e-mail – Are there any online applications to manage pop3 accounts en masse?

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Thank you.

Facebook deactivates accounts for no reason

At least 3 people have had their accounts permanently deactivated for no reason. These are real accounts and even provided ID to try to recover them, but it doesn't work. The site that does it will not allow them to post.
I went to this part of facebook to reactivate them:
And here is what I get in response:


Even their linked Instagram accounts have been disabled with them.
There is no way to re-enable them, as they cannot log in, obviously since their accounts are disabled.

Anyone else experiencing this problem? Remedies?

hmac – How to use Yubikey 5 NFC for online accounts, Linux connection and KeePassXC?

I just received my Yubikey 5 NFC and I would like to use it for

  • Linux desktop connection
  • Linux KeePassXC (which only supports the response to the hmac-sha1 challenge)
  • online accounts

When reading on U2F, it seems to be the preferred protocol, but TOPT is often only supported on online accounts.

Right now, I got a Linux connection to work with Yubico OTP.


Is it correct to understand that in my case, I would need another YubiKey?

2 very limited joined locations, while only U2F and TOTP would occupy these two locations, leaving no room for Yuboco OTP and hmac-sha1 challenge-response.

Are there any corners that could be cut?

sqlite – Merging the WhatsApp database of two different accounts

So, I have two WhatsApp accounts A and B. A has a chat history only until December & # 39; 19 BThe chat history starts from January 20. I want to have an account with a mobile number that of A, groups of B and the history of the cat combined. For that, I plan

  1. Sort of present AAccount discussion history B by modifying the Whatsapp databases.
  2. Then make a change number of B at A. (This step will delete the old A Account)

I want help with the first step.

PS: I looked online on how to merge Whatsapp databases, but they all deal with merging databases from the same account here, I have to different accounts and all the articles about it are really old.

possible new target URLs from current accounts.

I receive the same message thousands of times, I deleted / blocked the domain / URL in the global system as well as in the specific project (after deactivating all projects except one to isolate the problem)
the same message over and over again is: –
15:46:00: (-) 1/1 PR-0 too low – http://www.gomaze-play.de/index.php?page=Register&action=register
15:46:00: (+) 001 new target URLs possible from current accounts.
it is already listed in
project> options> jump sites with the following words in url / domain


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Social media accounts in my name or in the name of my business? | Forum promotion

For this reason, you need to create a social media account for the company. I would not mix your personal account with your professional account and it just seems more serious in my opinion.

You can create a personal account by any means and link to the site as a portfolio style if you know what I mean. But a separate corporate account would be better.

Imagine the CEO of Tesco using his Twitter account for the same purpose as the Tesco Twitter account. It doesn't look awesome. The same is true here. Also, if you accidentally say the wrong thing on your personal account, it won't affect your business as much.

Need dedicated ideas vs individual cloud accounts vs VPS?

I have a 2 TB HDD server which shows its age. We have had ongoing problems and will be migrating soon. I don't know whether to invest in another dedicated machine equipped in the same way or whether to consider dividing accounts into individual cloud instances or VPS. The main reason why I consider the cloud is that we really never want to have downtime again like we did with the dedicated machine. This last time, we were down for two days when we had a new room. We have thought about setting up a second redundant server as a failover backup, but that is beyond our financial means or our technical knowledge at the moment.

The configuration I was considering was to place the two main high-use accounts on individual cloud instances (300 GB each) while moving the rest to a single cloud instance or a VPS running WHM / cpanel.

My main questions are:

1) Would the cloud account solve our downtime issues? I don't know much about it, but from what I understand, you can regularly take a snapshot of the instance so that if something catastrophic happened, I could back it up and run it quickly compared to the many hours (or days) required to restore from full cpanel backups.

2) With cloud hosting plans, should I worry about running yum updates, etc. to secure the server? Should I install CSF, etc. or is everything done as part of the package?

3) Something I don't think about?

How to redirect to Mirror for reseller accounts?



  1. This individual reseller account holds 54 domains
  2. Each domain is a simple info-business style site. In other words, each area is small, describes only the company, a page or 4 of certain details and a contact form. Some companies don't need all the generic bells and whistles. This is not the case.
  3. Each domain has a “ guaranteed privacy policy '' in that there are no trackers, tags, Gif-pics, cross-site charges, stalkers, CF, and others and cookies are only used for communication, then deleted, or in any other form privacy policy used on a visitor, ergo, the host should also not collect visitor data secretly.
  4. The maximum number of visits per month is from 50 unique visitors (UV) on 1 site to 1000 unique visits on the most visited.


Is there a quick and inexpensive way to redirect (or other) to a mirror site (s) when the server goes down?


Too many times a year, the server goes down, or is stopped for "maintenance", or the domains are moved (without the SQL files), or what have you. NOTE: the host is very quick to recover, but even a few hours make a big difference for a customer who cannot get their email, etc.


To use a service which, if one or all of the 54 domains becomes non-responsive, will redirect the visitor to a mirror site.

Naturally, customers do not want to see a significant increase in costs.

Thank you for your time,

~ i ~