Bash script for automatic transfer of cpanel accounts to directadmin

Hi everybody

I have created a bash script to automatically transfer cpanel user accounts to directadmin, which I will share with you.
I hope this will be helpful to you.

The script performs these steps:

– Create a full account backup on cpanel. (This full backup does not include the public_html directory)
– Transfer the backup to the server directadmin and restore it.
– After the full backup in directadmin, the public_html user directory information is restored in the transfer from cpanel to the public_html user directory in the directadmin directory.
– Removes cpanel full backups from both servers in order to prevent space occupation.
– Change the IP address of the account in the cpanel panel to the IP address of the directadmin server to load the site from the directadmin server.
– Suspends the user in the cpanel server so that the user does not have access to the previous panel.

These steps are performed respectively for each cpanel user account.

Note that you must add the DirectAdmin IP Server from the "Add New IP Address" section of the WHM panel before running the script.
If you do not want to change the IP address after the account transfer, remove the following line from the script:
/ usr / local / cpanel / bin / setsiteip -u $ USER $ DEST

Note that the connection between the servers must be established via the ssh key.

Important note: none of the cpanel accounts should be suspended! If this is the case, the script will not work properly.

You can see the script below:


#You can get the script updates from

#Note that you need to add the DirectAdmin IP server from the "Add a New IP Address" section on the WHM panel before running the script.
#If you do not intend to change the IP after transferring the account, remove the following line from the script:
#/usr/local/cpanel/bin/setsiteip -u $USER $DEST

#Note that the connection between servers must be established via the ssh key.

#Important note that none of cpanel accounts should be suspended! If so, the script will not work correctly.

DEST="" #Your DirectAdmin Server IP
PORT="22" #Your Directadmin Server ssh Port
cd /var/cpanel/users
for USER in *; do
if ( "$USER" != "system" )
       echo "starting transfer process for $USER"
	sleep 2

        #backup cpanel account (public_html excludes) and transfer to directadmin server.
        /scripts/pkgacct $USER --skippublichtml
        rsync -av -e "ssh -p $PORT" /home/cpmove-$USER.tar.gz root@$DEST:/backup/

	#Restore backup in directadmin server.
	ssh -p $PORT root@$DEST "
		chown admin.admin /backup/
		chown admin.admin /backup/cpmove-$USER.tar.gz
		echo 'action=restore&ip%5Fchoice=select&ip=$DEST&local%5Fpath=%2Fbackup&owner=admin&select%30=cpmove-$USER.tar.gz&type=admin&value=multiple&when=now&where=local' >> /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue
		echo "backup is restoring in DirectAdmin!"
		sleep 2
		while $(grep -Fq "action=restore" /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue 2>/dev/null); do printf "%s""$i" .; sleep 2; done;
		while $(test ! -d /home/$USER/public_html); do printf "%s""$i" .; sleep 2; done;
		printf 'n'
		echo "backup restoration completed in DirectAdmin!"
		sleep 2
	#transfer public_html files and dirs to destinaton server	
	rsync -av -e "ssh -p $PORT" /home/$USER/public_html/ root@$DEST:/home/$USER/public_html/
	ssh -p $PORT root@$DEST "
		chown -R $USER.$USER /home/$USER/public_html/
		find /home/$USER/public_html/ -type d -exec chmod 755 {} ;

	#remove backup files in order to free space
	ssh -p $PORT root@$DEST "rm /backup/cpmove-$USER.tar.gz"
	rm /home/cpmove-$USER.tar.gz

	#change user ip in order to transfer site loding to destination server.
	/usr/local/cpanel/bin/setsiteip -u $USER $DEST	

	/scripts/suspendacct $USER "User transferred to Direct Admin."

	echo "transfer process for $USER has been completed!"
	sleep 2
	printf 'n'

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