoint Online when building a DVWP

Steps to follow to reproduce.

  1. In SPD, create a new Web Part Page.
  2. Edit the new page in advanced mode.
  3. Place the cursor in the ZoneTemplate tag.
  4. Click Insert -> Data View -> View Empty Data.
  5. Place the cursor in the new DataSources tag.
  6. Click Insert -> Data Source -> and select a list.
  7. In the data source pane, click Refresh, and then click Data Source Link.

The server returned a nonspecific error when attempting to obtain data.
from the data source. Check the format and content of your
query and try again. If the problem persists, contact the server.

Run a fiddling session.
get 500 answer on.

soap: A ServerException Exception of type Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer.SoapServerException & # 39; has been lifted. An error has occurred.

Also tried to refresh a data source on an existing DVWP with the same result.

Has anyone encountered this problem?

Started last week

I've cleared my SPD cache and tried on two different tenants.

8 – How can I access nested data in JSON in a response model to a Guzzle service description?

I'm trying to extract data from a service in Drupal, via Guzzle. Several clients like this one work, but the data returned by this service is structured a little differently:

pager: [ ],
number of lines: 101,
The data: {
"794": {
InventoryID: "794",
AddressID: "618"
"2318": {
InventoryID: "2318",
AddressID: "536"

A service description like this:

httpMethod: "GET"
uri: "stock-current / inventory? _format = json"
summary: "Get all inventory items in progress"
responseClass: "InventoryList"

type: "object"
location: "json"
location: "json"
type: "string"
location: "json"
type: "string"
Inventory list:
type: "table"
location: "json"
"$ ref": "InventoryListItem"

… does not work, of course, because it targets the highest level of response. Is there a way to define the templates so that the contents of the "data & # 39; returned, rather than the top-level table?

SharePoint Designer 2013 access denied

When I try to save a custom workflow to an Office 365 SharePoint team site, the following error message appears:

Server error: access denied

I currently own a site and make sure the scripts are enabled in the site collection.

Why would a site owner not have access to recording workflows on the SharePoint designer?

Networking – How to get a DHCP IP address running on a WiFi point of access using an adb shell?

I connect to my WiFi network from the adb shell with the help of the following command:

iw dev wlan1 connect -w WiFi-AP

A DHCP server is also running on the point of access, but each time I try to get an IP address using the dhclient -v wlan1, I get the following error:

sh: dhclient: not found

Is there a way to install dhclient on Android 8.1 or is there another way to request an IP address from the DHCP server via a wlan interface?

wi fi – Facebook can not access the Internet

I'm using samsung galaxy j7 pro. Since 2 days, facebook can not access the Internet. I have tried:

  1. Give all possible permissions
  2. Uninstall all updates and reinstall them
  3. Restart my phone
  4. Get a strong broadband Internet connection

Yet nothing works. It does not stop saying: check your Internet connection and try again.

Please, does anyone have an explanation of what is going on?

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