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I recently booked an apartment in Budapest via Booking.com, which was free.

Once I booked the apartment, I received an e-mail from the host of the apartment asking for a deposit of 50% of the total cost, the other half to be paid on arrival.

The host asked me to transfer this money to him.

Is it legitimate? Is this a standard practice? It seems a little weird.

From now on, Google will announce in advance future updates of the main algorithm.

It looks like they're doing it to prevent the SEO community from giving their updates incorrect / unfavorable names.


Two reliable sources to watch for future update announcements:


Will they also announce WHAT will be their updates? Not sure. Stay tuned!

3d – Advance in Google Tour Creator

For starters, I am a lover of digital photography. I'm trying to use Google's visit creator to create a virtual tour of my store. It works perfectly when I stand at one point and turn 360 degrees on it. But I want to create a tour where I walk straight. Imagine a camera mounted on a cart moving in a driveway of a supermarket.

Is there a way to do it? Another website? Can I code something for this?

Unity: With gravity activated, how to advance a RigidBody at a specific speed?

I have a perfectly smooth cube above a perfectly smooth plane. I apply a force forward of 1 unit per second, using rigidBody.AddForce (new Vector3 (0, 0, 1), ForceMode.VelocityChange). I apply this force each FixedFrame (), take into account Time.fixedDeltaTime, of course.

When the "Use Gravity" box of RigidBody is checked do not checked, the object behaves as expected; after exactly 3 seconds, it has a speed of exactly 3 units per second.

However, when I activate the checkbox "Use gravity", the object barely moves. The object and the surface use physical materials with zero friction and the RigidBody of the moving object has zero drag and zero angular drag.

Why does this happen? And more importantly, how could I apply a force on this object for it to advance to, say, exactly 3 units per second, with gravity enabled?

Thank you.

China – Should a sponsor in a Chinese visa application do something in advance?

We are currently trying to obtain a Chinese visa (about the 6th that I have held in recent years, but the first one for which I apply using the online form of the Chinese visa service center).

In this online form, section 6.5 requests a "national / foreign sponsor". (The visa application forms I used previously did not yet contain this element.) We pay for the trip ourselves and the online form makes it possible to mark point 6.5 as "not applicable". We ticked this box because neither our Chinese invitation (which is probably less able to pay for such a trip than us) nor the applicant's spouse (as suggested in this guide) seemed logical to us. In addition, I found this recent thread (although coming from another country than mine) that involves specifying a sponsor is not necessary in the current Chinese visa application.

Now the visa service center is contacting us and saying that the form is incomplete because we have not provided any information about our sponsor. If we put in our Chinese invitation, should they do something, for example, tell the local authorities that they are ready to cover our expenses, if it becomes necessary? (And do they have to prove in one way or another their financial ability to sponsor our travels?)

oracle – Declare constant variables in advance or when I need them?

I have a PL / SQL script that requires a bunch of CONSTANT VARCHAR2 (4) variables to declare. If I declare them all, then the script will have about 200 lines more than if I just use their string value when I need it.


- Cds
lvsSIGN CONSTANT VARCHAR2 (4): = & # 39; SIGN & # 39 ;;
lvsOWNS CONSTANT VARCHAR2 (4): = & # 39; OWNS & # 39 ;;
lvsPIPE CONSTANT VARCHAR2 (4): = & # 39; PIPE & # 39 ;;
lvsABCD CONSTANT VARCHAR2 (4): = & # 39; ABCD & # 39 ;;
- 200 more
INSERT INTO Some_Table (Column1)
- Repeat this insertion for the next 200 CDs.


- Some other declarations
INSERT INTO Some_Table (Column1)
- Repeat this insertion for the next 200 CDs.

Is there a different approach that will save the LOC so that the script is not filled with statements and INSERTs?

How to understand the inconsistencies in UK visitor visa forms with regard to flights and accommodation booked in advance?

For at least 4 years, every time I get a British visitor visa, I see something wrong in the characters: "Flights, etc. are not necessary" … again because of various contradictory statements elsewhere in the documentation (and warnings from my compatriots) I still submitted them and the people who attended the meeting checked them conscientiously when I gave them at the appointment. They acted as if I had acted well.

When I applied for my visa now, I saw even more warnings saying, "Flights are not necessary … you must not submit unless expressly requested …". On the basis of previous inconsistencies, I feel that I have to assume the maximum amount of suspicion and I can not believe it.

When is it safe to assume that the UK visa process is what it claims to be?

How to advance a warrior beyond level 20? [on hold]

So my warrior has reached level 20 and my deputy minister says it's the best I can do. So I have to start with another class or find a prestige class – suggestions?

unit – How can the camera advance or how to change the position of the camera?

I am working on a 3D game, I bring back 4 people at home in level 1 and 4 at home in level 2, in level 1 when the house1 is over. what can i do when i completely fill the empty house 1, then that the camera should go to the house 2 ?? what can i do for that .. ?? or how to change the position of the camera ?? help plz


enter the description of the image here
gameover scenario to the camera

void fixedupdate ()
game over();
no gameover ()
// code here
// the position of the camera changes but does not move when my game is over
Positions of Vector3 = transform.position + new Vector3 (-12, 0, 0);

In BDD – How to automate tests in advance for non-existent items?

My team is just starting out with BDD and we are learning to write scenarios in GIVEN, WHEN, THEN format. This will position us to start automating our tests (with selenium) at the beginning of the sprint, so that we fail until the application code succeeds in satisfying the test (s).

We think that the automation of our scenario is rigid and defines the expected case, but when we take a story, it will introduce (for example) a field or a button that does not exist yet, how should We manage the automation. Should we

  1. write automation as far as possible, and when a real locator identifier is known with certainty, update the code of the application and test it together?


  1. write the case of automation by defining an explicit identifier to which we are obliged to correspond when the application code is written.

It's a kind of egg-hen proposition. Am I too rigid about the specificity of actual automation and should I be content with the fact that my GIVEN-WHEN-THEN statement is sufficiently accurate?