macos – Add page numbers using print dialog box’s “watermark” tool

In most applications, such as preview, the print dialog box has a watermark feature. It is possible to open a PDF document and watermark it e.g. bottom right with a text and print it again back in to a new PDF.
print dialog box
Is it possible / is there a hidden feature that allows inserting page numbers / total number of pages in the watermark field, where it is automatically replaced by corresponding numbers at the time of printing?

“Wix booking”, how to add variations to an offered service (e.g. different durations, discounts, …)

I have a Wix “Booking” shop for my various services (30 different services).

I want to offer choices / variations. Every kind of service can have:

  • 3 different durations (1, 2 or 3 hours)
  • optional additions (“extra cheese”, “outdoors/indoors”, …)

Currently, this is Not available.

Consequently, I have to duplicate each service x 3-4 times, i.e. 120 different services, which is impossible to manage.

Am I missing some options? Can I add “options” via Dev API?

sharepoint online – Power Automate Add new role definition using REST API

I’m trying to create a create role definitions i.e. custom permission level using Power Automate with below body in Send an HTTP request to SharePoint:

    'request': { '__metadata': { 'type': 'SP.RoleDefinition' }, 'BasePermissions': 
    { '__metadata': { 'type': 'SP.BasePermissions' }, 'High': '176' , 'Low': '138612801' }, 
    'Description': 'New description', 'Name': 'New role', 'Order': 180 }

Below is error:

An entry without a type name was found, but no expected type was specified. To allow entries without type information, the expected type must also be specified when the model is specified.

Where to add my PHP codes for AJAX Jquery to work?

I am trying to display state’s names responsively based on what country is selected from a list (via a library).

I reckon I needed to use WP AJAX and Jquery to achieve this goal. I am totally new to WP AJAX and Jquery. For the past two days, I have been reading blogs and forums to achieve the responsiveness. Here I came across two files to add my PHP code snippets which are functions.php AND plugin files.

Question: Should I add the PHP code snippets in themes/functions.php OR plugins/MYPLUGIN/myplugin.php or either one? Why?

Two instances of the blogs I’ve read:

How to add .ini file type to the plugin editor to read and edit?

Referring to /wp-admin/plugin-editor.php

The plugin editor does not include .ini files and I use that file type in a plugin to create dynamic message constants. I want to be able to edit that file via the editor.

I explored wp_doc_link_parse() but to no avail.

How can I add file types to the allowed list?

how to add custom fee/extra fee in total by api?

I want to add an additional charge in the order total by Api. when a customer needs that.
I added an additional amount by following this link
Can someone help me how to add the amount by checking the flag. customer needs that through Rest Api.

Magento 2: How to add additional custom rate in shipping method?

I am not getting here that how can we add additional rate in any shipping method. Do anyone have solution for it? – How do I add encryption to my chat application?

I am creating an IRC chat client/server and I am looking to add a simple encryption to the chat. It is built in Visual Basic. I am fairly new to coding and I’m not too sure how to add encryption. Any and all help will be much appreciated! If you want to check it out and help out, its located on github HERE

8 – Adding the category for a custom entity reference field add other fields to the same category

I have a custom entity reference field working well, but once I added the category to it the other entity reference fields appeared in the same category.

enter image description here

Here is my code:

 * Plugin implementation of the 'region_token' field type.
 * @FieldType(
 *   id = "region_token",
 *   label = @Translation("Region Token"),
 *   description = @Translation("Region custom token."),
 *   category = @Translation("Tokens"),
 *   default_widget = "region_select_widget",
 *   default_formatter = "region_formatter",
 * )
class RegionToken extends EntityReferenceItem {

Any idea about how to fix this?