magento2 – Magento 2 Adds a custom CSS class to bread crumbs

Start by creating a new module for breadcrumbs.
you must rewrite the css file with your custom module using di.xml from your front-end scope:


Then, in your custom phtml file like namespace / module / view / frontend / templates / html / breadcrumbs.phtml, you can add your class:

and your personalization css file: _breadcrumb.less will go to
namespace / module / view / frontend / web / css / source / where you have your changes css:
_breadcrumb.less content:

.breadcrumbs {color: somecolor;}

Please see the complete example on this resource.

Chrome extension that adds different features depending on the web page

I'm developing a Chrome extension that adds functionality to a specific domain, but these depend on the page.

What are the most effective ways to achieve this goal?

php – Adds an error to the Laravel 5.5 error pack

First of all, greetings. I need the following lines of code instead of redirecting me to a view and displaying an error message, send me the error to the Laravel error bag for to be able to capture it in the view. I have doubts about this and I would like to know. how to send the error of this method to Laravel 5.5 bag errors.

$ aux = $ request['carro_id']; // save the value stored in the foreign key column
$ model = Model :: where (& # 39; car_id & # 39 ;, aux) -> get (); // find the car models with the file of the new model to add.
if ($ model) {// if different from empty
foreach ($ model as $ m) {
if ($ m-> number == $ request-> number) {// with search for a match between the new number and an existing one, the error is returned
return redirect () -> route (& templates) -> with (& # 39; danger_msg & # 39; WARNING the model is already registered! & # 39;);

PD I've looked in the official documentation, in the validations and I do not see how to adapt what they explain to my method.

arquivo zip – PHP Zip adds an empty directory error

I'm trying to download several audio files from my website with ZipArchive, but I encounter a problem every time I try to add an empty directory.
I do not know what is the mistake, I just know that if brings false.
My code:

                                $ downloads = $ request-> all ();

$ file = $ downloads['caixa'];

$ nome_arquivo = "";
$ caminho_arquivo = "downloads";

$ zip = new ZipArchive;
if ($ zip -> open ($ nome_arquivo, ZipArchive :: CREATE) === TRUE) {
$ dir = "downloads";
if ($ zip-> addEmptyDir ($ dir)) {
$ dh = opendir ($ dir);
to die ("Erro ao adicionar a pasta");

foreach ($ file as $ key => $ file) {

$ caminho = substr ($ file, strpos ($ file, "audio") + 6);

$ zip-> addFile ($ caminho, downloads / audio.mp3 & # 39;)
$ zip-> close ();

closedir ($ dh);

die ("Erro ao abrir o zip");

$ zip-> close ();

WordPress cloud tag adds more links

Due to location constraints, the Tag Cloud widget settings display 30 tags. Can I insert a custom link at the end of the tag cloud? So that I can create a link to a tag archive page.

Thanks in advance!

sharepoint online – Microsoft Flow adds an event to Outlook Calander

I'm trying to create a feed to create an event in the Outlook calendar, but some problems arise when I add the date / time field value to Start Time field.

I have therefore used a formula to format Date Time as

formatDateTime (triggerBody ()?[‘StartDate’], Yyyy-MM-ddTHTH: mm: ss & # 39;)

enter the description of the image here

Also tried to convert to utc formula, but still get an error as

convertToUtc (formatDateTime (triggerBody ()?)?[‘StartDate’], Yyyy-MM-ddTHTH: mm: ss), & # 39; India standard time & # 39;)

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

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google sheets – gSheets adds values ​​to a specific start cell

I have a sheet with data like this and I want to insert values ​​in A2: C2 with the help of the API. The following code works if there is a value in A1, but if A1 is empty, it is inserted in B2: D2. I'm trying to use add because I'm going to do it often, and I do not know how many lines are filled.

service.spreadsheets (). values ​​(). append (
spreadsheetId = SPREADSHEET_ID
valueInputOption = & # 39; RAW & # 39;
body = {& # 39; values: [[4, 5, 6]]}
range = A: Z & # 39;
) .Exécuter ()

enter the description of the image here

According to this: The input range is used to search for existing data and find a "table" in that range.
So I'm basically looking for a way to disable this automatic table detection.

menus – Adds a secondary nav that does not dose the molecule on small devices

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naming – What is the best name for the class that adds artifact properties to Artifactory?

I need to find a name for a class that adds artifact properties to Artifactory, as described here.

What would be the best name? Names such as ArtifactoryPropertiesHandler or ArtifactoryPropertiesManager are not a clean code sign – I could use something more specific, like ArtifactoryPropertiesAdderbut adder is a kind of snake, not someone or something that adds something.

What would be the best name for my class?