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advertising – On Adsense reports, where can I see the pages of my website on which Ads where clicked?

A simple thing that I can’t, for the life of me understand.

On Adsense reports, where can I see the pages of my website on which Ads where clicked? I’d like to compare CTR, CPM, on a page-by-page basis or at least depending on the type of page (review, blog post, etc.)

How could I please find that? Thanks!

google adsense – Affiliate/Advertising sites with API for self hosted ads as Adblock alternative

I’m asking what Affiliate/Advertising programs, companies, do you know that are reliable, global, and have and API so I can make my site automatically fill up the database of promotions/banners and keep them up to date.

I know Aliexpress for example.

I Will Create Professional Blog Website With WordPress for $10

I Will Create Professional Blog Website With WordPress

Are you looking for a Professional Blog Website to Earn Some Money?I can create any type of business website including Events, Education, Fashion, Art & Design, Health and Services Portfolio.

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What I’m offering?

  • WordPress Installation
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Anyone still making money via adsense this 2020?

I used to make about $100 a day on adsense with just a simple blog but that was about 7 years ago and the earnings kept getting lower and lower. Is anyone still making decent money with adsense this days?


which is the best alternative to Adsense ? | NewProxyLists

The best Alternative of AdSense in 2020 are:
AdMaven!!you can always try different ad networks that offer a variety of ad models. but they help you to maximize the revenue from your traffic with many different models, such as Pop, Push notifications, native banners interstitial and more


How to merge www.example.com and example.com on google AdSense?

I am new to Google AdSense. I have a small website (let’s call it www.example.com). Unfortunately, AdSense handles www.example.com and example.com separately (different stats). How can I merge these in AdSense?

I saw some documentation about implementing a 301, but now really sure how this would help. After all, both www.example.com and example.com do get me to the same site/page already.

Ads for Games (pre-load adsense for game)


Looking someone who can install adsense for games. video ads play before games. its old and outdate, but i need an update

In what language must I write my ame on AdSense?

I want to sign up to AdSense so I can receive a payment for adds.
I am from Greece so the name in my bank account is in Greek, I have heard that in order for Google to sent me money on my bank account, the name I put on bank account information on AdSense, must be exactly as the one in my account, but I have seen that other Greek people (on YouTube videos) place their name in English and it works fine.

My question is, in what language should I put my name of Bank account on AdSense?

Can I use Greek?