colorconvert – Adjusts the saturation of color objects

If you need to adjust the saturation of each image individually, there is really no way to automate it. To apply the same saturation, you can do something like this, but it's pretty slow.

saturation = 2;
ExampleData({"TestImage", #}) & /@ {"Apples", "Flower", "House"} //
  ColorConvert(#, "HSB") & //
  Map(ImageApply(({#((1)), saturation #((2)), #((3))} &), #) &)

Web forms input text adjusts and makes up and down arrows in

I am using a web form to create a contact, as shown in Figure 1 below. I want to configure the service entry with the up and down arrows as shown in the figure, how can I make
Figure 1

This is what I got (Figure 2). On top of that, how to align the first and last name with the same width as the one illustrated in Figure 1 which I didn't get in figure2
Figure 2

What is the algorithm that adjusts the difficulty of proof of work in a cryptocurrency based on work proof?

For example, Bitcoin has a consensus algorithm based on proof of work, so Bitcoin chooses a node to create the next block in Bitcoin's blockchain. In this way, the network agrees on the creation of the next block. Part of this block creation process is to issue the next proof of work on the network, and the consensus node, based on the algorithm in question, can create a new difficulty on the proof of work. Bitcoin tries to keep this proof of work quite difficult but easy enough so that block creation times are about 10 minutes.

What is the algorithm that defines this difficulty?

fit – Adjusts this data to a model in mathematica

I need to find a distribution or pattern corresponding to this dataset in Mathematica

data3 = {{1, 1.3}, {2, 2.4}, {3, 3.8}, {4, 4.8}, {5, 5.6}, {6,
6.3}, {7, 6.9}, {8, 7.3}, {9, 7.6}, {10, 7.8}, {15, 8.25}, {18,
8.3}, {20, 8.1}, {22.5, 7.6}, {30, 6.2}, {40, 3.9}, {50,
1.8}, {60, 0.7}};

magento2 – Magento 2.1 adjusts memory_limit on shared hosting

I have the configuration of Magento 2.1.3 on shared hosting of Godaddy and after many difficulties with php.ini files, the web host decided that Magento displayed the global memory limit (512 MB) on the server rather than the local memory limit (2048 MB). . Obviously, the host refuses to change the overall memory limit. So my question is: how can I force Magento to look at the local php.ini file in my hosting? If this is not possible, please suggest another way to proceed.