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Due to a change in personal life, my time has become too strict for me to fully develop and manage further.

I am looking for a buyer who wants to take the RA to the next level. It has been open since September and has a beautiful, stable and active community.
Many third-party applications and plugins are available.

You can buy the forum, the database, the applications and plugins, the licenses and the domain for 800 €. If you are interested in the fully customized theme, there is an additional £ 500 to buy it, or I will sell it on the IPS market in a licensed form.

There is still not much revenue from Google, but it should easily accumulate in the coming months with the content provided.
I am also willing to stay online for a month or more if needed so you can have an easy step in the community

Decided to give a shot to these site battles. :]

$ – Graphics | Promotion Forum

I need some advertising graphics, name your price.


Header line: or Admin Retail
Subtext: Online market for websites, forums, domains, themes, plug-ins, etc.

Anything else you might find more attractive / better suited, do not hesitate to add. Entertainment is also welcome and will pay more for it.