active directory – Why would a server in an AD environment allow Remote Registry access by FQDN, but deny and lock out accounts over IP address?

We have a situation where a software application cannot be installed because the admin account used during installation gets locked out during prerequisite checks. After some investigation, we found the cause: The prerequisite check looks at remote registry settings of other servers by RPC call to the server’s IP address rather than its FQDN, and for some reason this causes authentication to fail and lock out the account.

We validated this by doing the following:

  • When using regedit and attempting to connect to another AD server’s registry using the server’s FQDN, it connects without issue.
  • When we attempt the same connection using the server’s IP address, it prompts for new credentials.
  • All AD credentials will fail and eventually lockout the account being used, but using a Local Admin account has no problems.

We performed this test from other servers in the environment as well, but they had no issues with connecting and authenticating by IP. We compared NIC/DNS/WINS settings, but there was no notable difference. We’re at the point of cross-checking GPO settings, but we don’t expect to find anything.

We could obviously just use Local Admin accounts, but we want to understand why an RPC call using an IP address rather than the FQDN causes AD authentication to fail and lock out AD accounts. Any ideas?

blockchain – Lost Imported Address

What can I do to recover my funds?

I had a few transactions sitting in my imported address and not in my actual wallet ( at that time I didn’t know I had to move the funds from the imported address to the main wallet). I only found out recently when I changed phones and forgot my login since it didn’t use the blockchain app for a while. I used the 12 word phrase to recover the account and when I regained access, the balance was zero. Now I know that the 12 word phrase does not back up the imported addresses.

What can I do to recover the funds?

Need help

How to create dogecoin mainnet address (which starts with the letter “D”)? (NBitcoin)

I use NBitcoin library:

byte() publicKeyXy; // here defined pubkey
var pubKey = new PubKey(publicKeyXy).Compress(true);
var address = pubKey.WitHash.ScriptPubKey.Hash.GetAddress(Network.GetNetwork("doge-main")).ToString();

But this address starts with “A”, “1” and other. How to create address with prefix “D”? Where is defined standard?

How 1 address can create 14 inputs in output transaction to 1 direct address?

Check this address 1NM3apKLeDGKiFsd6gu1o4nh52efi38iEv

The reason of this extremely high fee because of 14 inputs

But why 1 address generate 14 inputs instead 1?

Create a non-SegWit address in electrum wallet

I am trying to get along the electrum wallet command line in ubuntu. However, my exchange only accepts withdraws to canonical non-SegWit addresses (i.e. it only generates with a "bc1" prefix). Is there a way to specifically specify such an option when typing electrum createnewaddress?

Add default value in billing address checkout page Magento 2

I want to login customer address show in checkout page billing address.
See screen-short,

enter image description here

City is input-box and i want to show default value.


Add placeholder default value in billing address checkout page Magento 2

I want to add billing address value placeholder in checkout page Magento 2.

See screen-short,

enter image description here

City is input-box and i want to show default value.


memory management – What are address shadows?

In my uni lecture, I am covering address decoding. I understand that memory addresses are decoded to find if they point to the RAM, ROM, or I/O, by way of the address (in the example of BBC Micro) being in the RAM range, user ROM range or OS ROM range (e.g. 0x0000 to 0x7FFF is the range of RAM in the address space).

Addresses can be decoded as little as possible, that is, the minimum number of bits in the address are checked to determine the chip select signal, the signal which determines which chip to access. This approach allows for ‘address shadows’. Now I’m not sure what this means, I’m repeating my lecturer.

What I understand address shadows to be are addresses which will point to the same place in memory as another, but only because we are decoding the address as little as possible.

The example my professor gave is of the original Apple Macintosh. The SCC READ chip had addresses from 90000 to A0000, but it only had 4 or 5 registers. This meant the same registers were repeated in memory, which is what an address shadow or mirror is.

Could someone expand on or correct this definition, because web searches have not turned up much fruitful information.


google sheets – Reading an address function in an offset function

I’m having trouble with the offset function, it doesn’t seem to read address functions.

Read down the health column of the Monster Statistics by Level table until you find your monster’s HP. Then look across and note the Level
suggested for a monster with those hit points. Now look at the Defense suggested for a monster of that Level. If your monster’s Defense is at least two points higher or lower than that number, adjust the challenge rating suggested by its hit points up or down by 1 for every 2 points of difference

Pos of HP lvl (cell C9) is not read by offset lvl, it’s just to display that the function works by its self. When I use that function in the offset function it breaks even though it works when I input A2 directly in. What kind of formatting is necessary to properly read an address function as the cell reference of an offset function?

spreadsheet link here:

The example shown

magento2.3 – Address Options > Number of Lines in a Street Address

I am experiencing a problem in my magento 2 store.
I cannot set the line quantity in Settings> Client Configuration> Name and Address Options> Number of Lines in Address
I can put any value 1, 2,3 or 4
Magento always returns only two lines as shown below.
This error occurs in all places where the customer’s address is placed, either in the admin, in / customer or at the checkout
All the basic procedures for cleaning caches, compilation and deploys were done, I even rebooted the server but nothing worked.
PHP 7.3
Magento 2.3.6

Magento is in developer mode,
exception for this error.

I did a search for street in my database and got these results in the table eav_attribute.

I just recently migrate the data from my magento 1 store and I believe something is corrupted in my database.

Magento Error