Instagram ads campaign

Interested in someone creative that would be able to suggest and implement ideas on advertising dental services. All ads have to be formated for IG posts and stories.

Be creative pm me for your ideas and lets rock.

7 – Personsalised adsense ads

I’m trying to figure out how to serve personalized ads on a Drupal 7 site.

I’m currently using the Adsense module, but it doesn’t support personalized ads. It also uses a tag like [adsense:….] you can place wherever you want in the code.

Is there a Drupal module or combination of modules that would allow personalized ads and showing them with non-personalized ads?

I’m talking strictly about the Drupal implementation, not the settings that a publisher needs to enable in their adsense account.

From what I found out:

  • The Eu cookie compliance extras module offers some integration with the adsense project, but this is not enough for displaying personalized ads as the adsense project does not support personalized ads
  • The adsense_consent module allows it but it is used by only 15 sites, which isn’t very reassuring; I would be surprised if only 15 Drupal sites are serving personalized ads.

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advertising – Is there currently an ad network that allows you to choose ads from a specific industry?

I have several clients that are book writers. A couple are in the food industry. There is an ad network on one of the food-related sites, but it would be more appropriate to have ads that are related to food topics, as opposed to mostly ads for women’s clothing.

Is there such a thing? My Google search results are overrun with related topics (ad networks in general), but not this precise topic.

Google Discovery Ads Now Available Globally

Google has officially announced Discovery Ads are available globally.

Does Bing ads allow direct links?

I tried it with few campaigns. Some passed and some does not. What is your experience with them?

Is using JavaScript to dynamically add ads from Google Adsense on a page allowed by Google?

I want to use this way to add an ads segment on my pages:

 <ins class="adsbygoogle"

Is this okay? Do I need to be aware of anything?


Could these URL tracking parameters be causing data discrepency between Facebook Ads and Google Analytics?


  • We’re seeing a lot of traffic from (direct) / (none) in GA whenever a Facebook Ads campaign is launched — it’s always the top source/medium pair.

  • In second place, there’s some fb / Facebook_Mobile_Feed etc. showing up, so it’s definitely registering. The direct drops a lot as soon as campaigns are paused.

We’ve tried: fixing GTM/pixel bugs, checking the URLs for redirects, or if something weird is going on our WordPress-SPA subdomain combo etc.

Could the following UTM template that’s been set up in Facebook be affecting this?


I typically set the utm_source as facebook, and medium as cpc, but that shouldn’t cause a data discrepancy like this, no?

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I will make a perfect promotional video ads for your service, business or product

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google adwords – Do Campaign Goals impact ads directly or they are a set of recommendations?

Based on this article from Google:

I get the feeling that choosing a campaign goal is a recommendation.

Is it really so?

For example, I had a Search Campaign which had the following:

Campaign Goal:

Website Traffic

Bidding Strategy:

Maximize Clicks

Once I started uploading conversions to Google Ads, Google recommended me to switch the bidding strategy to Maximize Conversions. I accepted the recommendation.

Should I change the Campaign Goal too or it is just a set of recommendations?

My campaign is a search campaign with a Landing Page that contains affiliate links.