Exclusive Firebird isql mode? – Database administrators stack the exchange

I have a vague memory that the Firebird isql utility will in certain situations establish an exclusive connection to the database, which means that any other connection attempt will be refused.

I can't find any information on this.

Can someone explain in what situations this happens, and in particular how I can make sure that it does NOT happen?

My intended use is to execute certain commands / queries in a scheduled task, and I don't want to run the risk of blocking other database jobs while this task is running.

Dear administrators, remove this from your filters | the scam business which is spfbl.com

Dear members,

Please read this and consider taking action if possible against this fraudulent business, here is what happened to me:

To consider: I have been in the hosting industry for a little over 9 years now, during which I have had problems with bad clients, where they get blacklisted IP addresses for a number of reasons, these reasons can be anything from hacking, phishing, spamming or anything else that you might consider outside the bounds of legitimate online behavior.

I have dealt with organizations such as Spamhaus, Sorbs, Barracuda and many others but today I had to do business with this new (for profit) business www. spfbl.com.
Normally, if an IP address is blacklisted, the companies mentioned above (with the exception of spfbl.com) have automated means, where you can delete an IP address if the old customer has disappeared from your network, or if you terminated the client, etc.

The first thing to understand is that we do not rent IP addresses to an ISP, we have our own IP addresses from RIRS (lacnic, blackberries, etc.)

So today I have a client who rents a very basic VPS server, with an IP previously abused by another user, the new client notices the problem and lets us know, so we want to take some immediate action. One of the most frustrating mornings so far to try to solve this problem.

I sent an email to the company (they are in Brazil, their English is not the best). No answer.
Their site has a WhatsApp number for contact, I thought it was cool so I contacted them.

The guy comes to chat, asks me what the problem is, I explain to him what I said before: the old customer has listed the IP, the new customer has got the IP, I have to write it off.
what happened then was a little crazy.

1. They MANDATE that in order for an IP to be deleted, there must be an MTA behind the IP. Then they WILL REFUSE to remove it if you are the ISP OWNER of the IP. Yes, you read that right, if you are the OWNER of the IP, they will do nothing to remove it. The only way to delete an IP address is to be able to contact the person who manages the MTA on this IP (my client) and the MTA must comply with RFC 5321 (…).

2. If there is no MTA behind the listed IP, they simply REFUSE to delete it, even if there are no clients on that IP. They claim that because you don't have a user on this IP address, it won't hurt your business. I then asked the guy, if I wanted to protect the reputation of my network, what could I do, all he said was this: if there isn’t of MTA on the IP, there is no way to remove the IP. End of story.

3. We asked for feedback loops: according to him, as ISP, we have to send an email with all our prefixes, to his personal email: leandro@spfbl.net so that the case can be "studied" "and then when they want, come back to you, to tell you if they can set up a feedback loop for you.

4 No classification system. When I asked this guy about a listed IP, but the client was already terminated, with no MTA used on that IP, and about the process involved in cleaning up the reputation of the IP, he replied : This IP was not listed by reputation status. Its reputation is neutral on the SPFBL P2P network. Its only reported as
However, this is ********, the IP address listed on their SBL, and of course will cause problems for customers everywhere.

Now this company, which hasn't even finished its website, has mixed Portuguese and English, a technical representative who has no idea what a mirror is, their reckless methods of listing IP addresses, their reluctance to admit that we are the owners of the IP address when the radiation request is made, among many others, will certainly take place, is a good reason to flush their unnecessary SBL from all the servers you manage.

Their management email address is admin@spfbl.net, I suggest contacting them about this practice.
I understand, everyone wants to make money, but to keep your network / reputation held hostage by people who really don't know what they are doing, that is not the way to do it .

Best regards,


code – Coding issues – Stack Exchange Database Administrators

I have a question that I cannot resolve. Here are 2 tables:


CityCode CustomerID AccountID 
תל אביב 1   1
ירושלים 2   1
באר שבע 1   2
תל אביב 3   2
ירושלים 4   3
הרצליה  5   4

Credit card:

Credit_card_ind Credit  AccountID
0 (no card) 1000    1
1 (card)    5000    2
0           2300    3
1           30000   4

There are 5 questions, but with a catch:

1) All customers with an overall credit greater than 5000

2) No customer if one of their ID accounts does not have a credit card

3) All account identifiers whose credit is less than 30,000

4) No account where one (or more) customers are from Jerusalem

5) All accounts that have more than one customer.

The catch is that all of these must be in a single request, but each is a separate group.

I started like this, but honestly, I have no idea how to do it:

Select *, CASE when b.Credit > 5000 then ‘Condition 1’
                    When Credit_card_ind = 1 then ‘Condition 2’
        When Credit < 30000 then ‘Condition 3’
        When a,CityCode is not Jerusalem then ‘Condition 4’
From customers c 
Inner join credit_cards cc on c.AccountID = cc.AccountID

Thanks in advance!

Active Directory – Best practices or tips to convince IT administrators not to map network drives during privileged sessions with users

Why are we currently trying to improve the security of our business, and that means changing the way some IT people work.

Specifically, our IT helpdesk now has 2 separate accounts: 1 for normal daily use (emails, internet, etc.), and 1 for administrative tasks. The latter is a privileged account with multiple rights to the AD and certain servers.

The way they work is not very secure when it comes to supporting users: they use their privileged account to log into the user's workstation and perform tasks where administrator rights are required.

But my question is more specifically related to network drives being mapped in their privileged account profile. They insisted on using the same logon script as with their standard account.

Do you have recommendations, references to guidelines and / or best practices in this case? I would like to introduce them to some resources to convince them that it is not safe to have network drives mapped in this profile.

I tried to explain to them that if they connect to a “ contaminated '' workstation, their privileges could spread infection to the network … But they did not understand and argued that they needed to access certain files on the network while helping users. They don't want to waste time typing the UNC path, etc.

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SQLite Help for Mongodb – Database Administrators Stack Exchange

Hello, I'm new to MongoDB. I have a small project with SQLite and I want to create a view in MongoDB as from Sqlite. I have already created collections like SQLite tables. See the script:

CREATE VIEW rezultatas AS
    SELECT p.pavadinimas AS detales_pavadinimas,
        SUM(d.pagamintas_kiekis) AS pagamintas_kiekis,
        SUM(z.gamybos_islaidos) AS vidutine_kaina,
        STRFTIME('%m', d.pagaminimo_data) AS menuo,
        STRFTIME('%Y', d.pagaminimo_data) AS metai
    FROM detales d,
         zinynas z,
         produktas p
   WHERE (z.detale_id = p._id_) AND
         (d.detale_id = z.detale_id) AND
         (d.pagaminimo_data >= z.data_nuo) AND
        NOT EXISTS (
                SELECT *
                    FROM zinynas
                  WHERE (d.detale_id = detale_id) AND
                        (d.pagaminimo_data >= data_nuo) AND
                        (z.data_nuo < data_nuo)
   GROUP BY p.pavadinimas,
            STRFTIME('%m', d.pagaminimo_data),
            STRFTIME('%Y', d.pagaminimo_data)

Python Pandas at sqlite – Database administrators stack Exchange

Hello I'm new I had a question so I'm trying to create a simple API using the bottle.

the data i have is in CSV and i want to import it into the SQLlite file .. which i did. and can access the data
once i have loaded the data and complied, there is data. I am trying to get python to reflect the class .. because i need to confirm its there for vial ..

below is what i type.

Base = automap_base()
Base.prepare(engine, reflect=True)


I have nothing
I know why I am not getting anything because no class is set up before loading the data using pandas.

below is the code i use to load the data on sqlite;

Base = declarative_base()
engine = create_engine("sqlite:///countrytwo.sqlite")

file_name = 'us.csv'

df.to_sql('us',con=engine, index_label='id', if_exists='replace')

## then to conform theirs data I do below ##
print (engine.table_names())

so i know i need to configure the class first and then load the data into the sqlite file .. someone has a good website to do it ..

I would like a hint to lead me to the answer but maybe don't give me the answer ..
if this is not clear, let me know that i can load more code. Thank you.

MongoDB: slow index creation – Stack Exchange Database Administrators

I am trying to create an index on a mongo database and so far it has taken about 52 hours. I have worked with large (r) Mongo databases before, but creating an index has never taken so long. My collection contains 1 billion lines and I create the index on a single string field which is always 12 in length.

Do I just have to let it run, or is it potentially broken and should it just be shut down?

Thanks in advance!

anonymous block postgresql – Stack Exchange Database Administrators

I am trying to do all the instructions in the anonymous block but unfortunately I get a syntax error

DO $ $ 
CREATE TABLE vt_pc_incre_test_01 AS 
  FROM   vt_pc_de_dup_consolidated_19_dec_bk limit 100;

ALTER TABLE vt_pc_incre_test_01 ADD COLUMN record_type varchar(2000);

UPDATE vt_pc_incre_test_01 
  SET    record_type = 'Get Clean';

INSERT INTO vt_pc_incre_test_01 
                          "source system", 
                          "source priority", 
                          "partner party id", 
                          "partner last update date", 
                          "partner creation date", 
                          "partner major code", 
                          "partner minor code", 
                          "contact party id", 
                          "partner ref party id", 
                          "contact last update date", 
                          "contact major code", 
                          "contact minor code", 
                          "contact email", 
                          '2019-12-23 02:26:43.984', 
                          '2018-10-26 02:26:33.595', 
                          '2019-12-23 04:59:24.18', 
                          'Stay Clean' 

INSERT INTO vt_pc_incre_test_01 
                          "source system", 
                          "source priority", 
                          "partner party id", 
                          "partner last update date", 
                          "partner creation date", 
                          "partner major code", 
                          "partner minor code", 
                          "contact party id", 
                          "partner ref party id", 
                          "contact last update date", 
                          "contact major code", 
                          "contact minor code", 
                          "contact email", 
                          '2019-12-23 02:26:43.984', 
                          '2018-10-26 02:26:33.595', 
                          '2019-12-23 04:23:24.18', 
                          'Stay Clean' 
$ $;

Oracle DB Unresponsive – Database Administrators Stack Exchange

I have 2 tables.prod and dev.
my requirement, I must compare the development data with prod and if the value of the column is zero, I must update as "NULL" as a string.

the tables contain data of 1000 rows.

for that i wrote code like

CURSOR C1 is select * FROM PROD  ;
CURSOR C2 IS select * FROM DEV  ;

     TYPE t_stg_tab IS TABLE OF C1%ROWTYPE;
     c1_var    t_stg_tab   ;

     TYPE t_non_prod_tab IS TABLE OF C2%ROWTYPE;
     c2_var    t_non_prod_tab ;

     v_prod_upd_cntr PLS_INTEGER        := 0;
     l_rec_cnt       NUMBER          := 0;
         start_date      DATE            := sysdate;


OPEN c1;

    FETCH c1   BULK COLLECT INTO c1_var ;
     OPEN c2;
      FETCH c2  BULK COLLECT INTO c2_var ;



  IF c2_var(j).revisioncode =c1_var(i).revisioncode and c2_var(j).key_1 = c1_var(i).key_1 then

                IF c1_var(i).attribute_category is not null then
            IF c1_var(i).attribute_category = 'null' and c2_var(j).attribute_category is null then
            --    UPDATE P_MD_CE05_ATR_RVSNCD_KEY_TST set attribute_category = 'null' where  revisioncode = c2_var(j).revisioncode and key_1 = c2_var(j).key_1 ;
                        l_update_attribute_category := 'null';
                dbms_output.put_line('c2_var(j).attribute_category_No update'||c2_var(j).attribute_category);
            END IF;
                END IF;

         UPDATE P_MD_CE05_ATR_RVSNCD_KEY_TST set attribute_category = l_update_attribute_category  ;

 l_rec_cnt := SQL%ROWCOUNT;
                v_prod_upd_cntr := v_prod_upd_cntr + l_rec_cnt;

                DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('NON_PROD_DATA: ' || v_prod_upd_cntr || ' records: starting @ ' || sysdate);
                        DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO.SET_CLIENT_INFO(start_date||'-up2-'|| v_prod_upd_cntr ||'-'|| sysdate);

        DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('after first end loop rowcount_value'||i);

            DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('NON_PROD_DATA: ' || v_prod_upd_cntr || ' records: starting @ ' || sysdate);
                DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO.SET_CLIENT_INFO(start_date||'-up2-'|| v_prod_upd_cntr ||'-'|| sysdate);
            DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('NON_PROD_DATA: ' || v_prod_upd_cntr || ' records: starting @ ' || sysdate);
        DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO.SET_CLIENT_INFO(start_date||'-up2-'|| v_prod_upd_cntr ||'-'|| sysdate);
   --   DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('at end rowcount_value1'||i||'rowcount2'||j);
when others then
dbms_output.put_Line('SQLCODE'||SQLCODE||' -ERROR- '||SQLERRM)  ;


when I ran DB not responding. I need to cancel the operation.

please help