security – Accidentally reused bitcoin address

There’s no perfect answer for this question and it depends on individual.

You had used address A (one of the outputs) in a transaction 1 where inputs are from X.

You used the address A (one of the outputs) again in a transaction 2 where inputs are from Exchange Y.

IF someone is trying to analyze transaction 1 to know the owner of address A, he can look at transaction 2 to assume owner has an account on Exchange Y. Most of the withdrawal transactions from exchanges are done in batches with lots of inputs and outputs involved so it won’t be easier to know more information about the owner except if one of the below tries to investigate:

Exchange, chain analysis companies, government agencies (in case of centralized exchanges) etc.

You have two options in my opinion:

  1. Ignore and avoid reuse in future
  2. Coinjoin

I accidentally entered my date of birth wrong [closed]

I accidentally entered my date of birth wrong and have no idea how to fix it

stealth – Does an accidentally true belief that I am nearby constitute “awareness”?

From the Core Rulebook (emphasis mine):

If a creature is undetected, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re
unaware of its presence—you might suspect an undetected creature is in
the room with you, even though you’re unable to find its space
. The
unnoticed condition covers creatures you’re entirely unaware of.

You aren’t unnoticed, since the guard is suspecting a hostile presence. The rulebook doesn’t have any caveats around whether they suspect it for the right reasons; they might not even know that it is you. The guard simply suspects some hostile presence. You still have a number of advantages, notably:

If a creature is undetected, you don’t know what space it occupies, you’re flat-footed to it, and you can’t easily target it.

This allows you to still get off Sneak Attack, for example. It also would probably allow you to roll Stealth for initiative, although that’s always up to the GM.

More on targeting undetected creatures:

Targeting an undetected creature is difficult. If you suspect there’s
a creature around, you can pick a square and attempt an attack. This
works like targeting a hidden creature, but the flat check and attack
roll are both rolled in secret by the GM. The GM won’t tell you why
you missed—whether it was due to failing the flat check, rolling an
insufficient attack roll, or choosing the wrong square. The GM might
allow you to try targeting an undetected creature with some spells or
other abilities in a similar fashion. Undetected creatures are subject
to area effects normally.

visas – Accidentally entered wrong dates in my travel history

I submitted am application for Tier 4 Student Visa UK. I’ve submitted the online application. I just realized i entered wrong dates in my travel history. I traveled to Russia and Egypt in summer 2018, I accidentally entered Egypt’s entry and exit dates for Russia and vice versa. How big of an issue will it be?

synchronization – Accidentally shutdown system while Bitcoin Core client was synchronizing

giving an error as ‘ fatal error please see error log’ … what is the solution to this problem.

Step one is to do as it suggests. The location of the error log depends on the platform (Windows probably %APPDATA%bitcoin, Linux probably ~/.bitcoin)

If all else fails, just install some wallet software elsewhere and re-import the private key you carefully backed up for just this sort of situation.

Accidentally renamed all files on desktop in windows 10

I accidentally renamed all files on desktop in windows 10.

Ctrl+Z didn’t do anything.

I don’t have file history and don’t have a restore point on this pc.

What can I do?

does windows keep record of recently changed/renamed files?

Any suggestions?

Accidentally set C: as active partition: Windows won’t boot – live USB system won’t boot – suddenly CPU overtemperature error?

I just accidentally set the system partition C: as active in Windows 7’s disk management, trying to get this absolutely useless Windows backup & restore program to work. Now I can no longer boot: Bootmgr is missing. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to restart. How can I set the 100 MB boot partition in front of it back to active?

Using Linux Mint’s disk image writer, I already created a bootable Windows 10 USB flash drive, but the system just won’t recognize it – what’s the matter? I played around with the BIOS settings (boot order, USB support, some CMS/UEFI/legacy boot and Secure Boot settings etc.), but it just won’t start from the USB flash drive.

What’s even more strange: I’m getting a CPU Overtemperature Error! Press F1 to Run SETUP at every single reboot and the CPU temperature is hitting 84-86 °C even though I did not (consciously) change any setting related to the CPU. What have I done? How can setting the wrong partition as active have such unforeseen consequences? The BIOS offers advanced controls for CPU overclocking etc. – is it possible that BIOS saves some of these settings in the boot partition and now it’s unable to load them?

Please help…I need to get this fixed fast. It’s a workplace PC required for measurements and I was just in the process of creating the first system disk image when this mess happened (got no recovery options). The PC has no CD/DVD drive, so I’m stuck with using USB flash drives to get this solved.

PS.: I will post detailed information on the ASUS BIOS shortly.

history – Where can I find data for abandoned blocks (74,638 to 74,690) for the Value Overflow Incident when ₿184 billion BTC were accidentally created?

I already have data for all the Mainchain Blocks. Where can I find data for the orphaned/abandoned blocks (74,638 to 74,690) before the re-organisation occurred?

I can only seem to find information for block 74,638 and the timestamp for block 74,639. I cannot seem to find anymore. I have been digging through waybackmachine without much luck.

Any help appreciated!

I accidentally opened the back of an automatic wind unwind point and shoot camera

I’m not sure how many shots i have shot about 10 and i dont rememeber if it unwinds or winds after i closed it back. Will my film roll stay on the unexposed or it will go back to the first frame? My cam is Pentax iqzoom 115m same with the other pentax zoom and espios point and shoot. how many shots are left? my film count went back to 1.