python – How to request developer access on Twittter

These days, I have been trying to get Developer access to the Twitter API which requires a form to fill out here.

The problem here is that you probably only have one attempt to request and when you are rejected you will not ask again for a long time.

I read the report restricted use case and don't think my use case violates the terms.

I need this API for my master's thesis because I need to grab tweets for the specific tag.

I had asked for 3-4 different hours with different variations but I have not yet succeeded. At this point, I think it requires more specific and narrower language to apply.

Do you have any idea how to apply Twitter API who does not violate its rules and restrictions?

2013 – Access Denied When Saving Web Part Properties

I am using the ResultScriptWebPart web part, I am trying to change a display model by type (dynamic result).
when i run the code with an anonymous user, i get the following error:

Access Denied When Saving Web Part Properties: The Web Part Is Embedded Directly Into The Page Or You Don't Have Sufficient Permissions To Save Properties (Web Part Search Results)

After that I tried to use SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges (just to see if it will work) but my code reaches the same error.
Is there a way to give this block of code sufficient permission to run the web part under an anonymous user


 protected override void OnLoad(EventArgs e)

                this.ViewStateMode = ViewStateMode.Disabled;

                if (this.AppManager != null)
                    if (this.AppManager.QueryGroups.ContainsKey(this.QueryGroupName) &&
                    this.AppManager.QueryGroups(this.QueryGroupName).DataProvider != null)
                        this.AppManager.QueryGroups(this.QueryGroupName).DataProvider.BeforeSerializeToClient +=
                        new BeforeSerializeToClientEventHandler(EnhanceQuery);

private void EnhanceQuery(object sender, ScriptWebPart.BeforeSerializeToClientEventArgs e)

string itemTemplateID = "";
string query = "";
string controlTemplate = "";
if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(HttpContext.Current.Request.QueryString("equery1")) == false)
    query = "equery1={QueryString.query1} AND equery2={QueryString.equery2} AND equery3={QueryString.equery3} ContentSource:Clalit_SeferSherutEmp";
    itemTemplateID = "path.js";
    itemTemplateID = "path1.js";
    controlTemplate = "controlpath1.js";
else if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(HttpContext.Current.Request.QueryString("query4")) == false)
    query = "query4:{QueryString.query4}   ContentSource:Clalit_SeferSherutDept";
    itemTemplateID = "itemPath2.js";
    controlTemplate = "controlpath1.js";
else if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(HttpContext.Current.Request.QueryString("query5")) == false)
    query = "query5={QueryString.query5}  ContentSource:csMedicine";
    itemTemplateID = "itemPath3.js";
    controlTemplate = "controlPath2.js";

this.RenderTemplateId = controlTemplate;
this.ItemTemplateId = itemTemplateID;
this.BypassResultTypes = true;
this.SaveProperties = true;

root access – Creation of Patch Lucky Patcher on Linux?

I was looking in Lucky Patcher Patch in particular with the classes.dex file. As per Lucky Patcher's instructions

To search byte patterns, use IDA Pro 6.1. It can open dalvik-cache, odex, libraries and classes.dex. If you want to patch dalvik-cache or odex, remember that the data bytes in different firmware versions may vary. And keep in mind that all the classes.dex in the bytes do not coincide with dalvik-cache and odex. In this example, you can see if you are opening classes.dex and odex-file in IDA Pro.

IDA Pro is software for Windows. I know I could emulate it, but I wanted to know if there is a good alternative available for Linux.

Also, is there a better tutorial that focuses on patches based on classes.dex?

javascript – How do I access a parameter that is in an array of objects?

I have a mobile project in React-Native.
In this project, I call a API which returns the data that I have to show in a Card in my application
The call to API I returned the data as follows:

"Referencias": (
            "Codigo": "3", 
            "Nombre": "Pedro Perez", 
            "Parentesco": "Familiar", 
            "Telefono": "55556666"
            "Codigo": "4", 
            "Nombre": "Juan Juarez", 
            "Parentesco": "Amigo", 
            "Telefono": "77778888"

I would like to know if someone can help me access, for example, the Parameter Name of the object which has the code number 4.

All that data it is registered in the state, so if I wanted to access a value that is at the same level as the "References" array, I know it would be as follows: this.state.item.Nombre (since all data of state it is stored indoors item), but I don't know how to do it because it's the value I want to achieve in a array d & # 39; objects.

Why doesn't my linked share point list in MS Access show everything?

When I link to a Sharepoint list in MS Access, it doesn't show me everything in the list. However, when I import the same list, it shows me everything. When importing a list, there is an option to select "Items to import" and I have set it to "All documents". I guess this is the problem, but this option does not appear when linking the list. If this is the problem, how can I change it?

networking – Access the bridged subnet

I would like to use ISP2 instead of ISP1 Internet from PC1 computer. But I can't even ping the antenna Ahowever, antenna B shows that it is connected to antenna A. I would also like to access all devices on the 192.168.1.x subnet and vice versa. What am I missing?

Antenna A and B antenna configuration


4 Go-To apps for review and exam preparation

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SpeedyPaper Advisor
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This app was created to help students have a smooth review. Undergraduate students can use Gojimo both online and on mobile devices. An app contains useful content for learners and some quizzes. You can select an exam for which you want to revise, and it goes with a list of questions that may be asked. If you haven't found a required subject, you can contact support via instant messaging.

This is another useful application for students who are going to prepare for exams. It's free, easy to use, and a good choice for self-study. Having Quizlet on your device, you can learn using memory cards, share them with your peers, learn foreign languages ​​and get more information on coding, math, science, history and other academic subjects. Many students benefit from Quizlet and leave positive feedback on this study app.


Access to elements of tables stored in lists

I have a list of tables

Psilist={psi0, psi1}

Where psi0 and psi1 are 2D arrays. I wish I could call a specific item from the table in a specific item in the list. for example. call element [[2, 2]] of the array in Psilist [[2]].

I have already tried

Psilist[[2]][[2, 2]]

as well as the use of a dummy variable. I want to store the tables in a list because I need to iterate through different time steps and to do this, use values ​​from the previous matrix. Any solutions or workarounds would be appreciated.

root access – The system application was uninstalled and could not be recovered in Android

I have rooted my device. I installed crDroid-7.1.2-20171202-j5nlte-v3.8.3 and android 7.1.2

I use the j5nlte model from samsung.
I accidentally uninstalled the contact and contact storage apps because my device was already rooted.
After the uninstall process, I installed simple contacts request f-Droid
When I am ready to create a new contact, I could not create the contact and the system says

No app from this device

As I think, the problem was "the contact storage app has been uninstalled".
I downloaded the app below to install the contact storage app. I couldn't install and the error was

The package conflicts with an existing package by the same name

I can restore the device to get my system apps, but I can't restore because I have other problems.

Is there a way to recover my system applications. Do i have a method to save contacts without contact storage apk?

office365 – Unable to remove delegate calendar access via PowerShell in o365

I have read the documentation from Microsoft and this is supposed to be the command:

set-mailboxfolderpermission -user -accessrights editor -sharingpermissionflags none

userA is administrator, PowerShell is connected to the exchange administrator with userAcount of. userACalendar permissions from: userA-owner; userB-editor-delegate.

I'm not getting any errors and get Always displays the delegate indicator. I also deleted the user and added again, but the flag is still there.

I am the exchange administrator using an "admin" account (according to goDaddy). The host is not Microsoft but the o365 abomination of GoDaddy.

Am I doing something wrong?