Can I use Adsense as backup ads?

Good morning all,,
Some ad networks have options to show other ads if there are no ads available. Can I use Adsense backup ads for these networks? A good example is Chitika. If Chitika has no announcements available, they can either fill the space with a solid color, reduce the space or display announcements from other networks. Can I use Adsense as a backup? Is it against Adsense TOS ??

Is there official documentation on the AdSense parameter data-adtest = "on" to be tested locally?

On many places on the Internet you can find people suggesting data-adtest="on" to test the ads on your local environment.

I could make it work with trial and error. Some sites even suggest that the proper name is data-ad-test.

But is there official documentation on this subject?

I'm there, I still haven't found it.

Vs implicit explicit consent for non-personalized adsense in the EU?

I have read several discussions and other forums on this topic, but none is clear to the point. My question is the following:

For a website that receives traffic from the EU, consent to cookies is required to place AdSense (personalized or non-personalized).

In the event that I unsubscribe from personalized advertising and only choose non-personalized advertising, is implicit consent from cookies sufficient? Through implicit I mean consent that goes like this:

"By continuing to use this site, you agree to see contextual and non-personal advertising …"

The user therefore has only two choices: continue to use the site with non-personalized contextual advertisements or leave the website?

cache – Can caching html pages reduce AdSense advertising revenue and coverage?

I have seen that my adsense is negatively impacted when adding Nginx cache servers, I know there are many configurations that can go wrong, but I am sure I have tested everything and checked everything that was possible.

When caching, I added hide headers even on html pages (the reflection site will be much faster, it was: P) I used it in the PHP that generates the html page:

$cache_seconds = 60*30;
header("Expires: ".gmdate('D, d M Y H:i:s GMT', time()+$cache_seconds));
header("Cache-Control:public, max-age=".$cache_seconds); 

But I have seen the advertising coverage of AdSense and the CPC go down to incredible values.
After ~ 2-3 weeks of testing, at this point, I think … can AdSense not properly trigger the display and click on the ad when the page is delivered from the cache of the user browser?

Many people have also reported this problem when using Coudflare, and at first you are tempted to say that the ad code is broadcast from Google servers and is not affected by the cache, but something is definitely going on.

Maybe someone else can test on their site.

How to manage AdSense ads on a SPA app – one page?

I have a SPA (single page app) on which I will display AdSense ads.

The main reason I designed a SPA is because I don't want users to refresh the page in order to see different content. All routing is done on the client side with Javascript. j & # 39; uses React, Firebase and React-Router.

But on AdSense documents, we have this:

Auto-refresh ads

The editors are not allowed to refresh a page or item on a page without the user requesting a refresh. This includes placing ads on pages or in placements that are automatically redirected or refreshed automatically. Additionally, publishers may not display the ads for a pre-defined amount of time (i.e. a pre-roll) before users can view content such as videos, games or downloads.

The point is, users will NEVER ask for a refresh on my app.

What is the correct way to display multiple ads on a single app?


  • Make a new app only when users switch pages.


  • Users "navigate" to: /blog/some-blog-post-slug-A // SEE THE ADS
  • Users "navigate" to: /blog/some-blog-post-slug-B // SEE NEW ADS

Although the page is not technically refreshing, it's like a page refresh, because the URL will change, but everything is done locally. I'm going to render the blogPost component, based on the new URL route.

CAN I DO THIS? Make new ads based on a change of route on the client side?

What if my app is a game and users spend about 30 minutes on a single screen playing the game. Am I allowed to run a single ad for the entire 30-minute session? Or can I restore it at a specific interval?

Google adsense only for the subdomain

I need google adsense in the subdomain only. But when submitting for review, it only accepts the main domain. I mean i need instead of How the sovle?

Why are my google adsense impressions not more closely correlated with page views?

My page views have been increasing steadily for about a year and a half:

enter description of image here

But the number of impressions seems to go up and down with the wind. I have not made any significant changes to the site during this period:

enter description of image here

Is this expected / normal? It seems to me that there may be daily fluctuations in impressions, but I would somehow expect a closer correlation with my page views, especially recently. Am I missing something?

Hide relationship between blog posts, but still listed on AdSense

I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question, but …

I have a small website where I present my work in design / art / photography / etc, and I have developed an article template that I would like to use as a promotional tool – local events, work other artists, personal blog posts, etc., etc.

Since there is no defined theme for what I write, I was just planning to put the articles in a folder on the domain, giving everyone a unique ID so that those listed in the 39; article could link it from their social media accounts or websites. As: ... A local business profile ... A music event article

But, I have 2 problems.

First … As all items are placed with the same articles/id path makes it pretty easy for people to type in a code ( 24209429 ) to see any other article that I have written, which may mean that they are seeing sensitive material, as I intend to write a lot about the movies Horror and macabre art. However, since the code is randomly generated, it is unlikely that people will find content that way, but it is possible – especially if they are looking for in Google.

Second … I plan to have advertisements on these articles, and since there is no defined home page, I was wondering how I could be checked on things like AdSense, because they could not connect to and see all of my content.

Do you have any advice on a good way to get AdSense checked and keep my articles as private as possible?

Adsense banner issue

@Cameron. I noticed for myself on the home page and on some forums pages that the adsense / ad banner disrupts the layout from time to time.

I have attached some screens for you.