Has the Obama regime failed where the Trump administration has succeeded? Is this essentially the reason why they want to remove him?

Essentially, the Democrats are angry that Trump has given us the best job report in 50 years, a booming economy and is fighting to keep his election promises.

Democrats see this as a dangerous trend and want to take us back to the oppressive days of the Obama administration when we were steamed by the Islamic State. Soros ordered them to fight dirty.

how to make the manual trade payment only for the backofice (administration) and not for the front office

hello im trying to make the manual payment of drupal 8 trade only running from the administration and not wolking of the fron bureau so the customer can not choose the manual payment thanks

administration – The database with ID could not be found in the database collection.

The error listed in the title appears repeatedly in the ULS logs, with four different GUIDs. After the failure of searching for a database associated with a match guide via get-spdatabase, it was found that the guids listed are actually those of the farm servers:

get-spserver | select address, id

The command above returns the unique global identifiers logged in the log.

More details in the log: the name indicates that it may be a feature activation, as in the name column: "job-timer-app-install job" queue "and" timer job – async-feature-activation2 ".

Any suggestions on what causes this or how to locate it more?

How can I change the store ID on the grid of the administration interface

I have these tables.
news: username, name, responsible
news_store: id, news_id, store_id,
this news_store wrought keys and his work is perfect.

I had the grid and the shape of the components ui

when i created a news always get store_id = 1
How can I change this store ID?

Views of administration [on hold]

The Administration Views module is no longer covered by Drupal security.

Is there another module instead of admin_views that is similar?

Database – Form Submission in the WordPress Administration Panel

I am new to WordPress. I'm learning the development of WordPress plugins. I have a Form in Admin panel as below.

'addnewaddress' ) ); ?>

J & # 39; would insert values ​​to the database. In this regard, how can handle this Form submission?

"Unauthorized Access" by entering the WordPress Administration Panel

A client needs to update his website, he had several security plugins that I deleted.

When you try to enter the wordpress administration panel, a pop-up window asking you to enter the password and the user name appears. when you cancel, cancel "Unauthorized access".

I've already deleted all the plugins, I've already downloaded the latest version of wordpress and I've reinstalled it, but this error continues to show up.

What could be the solution?

Research paper related to the administration of databases with good quotes

I wanted to ask if it was possible to let me know a research paper related to the administration of databases, which contained a very good number of quotes. I've researched this myself, but it seems that articles in this area do not hold much attention.

magento2.3 – How to View Job Request Lists on a Customer's Administration Page

In the Magento 2.3 B2B Administration page, we have options like displaying customer orders, wish list, address, and so on.
In the same way, I wanted to add lists of post requests on the administration page.
Can someone help me with how to create a staff request list module on the administration page where the administrator can see the list of staff requests and the edit?

Thank you in advance.

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Even Trump's press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, has two DUIs. Is there anyone in this administration who respects the law?

I do not excuse driving while intoxicated, but I do not care about Ms. Grisham's drunk driving and I am willing to give her a second chance. People make mistakes, have addiction problems, and so on. I guess she paid the price. Everyone deserves a chance of redemption.

My problem with her is that she does not hold press points and that statements are so vague with the truth that they weigh on credibility.