meta tags – Adds a property to schema_article_author (schema_metatag)

I want to add the property honorifiqueSuffix to the authors of an article.
Since the author is not a group in terms of schema_metatag definitions, I can not add the field, as indicated via schema_article_example module.

How can I add the property as a "subkey" of the article_author "field".
I do not want to patch on the SchemaPersonOrgTrait or SchemaPersonOrgBase to get this property in the schema metadata.

This should be feasible via a custom tag, as in the sample module.

magento2 – Avoid that Magento 2 automatically adds the tax rate to the gross prices downloaded

I download my prices as gross prices incl. all taxes.

I still want the invoice to indicate the tax rate without Magento automatically adding it when paying.
I need Magento to understand the prices of my products as raw prices and not as net prices. Same thing for shipping prices.


price of the product: 10

tax rate: 10%

Total Magento: 11

What I need:

price of the product: 10

tax rate: 10%

Total Magento: 10

(showing invoice: product price: 9.09, tax rate: 10%, total price: 10)

Basically, like in any other store. The gross prices including the tax are indicated, but the invoice indicates the net price + tax which is then the total price (the one that I downloaded for the product).

Rising price wave now adds Mailchannels to its list

First of all, CPanel, it seems now that Mailchannels has decided to raise its prices.
So I was wondering how you handle this wave of … | Read the rest of

batch – Darktable: Adds the default tool effect & # 39; at .xmp / Generate & # 39; default & # 39; .xmp using the command line of the given file

I have a lot of photo files, which can be divided into the following categories:

  • JPG or CR2
  • Portrait or landscape

I want to do the following things automatically:

For each file – open it in darktable for:

  1. Generate the default presets for the given file format (JPEG has one in .xmp, CR2 has four)
  2. Enable lens correction with default settings for the given file – these tend to vary depending on the device where the photo was taken and seem to depend on the orientation.

I then need the resulting .xmp file to apply it to the image file (with the help of darktable-cli).

Although I can manually generate 4 .xmp files per goal type, for each file type in question, scaling would not be suitable if I have multiple goals.

I literally need a way to add a tool to the history stack with default settings and generate an .xmp file.

What is the best way to proceed?

sql server – Adds a distribution list as a connection to an instance managed by azure sql

I am able to add individual AD connections as a connection in an instance managed azure sql, when I try to add a DL, it is as if I had the following error.

Error: Main & # 39; not found or this type of principal is not supported.


Want to add a distribution list as a user so that anyone using this list can access the instance, is not it possible?
What am I doing wrong here?

Version Control – Should I accept that a client adds changes to the source code on an ongoing development?

I am currently in a situation (I am a technical manager) where the client has changed the source code itself, and I am told to accept the changes and continue working on this version. Technically, he owns the code, but he decided to make a change and did not inform me.

Its modifications will not follow any convention, no good practice and, because of a reporting requirement, have made a change to the data structure.

My boss told me to accept it and to occupy it. I replied by asking him then why should I impose any standard on my team if a customer ruined everything we took so much effort to maintain the quality of the code.

The customer acknowledged that he would agree to cancel the changes, but data has already been created with this change and canceling these changes would mean losing them.

Regardless of the details, my question remains. Should I accept the fact that the client has modified the source code and that I have to continue with it, or should I remain faithful to the standards of the team and refuse to continue?

Edit: I did some research on the subject but I found only topics on the ownership of the source code.

8 – CKEditor adds a custom class to the table

I want to add a class to a table inserted into CKEditor.

I've tried to add a custom style using the dropdown styles and add this line,|Table, but when you click on the table, the drop-down list of styles is not activated and I can not add the class.

Is this possible with the drop-down menu of styles?

I use the ckeditor_tabletoolstoolbar module, so alternatively, I can add a custom button to the toolbar, but I do not know how to do it either?

I've seen this thread, but it's for CKEditor 3, I'm using CKEditor 4.

I want to be able to change class, so it's removed when you click the button again.

How can I solve this problem?

magento2 – magento 2 adds a table column via a button

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magento2 – Magento 2 adds a title to the footer link block

I've tried adding a h3 header to the footer block using the approach described here:

Adding the title to the cms footer block

It seems difficult to maintain and it was not quite what I wanted.

I can add a static block with my own links and probably get a more manageable solution, however, I would prefer to do it in the Magento2 way.

It is possible to specify a template for the link block and I can do it, but I can not use the actual links.

                Delivery and returns

Can any one help with an elegant solution to this?

views – views_pre_render adds a class element to a line

When rendering prior to a line of sight, is there a way to inject a class into a single element, which allows me to add a new color to the rear? plan at the event highlighting its importance? Below is what I have up to now.

  if ((int)Drupal::currentUser()->id() === 1) {
    foreach ($view->result as $key => $value) {
      try {
        $field_result_value = $value->_entity->field_display->getValue();
        if (isset($field_result_value(0)) && (int)$field_result_value(0)('value') === 1) {
          // add a class to the change the background color to hi-light its importance 
      } catch (Exception $e) {