❓ASK – Where can I get new coins added today? | NewProxyLists

There are many sites to watch coins like coingecko or coinmarketcap. My query is, can I get a site where I can see a separate list or tab or section that “Today’s coins” where the list will be of only coins that are launched or being added today to that site ? Sometging similar to “new hyips started today” section on monitor sites. If you can’t suggest that then at least any column sorting is available in all coins table from where sort by date I can get new coins added to that site ?

typescript – an unknown empty string gets added to localStorage in Angular

I’m using localStorage to keep a list of items added to cart, this is my function for the add to cart button in spread out components,

console.log("clicked: "+item_id);

and this is the component that collects all the items added from different components to the localStorage,

ngOnInit(): void {
this.dataTransmit.currentItemId.subscribe(itemID => {



updateStorage(itemID) {

let key = JSON.stringify(itemID);
localStorage.setItem(key, JSON.stringify(1));
for (let i = 0; i < localStorage.length; i++){
  let key = localStorage.key(i);

somehow my console log retrieves an ” ” as a key out of nowhere, and I realized the issue get fixed when you uncomment the localStorage.clear() function in the code above, but using it is not an option obviously cause I don’t want to clear my localStorage every time the page reloads, and I also assigned a clear() function to a button and made sure my localStorage is empty to begin with, What am I doing wrong?

combinatorics – I am unable to understand the logic behind the code (I’ve added exact queries as comments in the code)

Our local ninja Naruto is learning to make shadow-clones of himself and is facing a dilemma. He
only has a limited amount of energy (e) to spare that he must entirely distribute among all of his
clones. Moreover, each clone requires at least a certain amount of energy to function (m) . Your job is
to count the number of different ways he can create shadow clones.


ans = 4

The following possibilities occur:
Make 1 clone with 7 energy

Make 2 clones with 2, 5 energy

Make 2 clones with 3, 4 energy

Make 3 clones with 2, 2, 3 energy.

Note: <2, 5> is the same as <5, 2>.
Make sure the ways are not counted multiple times because of different ordering.


int count(int n, int k){
    if((n<k)||(k<1)) return 0;
    else if ((n==k)||(k==1)) return 1;
    else return count(n-1,k-1)+ count(n-k,k);   // logic behind this?

int main()
    int e,m;            // e is total energy and m is min energy per clone
    scanf("%d %d", &e, &m);
    int max_clones= e/m;
    int i,ans=0;
        int available = e - ((m-1)*i);   // why is it (m-1)*i instead of m*i
        ans += count(available, i);
    return 0;

magento2 – How added custom widget container to Catalog Category page?

How added custom widget container for adding widgets to Catalog Category page after main scope?

I tried added to tag body catalog_category_view.xml
My custom container

<container name="custom.container" label="Custom Container" after="main.content"/>

but this is not working
enter image description here

What’s the added value in the sophisticated use of C++ templates advocated by Alexandrescu and others?

In general terms, what’s the added value in using the techniques described in the iconic book “Modern C++ Design”? Is it simply the ability to write reusable code that’s easily extensible? Or are there particular classes of applications where development can be greatly facilitated through the use of such techniques?

Is cPanel worth the added expense.

Hello All,

Is cPanel worth the added expense to resellers and hosting consumers? Are many migrating out or are they staying put paying mo… | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1809114&goto=newpost

sharepoint online – while adding web part zone using SP Designer nothing has been added to page layout

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When "lock time" was added to Bitcoin?

Since when lock time exist in Bitcoin transactions?

theming – How to add variable (field added in commerce_order) in twig template?

I have created a custom field (selection list) in Commerce Order / Checkout

  • name machine : field_jour
  • extract url : config/order-types/default/edit/fields/commerce_order.default.field_jour

I would like to customize Mail Template when order is completed
(file = modules/commerce/modules/order/templates/commerce-order-receipt.html.twig)

All is OK for me but what is the name of this variable ?
I have tried :

  • {{ order_entity.field_jour.value }}
  • {{ commerce_order.default.field_jour.value }}
  • {{ commerce_order.field_jour.value }}

But no value appear in my Mail…

I have installed modules such as “Value” or “Twig Field Value” which are supposed to be simple to use and useful to know the name of the variable… But I don’t understand how to use them.

I’m lost…

Is someone can help me please ?
Thank you in advance