Automatically add shortcodes as quicktags?

Is it possible to take all the short codes of your site and then add them as quick tags in the editor?

Can I add a paypal help / donation button to my opensource project on github in India (more specifically). And how should I do it?

I am an open source developer from India. I'm opening an open source project on github. I want to set up a paypal (support / donate / or whatever name is appropriate to be put in India) on my github page. Now, I've read about the paypal community link – that only Export related payments are allowed in India and somewhere I have seen donations to charity are not allowed, but it is neither a charity nor a charity. an NGO. And I'm not sure that's absolutely true, because I've seen blogs that Paypal donates to India on their websites.

I will give taxes to the government if I understand that its revenues are non-profit.

Now I wanted to know what is the procedure to create a support button or should I use a Paypal.Me link. And what paypal account should I choose for this purpose. How should I create a professional account or a freelancer account? (I am not a registered business.) Two people from my team (me and a person from another country) and what should be my destination code in paypal to receive payments (especially India)

I've read the link I have not found any d & Relevant information in this and its old and Indian rules have changed.

Magento2: How to add custom search fields in the product admin grid?

You do not need to add these. You already have search fields for (almost) each column of the grid.
Just click on the "filters" button at the top right.
But if you insist that the search fields are in the column, under the heading, I do not think it can be done easily. You will have to modify the functioning of the components ui or create your own components ui.
Unfortunately, I do not know where to start.

8 – Can not add more content

As the title indicates, I can no longer add content from the FileBrowser module (a directory (dir_listing)). My error.log gives me the following message:

[php7:notice] [pid 5640:tid 1816] [client] Uncaught PHP Exception Drupal Core Entity EntityStorageException :. "The" plug-in "does not exist valid plug-ins ID for Drupal activity_creator Plugin ActivityContextManager are: community_activity_context, content_in_my_group_activity_context, group_activity_context, group_content_in_my_group_activity_context, organizer_activity_context, owner_activity_context, profile_activity_context, follow_content_activity_context, vote_activity_context , comment_activity_context, private_message_activity_context "in D: xampp htdocs core lib Drupal Core Entity Sql SqlContentEntityStorage.php line 847, referring to:

What should I change to make it work again?

add hacking forums, hacking forums, carding forums and brute force forums

Hello, please add hacking forums, hacking forums, carding forums and brute force forums (forums where there are specialists of the selection passwords).

The automatic playback of Youtube videos does not work in the mobile, I use the selected video to add videos to pages / messages.

I use the featured video feature as well as the plugin to add videos to pages and publications.

enter the description of the image here

And it works well. But I found a problem. For mobile devices and tablets, the autoplay feature does not work, but only for youtube videos. In the case of vimeo or dailymotion videos, the automatic playback works.

In mobile videos on youtube, not only is the autoplay not running, but the play option does not work either.

Here are the media options:
enter the description of the image here

Youtube options:
enter the description of the image here


java – Do I need to add a security policy to use EclipseLink or Hibernaty EntityManager?

I am a book on JPA. It uses EclipseLink. When I'm going to configure Entity MAnager, I receive a security exception when the library does not have permission to read a system property, same thing with Hibernate. The book does not mention anything about creating a new security policy.

I was tired of understanding the problem, so it seems like I should create a security policy and add the system properties that eclipseLink wants to set and read. But thinking that it seemed wrong to me, I tried to install Hibernate Building by deploying war and connecting to the database. Even Java security problem does not allow properties to be read in these libraries.

The main thing I want to know is it normal to have to make an exception to the security policy to be able to use Entity Manager?

Drupal 8 on Acquia – no way to install or add libraries?

It's been 3 days that I'm trying to set up a site on Acquia, and I'm puzzled. Acquia does not support Composer, Acquia Dev Desktop does not synchronize libraries. I tried Ludwig without success. Is there a way to add CSV / League libraries to Acquia? Without this ability, I am not sure of the usefulness of Acquia, or is it missing something simple?


php – Add a permanent link to the woocommerce admin order page

There is no Permanent link property of a product. Permanent links are not stored in the database because they are generated based on a number of external factors. Therefore, you must use a function to retrieve the permanent link. In WooCommerce, the best way to do this is:

function fpd_custom_order_item_values ​​($ _ product) {
$ url = $ _product-> get_permalink ();

echo & # 39;

& # 39 ;. esc_url ($ url). & # 39;

& # 39 ;; } add_action (& # 39; woocommerce_before_order_itemmeta & # 39; fpd_custom_order_item_values ​​& # 39 ;, 100, 1);

Also make sure you escape your exit. Since it's a URL, use esc_url ().

Hilbert spaces – How many unique ways to add unit vectors?

I'm working in a projective Hilbert space and I've $ n $ vector unit as the basis. I'm trying to find out how many unique linear combinations can be created only by adding or subtracting once from other basic vectors.

My naive attempt was simple to count: for our first vector, we have $ 2 * n $ options: $ + V_i $ or $ -V_i $. So we have as we go through: $ 2n * 2 (n-1) * … * 2 = 2 ^ n * n! $ but that certainly matters, as $ V_a + V_b $ and $ -V_a-V_b $ represent the same vector in a projective space. What is the contribution of these duplicates?