Web Application – What are some common and advanced exploits of the Web server?

Currently, I am testing the vulnerabilities of my own website and asking a question. I know the basics of pentesting, such as SQL injection, cross site scripting, and so on. I wanted to know what common methods or exploits I still lacked and what are the advanced techniques? My ultimate goal is to find ways to fully control the site or to assign it.

What can I do with GSA-SER's "Unknown" list >> Options >> Advanced Options> Tools >> Search URLs Online?

I'm still experimenting with this feature.
The Identified list is very long, but there are a few thousand unknown URLs.
I see that I can save this list, but I'm not sure about the nature of these URLs.
What makes them unfamiliar? How are URLs different from just an engine?
How can I use them? Thank you…

armor – non-kinematic DR of advanced body armor

If you want to adjust the DR type of an armor, we can rely on the old "control of reality" mechanism introduced at the very beginning of GURPS (in From man to man, 1986).

The common soft Kevlar will reliably stop a common pistol bullet, so its DR should be at least as big as the average damage caused by a range of routine guns – say a 1911, Colt Peacemaker, something in .38 Special or something in 9mm – if it's not equal to most of the d-39's ;between them.

Likewise, if you have better armor, his DR should be based on what he's going to stop. If he has to absorb a bullet from an AK-47 he must have enough DR to do it.

I do not directly know Pinnacle Armor's claims or test data on his equipment, but modern military hard plate armor is partially ablative (hard plates absorb energy partly by breaking or collapsing). , and lose their effectiveness against the following shots). same location), and in new condition, can even stop bullets of 7.62×51 (common "ball" type, not shielding).

So choose a weapon against which you want to protect your version of armor and place your DR near the maximum damage of that weapon. Completed.

Windows App – Futuremark 3DMark 2.10.6771 Advanced / Professional (x64) Multilingual | NulledTeam UnderGround

File size: 5.5 GB

Futuremark 3DMark is an essential tool for measuring PC gaming performance. It is used by millions of players, hundreds of hardware review sites and many of the world's leading manufacturers.
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Use it to test the limits of your PC and measure the impact of overclocking and improving your system.
Search the Futuremark results database and see how your PC compares or just admire the graphics and ask yourself why not all PC games look so good.
The new Futuremark 3DMark includes everything you need to evaluate your equipment. To get the most out of your PC, insert 3DMark into your PC.
With three new tests, you can test everything: smartphones and tablets, laptops and personal computers. You can also use the latest high-end multi-GPU gaming desktops. And it's not just for Windows.
With Futuremark 3DMark, you can also compare your scores with Android and iOS devices. It's the most powerful and flexible 3DMark we've ever created.

The latest version of the world's most popular benchmark.
Everything you need to test your PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone in one application.
New in 2016, 3DMark now recommends the best reference point for your system.
Compare your 3DMark scores with other Windows, Android and iOS devices.
Now includes a preview of VRMark, our next VR benchmark.

Fire Strike is a reference DirectX 11 designed for high performance gaming computers today. It is our most ambitious and technical technical reference to date, with real-time graphics generated with details and complexity far beyond what is found in the other tests and games today.

DirectX 11 Reference for Players
Rendered at a resolution of 1920 x 1080
For high performance gaming PCs.

3DMark Fire Strike Extreme is an enhanced version of Fire Strike designed for high-end multi-GPU (SLI / Crossfire) systems and future generations of hardware. In addition to improving rendering resolution, additional improvements in visual quality increase the rendering load to ensure accurate performance metrics for truly extreme hardware configurations.

Improved for extreme material.
Makes a resolution of 2560 x 1440
For systems with multiple GPUs.

Fire Strike Ultra 4K UHD rendering resolution is four times the 1080p resolution used in Fire Strike. A 4K monitor is not required, but your graphics card must have at least 3 GB of memory to perform this monstrously demanding performance test.

The world's first 4K game reference
Makes 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160)
The most demanding 3DMark test of all time.

Use 3DMark Sky Diver to evaluate systems with standard graphics, mobile GPUs, or integrated graphics. It is particularly suitable for DirectX 11 systems that can not achieve more single-digit frame rates in the more challenging Fire Strike test. Sky Diver is only available in Windows editions at the moment.

DirectX 11 reference for consumer PCs.
Includes graphic, physical and combined tests.
Breathtaking demo with a soundtrack.

Cloud Gate is a new test designed for Windows laptops and classic home computers. Cloud Gate includes two graphical tests and one physical test. Cloud Gate uses a DirectX 11 engine limited to feature level 10 of Direct3D, which makes it suitable for testing DirectX 10 compatible hardware.

Designed for personal computers and laptops.
DirectX 11 engine supporting DirectX 10 hardware.
Includes two graphic tests and one physical test.

Ice Storm Unlimited is an off-screen specialty test for comparing processors and chip chip processors. Use Ice Storm Extreme to compare low cost smartphones and tablets running Android, iOS and Windows. Ice Storm Extreme increases rendering resolution from 1280×720 to 1920×1080 and uses high-quality post-processing textures and effects in Graphics tests.

The 3DMark Overhead API feature test is the first independent test in the world to compare the performance of DirectX 12, Mantle and DirectX 11. Indicate the number of drawing calls that your PC can handle with each API before the rate drops below 30 fps.

Test DirectX 12 (Windows 10 required).
Mantle Test, (with compatible AMD hardware).
Test DirectX 11, both in mono and multi-threaded.

The VRMark preview gives an overview of what to expect from the full, forthcoming version. It does not produce a reference score. For more details on VRMark, please visit this page.

Explore freely a preview of two VRMark test scenes.
Also works with monitors. VR headset not required.
Only in 3DMark Advanced & Professional Editions.

3DMark Professional Edition
Designed to meet the needs of commercial customers.
Licensed for professional and commercial use.
Includes all performance tests and performance tests.
Try a preview of VRMark, our new reference in virtual reality.
Automation and command line script.
Run stress tests from the command line.
Check the driver implementation with the image quality tool.
Keep confidential confidential results with the results option offline.
Export the result data in XML form for further analysis and reporting.
Priority technical support by e-mail and phone.

Recommended configuration:
Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Processor: Intel Dual Core CPU or AMD 1.8 GHz CPU
Memory: 4 GB of system memory
Graphics: DirectX 11 with 1GB of graphics memory
Hard disk: 3 GB free disk space

Editions: Advanced / Professional

What's up


Download from UploadGig

Download from RapidgatorDownload from Nitroflare
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Can advanced SharePoint 2013 Survey settings completely disable the survey?

I have a survey in SharePoint 2013 about which I have a question. In advanced settings, there is an option to set the Create and Edit accesses. If I settle NONE, does that mean that no one will be able to participate in the investigation?

When I looked at this, my initial goal was to allow the user to respond to an inquiry, but not to allow him to see the answers of other users. It may be that the goal has changed so that users can not see any response (including theirs). Is it possible in the same domain?

Group Policy – Advanced PDF File Associations on the Domain

I have a complex setup for which I have trouble putting myself to work. Microsoft is so aggressive for processing default PDF files to Edge. Edge poses many challenges to our organization when working with PDF files and is one of the biggest problems in our help desk. We must prevent Edge from becoming the default.

I understand how to configure a default file association with the help of a GPO and an XML file. However, I have to define the following programs:

PDF by default: Adobe Reader DC
-If the user has Nitro PDF installed, Nitro PDF by default
-If the user has Acrobat Pro 2015/2017 installed, Acrobat Pro by default

I've planned to use a batch file to do this, using DISM and setting the default application association, but the settings do not seem to be and Windows defaults are delivered to Edge because Windows 10 now uses an API and a hash to make sure that the third group applications do not change the default values ​​without the permission of the client. # 39; user.

I know that I can use GPOs to set the default application association. However, with some users needing Nitro PDF and others, from Acrobat Pro, I'm not sure how best to replace the default associations for our users. Ideas?

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updates – Description of the page copied to all advanced field descriptions

I've updated my wordpress version from version 4.9 to version 5.2. After updating all the data from the page description field copied into the page sub-section, the custom field description advances. I tried to delete this data from the description but when I saved them. It comes back in the same field.
The red line in the description section is the text in the description.I do not know why the text is in color writing.And every time I delete the text and save it.It reappears.

The red line in the description section is the text in the description.I do not know why the text is in color writing.And every time I delete the text and save it.It reappears

theming – Advanced HTML field submission data

Hello, dear Drupal users, I've created an advanced HTML element in my web form. When the form is submitted, the advanced HTML element returns to the default setting, which in this case is the A1 option. The user selection and data for this item are not in the submission.

This is the YAML sample form:

  '#type': processed_text
  '#display_on': both
  '#text': |