google sheets – The height of the lines will no longer adjust automatically

I've selected the entire sheet and resized the height of all the lines at a certain height. Then I entered text in a cell and the text did not match. I formatted the cell for text wrapping, but that did not fit anyway. I was expecting the row to automatically increase in height, but that did not happen. How to reset the default mode so that the lines grow so as to automatically adapt to the content?

How do you test / adjust the calibration of a pocket spotmeter?

Is there a standard method for testing the calibration of a pocket spot meter? I got a Pentax Digital pointometer and I want to know if the readings are accurate and, if not, if there is a way to calibrate the meter.

How to adjust the window to the screen rotation in Flutter

I wanted to know how to adjust the container and the contents I had in a window to the rotation of the screen, because when it turns, you do not see some things … Or simply, block the rotation, thank you!

Can you adjust the white balance in Photoshop based on the average blur?

Can you adjust the white balance of a digital image with the help of Photoshop (or similar) so that the average blur of the entire image gives gray (R = G = B)? Note that I am not necessarily trying to get a "correct" color balance with this method.

Gestures – Adjust / calibrate the tap at the system level compared to the sweep detection

I had to replace the screen and touch assembly of my device, but the new hardware is now too noisy: most of my tapping ends up being recognized as slips or jets, which it's a very frustrating experience.

What can be done to adjust this? An ideal solution would be to refine the gesture detection logic to be less restrictive for what is considered a catch, instead interpreting fast short distance throws as takes.

Any solution involving the use of root, xposed or recompile the operating system with the suggested improvements is welcome. The device in question runs LineageOS 15.1, based on Oreo.

5th dnd – Is there a quick and fair way to adjust the statistics of an elemental summoned upcast?

The 5th level spell Summon Elemental spell states (PHB, p.225, added fat):

An elementary of challenge note 5 or lower appropriate to the area you have chosen appears in an unoccupied space within 10 feet of it …

The DM has the statistics of the elementary.

Until now, it is certainly true. The four main elements of the monster manual are all CR 5 creatures; the statistics are therefore certainly available. And as mentioned previously, the "or lower" part will probably not be addressed (and will only be a problem for a DM if it so wishes). However, there is an additional rule on upward conversion that has given me pause:

At higher levels. When you cast this spell using
a slot machine of level 6 or higher, the challenge score increases by 1 for each machine level above 5th.

Now, I'm worried because there are no statistics published on Elementals (to my knowledge) on Challenge Rankings (CR) 6, 8 or 9. Elemental Myrmidons from Mordenkainen's Enemy Book (p 202-203) are in CR -7, but that is the only example I could find elements with statistics that can be invoked by an upcast version of this spell.

The DMG gives suggestions for modifying existing creatures (p.273), but nothing says to deliberately elevate one's CR. Of course, there are guidelines in the DMG on the nature of powerful creatures of different CRs (especially on page 274). But the existing standard CR-5 elementaries vary enormously in the way they adjust (or violate) these instructions to begin, and they vary in each other's statistics (both in simple statistics like HP and AC, as well as in complicated reports). as special means of movement or unique actions).

This made me realize that I did not know how to adjust their existing statistics so that they correspond to an ascending summons. As a DM, I will not always know at which level a PC can cast this spell on any day.

If I'm running a group that contains a spellcaster with access to level-9 spells that can cast spells Summon Elemental, Is there a precise, fair and ideally quick way to adjust the existing statistics of the Elemental to make them superior CR creatures? Or should I speculatively create elementals CR 6, 8 and 9 meticulously in case this happens?

My Angular Mat-Card 2 does not automatically adjust the height

I define a Matte Matte material 2 card, but the height is not readjusted automatically when I add content in Mat-card-content.

What should I do to adjust the height automatically?

How can I adjust the screen so that it turns off during a video?

I wish the screen to turn off during a video of the gallery if it remains about 30 seconds without touching
How can I do that?
Is the root necessary?

ipad – Can I turn off Apple Pencil's Auto Adjust feature to highlight text?

I noticed on my new iPad that I could use the pencil to highlight text (for example, to copy / paste), as can be done with a finger. However, using my finger, while dragging the edge of the region highlighted, I can be very specific about where I want the highlighted area to end. For example, I can finish it in the middle of a word.

But with the pencil, it is impossible. The region always slides left or right until the end of a complete word. It's a little annoying for me since I compose in LaTeX and I often need to copy / paste parts of equations that start and end at specific places that the pencil does not allow.

The easy way is simply to use my finger, but I like the pencil. Is there a parameter that can change this behavior?