Help me! BCH tp BTC address sent in Kraken from Blockchain

I sent BCH from Blockchain to BTC in Kraken by mistake. BTC will only help me if I have the xpub key. Am i able to get it?

Thanks in advance

google analytics – How to exclude an IP address from the "App + web" property

When I go to "All Filters" under my Google Analytics account, there is no option to add a new filter to exclude my IP address.

This is due to the fact that the only property of the account is an "App + Web" property.

It gives me this informational message and the new filter button is not visible.

Display filters for web properties only. Filters cannot be applied to App + Web properties.

Is there another way to easily exclude my IP address when viewing scans from my website?

security – Relationship between Bitcoin address and public key

I'm trying to understand the relationship between your public key and your bitcoin address. After reading a few blogs, I understood that after generating your master key pair, in an HD wallet. You must not share any part (neither public nor private) but create child keys and use these pairs of child keys to create an address, but later when reading on the Atmoic wallet

Now confused: should we share the public key. Isn't this a risk of confidentiality. I thought that we would create unique addresses for each transaction and avoid any breach of confidentiality.

ps. noob in BlockChain and Bitcoin

HTML email clickable address link

I have a riddle that I hoped the community could help me with. I'm currently developing an HTML email right now with the text of the physical address (123 Main Street. Citytown, Michigan 48484). I can certainly make it a clickable link to help improve the UX, but that would require the user to access a specific mapping service. I know that some mobile devices automatically detect addresses and link them to the default mapping software used by their system.

What would be the best course of action here? Should I force a href to a mapping service (Google Maps) on a physical address? Should I leave it and let people copy and paste the address into a mapping service? Thoughts?

Is there a way to add a specific Google calendar as a forwarding address in Gmail?

I wanted to create a filter in my Gmail account to forward specific calendar invitations that I receive to one of my other Google calendars (using its identifier @

Unfortunately, I can't add my Google Calendar as a forwarding address, because then Google sends an email with a verification code to that address and, of course, I can't access that email.

Is there any other way to get the same result?

Networking – Translate the IP address on the router

I don't know if this is possible, and if it is possible, it is surely frowned upon, but … is it possible to perform dynamic translation of an IP address on a router Cisco 3650 L3?

Here is the scenario:

  • Several clients exist on the to subnets.
  • The clients transmit data to the server.
  • The server IP address will change to
  • Clients must continue to transfer data to the server, but the server's IP setting cannot be changed on the client (i.e. clients will continue to send data at 10.101. 0.1 / 24).
  • Routing between these three networks is done by a Cisco 3650 L3 router.
  • Customers have not configured DNS.
  • Basically, the client settings cannot change.

I think there may be some funky layer three magic that could happen at the Cisco switch that would allow dynamic translation between and so that customers can keep sending data to server without modifying any client settings.

Is this scenario possible? If so, what specific Cisco configuration would be required and what strange disadvantages / ramifications could be expected?

Where to put the IP address of the full node

My new altcoin is almost ready. I have a full operational node and wonder how people will connect to it. What should I do?

shipping – Fedex only fills about half of USPS address customers does not do this at all

We are having problems with customers trying to place orders. About half of them receive errors saying that there is no shipping method available for this address .. When they are correctly written and confirmed without problems.
(We checked them manually on google, fedex and easy shipping)
Residential delivery is turned on, and many of these problematic addresses worked perfectly well in bigcommerce and the native fedex module there. So try to figure out where to start.

We have reissued several keys for the USPS module and it never fulfills anything. Confirmed web service addresses, etc. I have been looking for a few here but it seems that most of the people having problems with fedex / usps are residential problems, we have activated it as mentioned above.

buffer overflow – Overwrite the pointer with an address

struct record {
char name(24);
char * message;

int main() {
puts("GOT Overwrite");

// Create the struct record
struct record student;
strcpy(, "Alice");
student.message = (char *) malloc(sizeof(char) * 24);
strcpy(student.message, "hello world");
printf("Message from %s: (%s)n",, student.message);

// Read some user data
// Could leak the memory at student.message
read(0,, 28);
printf("Message from %s: (%s)n",, student.message);

// Overwrite the message
// Could allow arbitary write at student.message
read(0, student.message, 4);
printf("Message from %s: (%s)n",, student.message);

// Print the name again
// The address of puts could have been changed to system
// and could be "/bin/sh"

What I want to do is overflow the pointer and push an address into student.message. But the fact is, the read function prevents me from writing an address in the form of 'xefxbexadxde' in the student.message. How to format / place the address in student.message pointer after filling with padding?

Thank you