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5th dnd – Can Shadow Demons hide in melee combat to gain advantage during attacks?

Shadow Demons (MM, 64) have two abilities that seem to want to work together:

  • Shadow Stealth – In dim light or dim light, the demon can perform the Hide bonus action.
  • Claws – Attack with a melee weapon: +5 to hit, reach 5 feet, a creature. Result: 10 (2d6 + 3) psychic damage or, if the demon had an advantage on his attack roll, 17 (4d6 + 3) psychic damage.

The SRD says "You can not hide from a creature that can see you clearly," and the dim light is considered to be slightly obscured. So it would seem that as long as the demon is in a dim light, it can not be seen clearly and can therefore hide as a bonus action.

But there are a number of other questions on the same topic regarding thieves and their cunning action, which seem to suggest that thieves can not use their bonus-action, Hide, to run, to move to the next. free air, then attack with advantage (See Can the thief repeatedly hides in combat to stealthily attack the same enemy (and here), but in this case, the fight is not "at the "free air", it is done in partially obscured conditions Can the movement be included in the action Hide?

And if the demon can successfully hide (assuming he's beating a disputed perception roll) I guess he can attack with advantage?

5th dnd – Will a Warlock using the Dark / Devil Combo combo still have an advantage over ranged attacks against a target outside of Darkness?

I have seen a number of sources citing Darkness / Devil's Sight as a combo for Warlocks in which Warlock attacks have an advantage and the attacks have a disadvantage, due to the strongly effect hidden that generates the blind condition for those who can not see. through the magical darkness. This seems to me quite logical for the warriors of the Melee Blade Pact.

What does not seem unclear to me is if remote attacks from within Darkness – such as Eldritch Explosion – always have an advantage if their target is outside the sphere of effects. My intuition says that on one side, the target can not see the spell being cast, but that she could still see the spell coming after leaving the bubble. I can not say the wording on very dark areas or blindness how it would work.

To be clear, the question is this: Suppose that a warlock with Devil's Sight is in the area of ​​effect of a Dark spell, and they launch Eldritch's Explosion on a target. found outside the Darkness effect area. Do they have an advantage over the jet attack?

How can I take advantage of Bitcoin

For a beginner like me, I still do not understand how these bitcoins work. And I do not mind that someone can help me understand what's going on.

Thank you

what is the advantage of unique content SEO ..?

hi the friend

what is the advantage of unique content SEO ..?

Favicons iconhaving the benefits of SEO?

Hi everybody,

I asked about favicon.ico and its presence on the site. Is it important to have favicon.icon and have an advantage in terms of SEO?

Thanks in advance!

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What is the advantage of the viewfinder "Preview" of a DSLR, while many cameras without a mirror seem to have the same thing?

DSLRs have a direct optical path through the lens. (Well, a straight forward path.) You see the scene with your eyes.

Mirrorless cameras with a viewfinder actually use a small LCD screen. We call this an electronic viewfinder or "EVF". You see the image read from the processed sensor for display, not the scene itself.

Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages. In the past, when FVFs were small, slow, and low resolution, the winner was clearly the optical viewfinder of the digital SLR. Now that technology has improved, it's not necessarily the case. The question Disadvantages of electronic viewfinders? take a closer look at this – but note that this goes back half a decade, so CFE has improved since then.

In some respects, the electronic viewfinder is identical to what you might see on the back screen of the same mirror-less camera, on the back of a point & shoot or on this screen of a live digital SLR. All work the same way. However, the electronic viewfinder allows you to hold the camera against your eye, which has advantages in terms of stability, works in all lighting conditions and can be easier in framing. (In addition, my eyes are about 45 years old and become inflexible, however, I do not have bifocals yet, the viewfinder can be set to a comfortable virtual distance while the back screen does not can not.) are the advantages of the visual filters compared to the rear LCD screen ?.

Tolerance to Byzantine failures – what advantage?

According to wiki, if we had m ​​generals, we would need 2m + 1 to reach the consensus.
So about 66.6% + 1 general

But what is the reason for using a consensus like BFT?
Why can not we get the result of the largest number of generals (50% + 1) to reach consensus?

dnd 5th – Can a Conclave Beast Ranger (UA) multiclassed w / Wizard take advantage of Talking to Animals to cast Suggestion on his own beast?

the Arcana Unearthed: Ranger Revised class makes its most significant changes to the Conclave Beast archetype, and one of those changes, which concerns you the most, is that Animal Companion acts on its own initiative:

AU: Revised Ranger, companion link:

Your pet earns a variety of benefits as long as it is related to you.

The pet loses his multiattack action, if he has one.

The companion obeys your orders the best he can. He launches the initiative as any other creature, but you determine his actions, his decisions, his attitudes, and so on. If you are unable or absent, your companion acts alone.


This is a marked departure from the behavior of the PHB Ranger class, where the companion is explicitly described as taking no action in turn, unless you recommend it to him:

PHB Ranger:

He takes his turn at your initiative, although he takes no action unless you order it from him. In turn, you can verbally command the beast to move (no action required on your part). You can use your action to verbally instruct him to launch the Attack, Dash, Disengage, Dodge, or Help actions. Once you have the Extra Attack feature, you can force a weapon to attack you when you order the Beast to take the Attack action.

Since Suggestion already describes its effect as making sure that the creature follows your intent "to the best of its ability", adding it to the AU: RR Companion's ongoing attempts to "obey your orders the best possible "are redundant. So while nothing prevents you from using Suggestion on your own pet in the way you describe, there is also no need to: The Revised Ranger's Animal Companion is already able to do what you ask him without wasting your action or any of your attacks, nor to give explicit instructions with Suggestion or other similar spells.

Note that the revised Ranger does do not get the Additional attack This feature is normally assigned to other Ranger Conclaves and allows their mate to give an additional attack to their opponent using their reaction at level 5 while the Ranger performs the attack action. So, if your goal is to allow your mate to gain his Reaction Attack while taking two attacks (allowing both characters to get two attacks per turn), you will have to multi-classify into another class with the Extra feature. Attack.

What is the advantage of Google seo ..?

Hello friends,

What is the advantage of Google seo..?