css – Ng-Bootstrap active pills to add without displaying the drop-down menu

I used my Angular-6 project for the ng-bootstrap and I used the ngbootstrap pills, I tried to add active pills to the drop-down icon with the Button removal option, but it does not work, everyone knows how to do it correctly.

here with stack blitz code

it's my .css code

.nav-pills .nav-link.active, .nav-pills.show> .nav-link {
    color: #fff;
    background-color: #262262;

a:after {
  content: url('https://image.flaticon.com/icons/svg/60/60995.svg');
  height: 0;
  width: 0;
  border-left: 6px solid transparent;
  border-right: 6px solid transparent;
  border-bottom: 6px solid #fff;
  position: absolute;
  bottom: -1px;
  left: 50%;
  margin: 0 0 0 -3px;
  z-index: 100;

I tried to do like this picture

I tried to do like this picture

Thank you

c # – Active Directory Security Groups Optimizing the Search Application

I have a Web API method that returns the Active Directory security groups for the specific logged-on user. The code below worked well, but it took about 45 seconds to get the results.

DirectoryEntry root = GetDirectoryEntry()
  using (var groups = root.Children.Find("OU=Sample Security Groups"))
                            using (var directory = groups.Children.Find("OU=Permissions"))
                                using (var searcher = new DirectorySearcher(directory))
                                    searcher.Filter = `filter condition`
                                    var results = searcher.FindAll();
                                    foreach (SearchResult result in results)
                                        if (result != null)
                                            using (DirectoryEntry group = result.GetDirectoryEntry())

Update: in the GetDirectoryEntry method, we create the connection to the active directory using the user name and password.

Can any one help optimize the code by using Parallel.ForEach or thread etc.

Addon active checker


Why is the auditor alive giving bad readings?

I check 404 -> I put success code 404

and after finishing I check it's expired, but no, the parasite is working well

active directory – Restrict RDP users to certain machines on Windows AD

We need to add specific users to our onsite production part that uses traditional Windows Server AD. Users should be able to use RDP on one machine (MachineX) and only that.

I thought it would be a simple machine limitation problem in the AD center (as in the image) using the "Connect to .." dialog box. I've added the NetBios name (as described under "Computers" in AD) and the DNS name of the machine. In any case, I received an "Error Code: 0x1107" from my RDP client on Mac (also tried from Windows RDP).

How can I accomplish this?


command line – Why does the –status-all service not list this active service?

I am absolutely not in Linux system administration (I am a software developer) and I have the following question about services.

On a Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS machine, it is installed software as a service. I mean I can execute it by performing this statement in the shell:

sudo service wso2ei start

and I have the service configuration file in:


which contains something like this:





ExecStop=/usr/lib/wso2/wso2ei/6.4.0/integrator.sh stop



it works well and I can start and stop the service with the following statements:

sudo service wso2ei start


sudo service wso2ei stopt

So, this service is working fine … but … I have tried to list all services by this stage:

service --status-all

I was waiting to find my wso2ei service in the list of exit but there is not any !!!

This is my exit:

$ sudo service --status-all
 ( - )  acpid
 ( + )  apparmor
 ( + )  apport
 ( + )  atd
 ( + )  cntlm
 ( - )  console-setup.sh
 ( + )  cron
 ( - )  cryptdisks
 ( - )  cryptdisks-early
 ( + )  dbus
 ( + )  ebtables
 ( + )  grub-common
 ( - )  hwclock.sh
 ( + )  irqbalance
 ( + )  iscsid
 ( - )  keyboard-setup.sh
 ( + )  kmod
 ( - )  lvm2
 ( + )  lvm2-lvmetad
 ( + )  lvm2-lvmpolld
 ( + )  lxcfs
 ( - )  lxd
 ( - )  mdadm
 ( - )  mdadm-waitidle
 ( - )  ntp
 ( - )  open-iscsi
 ( - )  open-vm-tools
 ( - )  plymouth
 ( - )  plymouth-log
 ( + )  procps
 ( - )  rsync
 ( + )  rsyslog
 ( - )  screen-cleanup
 ( + )  ssh
 ( + )  udev
 ( - )  ufw
 ( + )  unattended-upgrades
 ( - )  uuidd

Why me wso2ei is not in this list? What's wrong? What do I miss?

In addition: if I check the status of this particular service, I get this output:

$ sudo service wso2ei status
● wso2ei.service - WSO2EI
   Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/wso2ei.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
   Active: active (running) since Fri 2019-10-11 21:03:06 CEST; 1 day 22h ago
  Process: 56854 ExecStop=/usr/lib/wso2/wso2ei/6.4.0/integrator.sh stop (code=exited, status=203/EXEC)
 Main PID: 56912 (integrator.sh)
    Tasks: 179 (limit: 9486)
   CGroup: /system.slice/wso2ei.service
           ├─56912 /bin/sh /usr/lib/wso2/wso2ei/6.4.0/bin/integrator.sh
           └─56958 /usr/lib/wso2/wso2ei/6.4.0/jdk/jdk1.8.0_192/bin/java -Xbootclasspath/a: -Xms256m -Xmx1024m -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError -X

So I think the a service statement find the wso2ei service in a certain way.

I think I'm missing something …

dnd 5th – How can the passive perception bonus of the Obsevant feat be replaced by a bonus to the active perception checks in a balanced way?

I see three lines of action, the first one dealing with the main issue that sparked your question, the second and third responding directly to your question.

The easiest way to solve the problem, and the one I prefer, is that your DM uses passive perception correctly. If your DM learns how passive perception works, you no longer need to modify the existing mechanisms to take into account a statistic that your DM chooses to ignore.

Your DM should use a passive perception to see if you notice things when you are not specifically looking for something. We would use it to notice the guy who listens to your conversation at the bar, things that are slightly out of place in your home, or pockets that are a bit lighter in the market. Passive perception is used to notice things when you are not actively looking for them.

This is different from the active perception where you actively use your senses to find something. This could be to try to locate where an archer just shot your teammate, to find where the goblin sneaking into the shadows escaped, or listen to a conversation taking place behind closed doors.

The biggest advantage of using passive perception is the secret. If the DM requests a result, you, as a player, now know that there is potentially something that you have not noticed and that you are now potentially reacting to the result (meta-game).

You know your DM better than we do, so you have to decide whether good rule enforcement is achievable and how to approach the situation, but stressing the DM's ability to remain secret is an important selling point for preventing metagame. In addition, playing your DM in accordance with the written rules (RAW) means that you do not have to balance the house brews and change the prowess.

2. Disable the Observant exploit if passive perception is not used.

A quick search of stealth monsters gave me a shadow and an invisible tracker in two stealthy decent monsters of different levels. I'm sure there are better examples, though.

A shadow is CR 1/2 and gains +4 stealth. A small group of these would be a viable meeting for level 2 and would normally allow for masking mechanisms to gain benefits. Against such a high level of competence, this would not be such a threat. If your DM does not use passive perception, it is also likely that it can perform free active perception checks in combat (which is also not RAW) to spot hidden creatures. , which further disadvantages stealthy creatures.

An invisible stalker is a CR 6 and gains +10 in Stealth. The monk's stealth detection would almost match the stealth skill of the invisible stalker if the Observant feat conferred a +5 bonus on all perceptions. However, an invisible stalker would do a quick job at most level 2 parties.

If you do not allow Observant to function in this manner, the maximum perception of a Level 2 character might be equal to +7 (+5 from 20 WIS and +2 from Proficiency, to unless I have forgotten something). The difference here is that the character has heavily invested his limited stats points to get such a high skill and sacrificed other benefits to get it.

In return, this player +7 may not suffer as much damage (STR / DEX / INT / CHR lower) or will not be as robust as (lower CON). Clerics, rangers, and druids use WIS as a spell casting modifier and would not "sacrifice" the damage done to the maximum perception of this kind, and none of these three classes would use the WIS. spells as the main source of their damage at level 2.

In addition, no other feat gives the player a bonus to unconditional skills in this manner; they usually add additional capacity to existing actions and give a single statistic point.

3. Carefully allow the exploit as suggested.

If you allow the use of Observant in this way, the maximum perception of level 2 can be 12 (+5 from 20 WIS, +2

If the DM wants to give this player difficult perception checks, he will have to increase the monster's stealth scores, which makes the task even harder for all the other characters. The same goes for hiding traps or having secret communications. they will be either trivially easy for this character, or exceptionally difficult to perceive for others.

active directory – Searching the host name / computer name over IP

I'm trying to find out how to search for the host name of an IP-based computer using the command prompt, but I do not need the name DNS registered. I'm trying to do a cleanup of the IP / DNS database in order to find the DNS name would be redundant. Is there a way to find the physical name of a computer via IP?

Someone image a computer with the name Office-F2-A2 (unknown to me)
The DNS server is registered as Office-F1-A1.example.com

ping -a, nslookup, nbtstat -a (or any variable) seems to give me only the DNS name.

Are there any other orders for this?

dnd 5e – Feat Observant: What would balance a bonus of passive perception to an active perception?

My DM does not tend to use a passive perception of the players, it will simply move us to an active perception in most cases. We tend to use perception a lot more than any other skill in the game.

When a new player joined a monk, he wanted to do an "Observant" feat, but did not like the passive perception +5 probably not being used. The DM said hey, we'll just do that +5 to your perception skill, which will push him to a perception of +9 at level 2. I'm afraid it's surpassing the feat because he's already getting a boost from skill points. .

How could we change the exploit? Observant & # 39; for that it is not useless, but also not unbalanced?

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blocks – Links not active after page reload

I have a problem with the football module. Join a photo. The problem comes from the moment I click on one of the team name examples. 1, and then I click on the logo t-winner.com to redirect to the homepage, example no. 2, the block with the country names becomes inactive, I can not click on it, for example. 3 The refresh of the page does not help either. (when I click to select today's date, when everything works again).

Ideas ?

enter the description of the image here