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rules – How to display a link in an actor page only if certain conditions are satisfied?

I need to display a contact link on the actors' pages, only if:

  1. The author of the page is subscribed
  2. The user who wishes to contact the actor is also subscribed

All actors have their own page, but non-subscribed users have restrictions.

When users reach the actor page, they can see the profile information, some demos, etc. If the user is a subscriber and the owner of the page actor is also a subscriber, there is a contact link.

Can I use a PHP block displayed on pages of a specific content type?
Is there a context module or rule that I can use?
Do you have any other ideas?

dnd 5th – Can a character with the feat actor imitate the speech he heard before learning the feat?

The Actor Feat:

You can imitate another person’s speech or others’s sounds
creatures. You must have heard the person speak. or heard the
creature emits sound for at least 1 minute.

If a player learns this feat at level 8, can he imitate the speech he heard when he was at the first level and failed the feat?

What about a speech heard 200 years ago when they were just a little elf child?

RAW, I think it is allowed. And I don't think it breaks the game to allow it. But I'm curious to know if there are any aspects of this that I miss. I guess for the 200 year old speech, it should at least have been memorable in some way! :-]

unreal 4 – How can I melt a particle emitter (actor?) depending on the proximity of the player?

Basically, it's all in the title – I have a cylindrical effect made of a particle emitter, but it could be any object with a shader, and I want that It fades in and out the closer I get to it (it appears as I approach).

I would do it with plans.

I imagine I am modulating opacity, but where is the best place to do it? In the object? or the player's plan?

Can I apply a proofreading experience on a naive critical actor directly? Should it work? [closed]

I tried but unfortunately it didn't work.

If you like the movie Fatal Attraction (1987), you should support Mike Bloomberg for the president as actor Michael Douglas approves. Agree?

You speak like a Republican because it makes no sense. Bloomberg is a good candidate. He was a good mayor and would make a much better president than Trump. No competition.

The film was good and I have nothing against Michael Douglas but his approval is totally irrelevant.

distributed systems – What is the correlation between the actor model and reactive programming

Could anyone explain the difference / correlation between Actor model and Reactive programming?

It seems that they are located at different levels of abstraction – one can conceive of the interaction between the components of any distributed system using the Actor approach, they would send messages, and to Inside the actors, do they write code in a reactive style?

this question relates to How are reactive functional programming and the actor model related to each other?

However, the answers weren't clear enough, and my question is about reactive programming in general, not FRP in particular.

system agnostic – How to encourage a good actor to be more creative?

I am currently general manager for a new group of people, and I presented them with a new rule with which I have been successful before. The rule basically states that if you give an interesting or interesting description of what you want to do and then pass a skill test, you can earn some kind of bonus on your next roll of the dice.

Usually this gives very satisfying and fun results:

Me: How do you want to attack your opponent?

P1: I jump from the balcony and swing in the chandelier, then try to land on the head of my enemy blade first!

Me of course! Roll Acrobatics.

P1: (rollers 18)

Me: Success! Add +2 to your attack roll against this enemy.

However, with this new group, there is a player who, in my opinion and the other players, gives very uncreative and bland descriptions:

Me: How do you want to attack your opponent?

P2: I stab him with my short sword!

Me: Okay, do you want to do it in a special way? I will give you (bonus) to do it creatively!

P2: Okay, I … stab him between his plates!

Me: it's good but How? 'Or' What do you stab him between his plates? Become crazy!

P2: I stab him between his plates in a weak spot in his stomach!

Me: …

We just finished our 4th session with this group, so there was certainly enough time for the player to "pick up" what other players usually do. Me and other players have also done our best to encourage them to do creative things by saying things like

P1: Hey, the enemy is standing on top of an ancient precarious (hint hint) pillar, maybe if you can push it on, they'll take extra damage (look forward to “Force Push”).

P2: Yeah! I use the pillar to do additional damage! (No additional description).

I d & # 39; habit end up giving them the bonus anyway because I don't want to silence their attempt (I even had people who don't even try), but whenever I can see the disgruntled faces of Other players who are really trying to analyze the environment to create this "epic moment" in every fight.

The problem here isn’t the player shy or disliked role playing; in fact they are excellent and really do their best in immersion (always speak in the 1st person, remember each other’s names and titles, take notes of places, try to talk about them instead of fighting, etc.) they just aren't very creative, not at all (not just fighting, but also things like conversations).

In summary

  • Players are encouraged to be creative in gaining bonuses.
  • This player is not very creative and becomes sad when he does not get a bonus because he is not creative enough.
  • Other players get upset when that player gets bonuses even if he is not very creative.

How can I encourage this player to be more creative? What resources can I use?


How can I change my approach to this "cool rule" to be more inclusive of everyone?

security – What are the potential scenarios that a state actor can harm bitcoin if it controls more than 51% of the hash power?

As noted recently, China controls over 51% of the hash power and a single province in China controls 54%. Assuming China has bad intentions and forces all these mining operators to agree to harm the Bitcoin network. What are some of the potential scenarios to dethrone bitcoin from location # 1?

From my understanding, a 51% attack would just cause a loss of confidence, but would not kill Bitcoin because the real chain would go it alone.

Best actor in Hollywood

What better actor in Hollywood?