Copy accounts to new phone

Is there a way to copy accounts from android 8 to android 11?

I tried Google backup and oneplus switch. They did the job for apps, contacts, media etc but not settings/accounts.

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Query resource quota for PostgreSQL accounts

Within the latest (12, 13) versions of PostgreSQL, is there any throttling support on the user-account level, to limit how much data any query can produce and/or how much time + memory it may consume under that user account?

I want to limit specific user accounts to allow up to certain amount of data and/or time to consume within the server, before erroring with “query quota exceeded” or something like that.


I want to configure user account guest to produce “quota exceeded” failure for any query that returns more than 10kb of data or takes more than 10 seconds to execute.

hipaa – How to block duplicate accounts without leaking PII?

We need to block multiple accounts from being created using identical PII without leaking any information regarding the original account. What is the best way to:

  • Inform the person trying to create an account that they cannot
  • While not telling them why
  • While also enabling the original account to recover their account if they were accidentally attempting to log in?

Is there a standard/best practice way to handle this?

My thoughts are that you simply say “We are unable to create an account at this time. If you have a previous account, reset your password here.” Followed with the standard “if you have an account, you will receive a password reset email”

This is not related to this previous question Detect duplicates without exposing underlying data, although that has a really great answer that’s well worth reading and actually may help solve the backend part of the issue. It is also not specifically related to password resets. It has to do with account creation only.

vps – Path of all domain’s emails accounts in shared hosting websites

My all Five(5) domains previously runs on a Shared Hosting Account using cPanel along-with a Primary Domain and other Four(4) domains as Secondary Domains on it.
This Shared Account used for Web Server, DNS Server as well Mail Server too.
I have recently migrated my hosting account from Shared to another VPS server and I have converted a secondary domain ( into full website i.e. now it’s not a child domain.
Now my secondary domain becomes Primary Domain on that VPS using CyberPanel but my email accounts associated with the domain can’t shows under ListEmail Accounts in my CyberPanel Hosting Control Panel.
So, I need to find out all email accounts associated with and manually transfer all that within it (
Now how can I find the correct emails directory of all domains; Is all emails are in a single directory or in different dir’s.
I need to extract all emails account of a particular secondary domain like

Need to migrate 400 clients from hostgator reseller accounts to a new provider, any options?


been with hostgator for +10 years(3 reseller plans) but now all the websites are running slow, have a lot of db connection problems… … | Read the rest of

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Tips for mitigating submission spam across many cpanel accounts?

I’m not sure if this is the best thread to post in, but I have a cPanel server with hundreds of websites on it, and these website owners rec… | Read the rest of

How to limit user accounts on windows server 2012

We have a windows server 2012 and we are sharing it across multiple users. Here Users are domain users with administrator privileges. because of administrator privilege any user can add any new user. To prevent that I want any solution for the following points.

  1. Remove "add user" permission from the domain-administrators users via some command or group policy editor?
  2. Limit the number of user account on the server?
  3. disable "add user" button itself.

Which airlines accept Virtual Accounts (VAN) for payment?

Do you know which airlines accept Virtual Accounts (VAN) as form of payment, either by a corporate customer or a travel agent.