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dnd 5th – Hypnotic Model – Advantage Rolls and Group Attacks

An assistant in my group likes to use the hypnotic model. It's pretty powerful in itself, but the way it's done is:

Failed targets are unable and can not move, attack, or react. He therefore asks the group to circle them one at a time, the whole group benefiting from an advantageous attack for a turn.

I have not thought about questioning this, but looking deeper, should not it be a simple attack and, once the person is affected, return to it? 39 usual initiative?

Encryption – What is Cloud KMS? What is his purpose / advantage of KMS? How it works? How can I use it? (AWS KMS, KMS GCP, Azure Key Vault)

What is the purpose / benefit of KMS?

  1. The KMS prevents the leakage of decryption keys, similar to an HSM, but HSMs are expensive and difficult to use. KMSs are inexpensive and easy to use because they have API endpoints.
  2. KMS shifts the problem of access control to encrypted data from a decryption key management problem (where granular access to impossible access and the ability to revoke it) is replaced by a identity and access management problem (where ACLs can be used to easily manage access, grant granular access, etc. and revoke access.)
  3. Increased auditability and control of access to encrypted data.

Give me a concrete example of a problem that KMS solves and has the advantage of using KMS:

KMS allows you to securely store encrypted secrets in git, so as to avoid leakage of decryption keys. You can control access to encrypted secrets at a specific level and revoke access without having to modify encrypted files.

What is Cloud KMS? How it works?

KMS is an encryption technique that corrects symmetric, asymmetric and HSM encryption faults. This is the basis of future encryption techniques such as encryption anchors.

Abrupt evolution of cryptography

  1. Symmetric encryption keys:
    • The long password is used for both encryption and decryption.
  2. Pairs of public-private key of asymmetric encryption:
    • The public key encrypts the data, the private key decrypts the encrypted data with the public key.
  3. HSM (hardware security modules):
    • Make sure the private key is not disclosed.
    • HSMs are expensive.
    • HSMs are not user friendly or automation.
  4. KMS Cloud (Key Management Services):
    • KMS is a trusted service that encrypts and decrypts data on behalf of customers. It essentially allows a user or machine to encrypt and decrypt data using their identity rather than encryption / decryption keys. (A client authenticates with a KMS, which verifies its identity against an ACL .If it has decryption rights, it can send encrypted data in a request to the KMS, which then decrypt them on behalf of the client and send the decrypted data to the client through a secure TLS tunnel.)
    • KMS are cheap.
    • KMS are exposed via the REST API, which makes them easy to use and automate.
    • KMS are extremely secure, they allow to spend a decade without leaving a key decryption.
    • The invention of the KMS encryption technique introduced 3 deadly features:
      1. When responding to a known violation:
        Before KMS decryption keys are disclosed: You can not revoke a decryption key, which means that you need to rotate multiple decryption keys, re-encrypt all data with the new keys, and try your best to purge the keys. old encrypted data. While doing all of this, you will have to struggle with management to get permission to cause downtime for multiple production systems, minimize downtime, and even if everything is well done, you may not be able to completely purge old encrypted data, as in the case of git history, and backups.
        After KMS, the identity information that has been disclosed is disclosed: the identity information can be revoked, it is useless. The nightmare of re-encrypting the data and purging the old encrypted data disappears. You must always rotate the secrets (identification information as opposed to decryption key), but the act of rotation becomes economical enough to be automated and planned as a preventative.
      2. The management of encrypted data goes from an impossible task involving distributed decryption keys to a trivial task of managing a centralized access control list. It is now possible to easily revoke, edit and assign granular access to encrypted data; and, as a bonus, since the KMS Cloud, IAM, and SSO federations integrate, you can leverage pre-existing user identities.
      3. Cryptographic anchoring techniques become possible:
        • Network Access Control Lists can be applied to the KMS so that data can only be decrypted in your environment.
        • KMS decryption rates can be monitored for a baseline. When an abnormal rate occurs, alerts and a rate limit can be triggered.
    • KMS decryption keys can be secured by an HSM.
    • The leakage possibilities of the decryption keys are practically nil because the clients do not interact directly with the decryption keys.
    • Cloud computing providers can afford to hire the best security professionals and implement the costly business processes necessary to keep key systems as secure as possible. Thus, the possibilities of leakage of the main keys are also almost zero.

How to use KMS?

  • Mozilla SOPS is a tool that encapsulates / summarizes the KMS, it is ideal for securely storing encrypted secrets in git.
  • Helm Secrets Plugin encapsulates Mozilla SOPS to allow you to securely store encrypted Kubernetes yubls in git, and then, when to apply them, the secret values ​​are decrypted transparently at the last minute, just before they happen. pass into a TLS tunnel encrypted directly on kube-apiserver, then Kubernetes can use KMS to encrypt Kubernetes secrets again, so that they are encrypted in a database etcd.
  • You can use it with any tool, independent of the cloud, click here to learn more.

3.5nd dnd – What advantage can an evil Truenamer offer at a low-level party via lazy sacrifices?

The Truenamer manual gives the following interesting advice:

Open the Book of Vile Darkness and read the rules about sacrifices. Then, remember how well the Truenamers get knowledge tests at stupid levels. Between INT focus and the fact that you will probably only accept knowledge, focus class function, universal suitability and hidden truth, you can get an extremely high K check: Religion (the one that is used in sacrifices). of course) from level 3 or higher. Consider a perfectly reasonable Illuminated Truenamer with 16 INT and sigil Naen. . . for almost no investment, you get 6 (ranks) + 3 (INT) + 3 (Focus on Knowledge) + 2 (Naen) + 5 (Universal Ability) + 10 (Hidden Truth) = +29 even before throwing. At the moment you add all the little traps listed on the page. 27 of BoVD, you will be almost guaranteed to reach the highest level of rewards. And it's at the level 3, with the only real investment to be maximized in K: Religion (do not hurt) and placing your Knowledge Focus class function in Religion (which, again, is not a loss). Even if you do not add all the traps, just let a creature you kill every day (but probably unconscious) long enough for your dagger to be out and your naughty master's name repeated several times. roll high enough to get a Free Planar Ally. How is it sweet? Of course, you must be an unrepentant evil, and your GM must accept it, but all the rules are there.

Suppose we have a DM that follows the RAW sacrifice rules and that the Truenamer is as described above (that is, a low level and gets +29 to those controls without even trying) and performs the kind of lazy sacrifice given once a day for its lower part. What benefit will the party get? For simplicity, let's just say that they are sacrificing something banal in a perverse campaign, like a low-level human.

For reference, I've uploaded a screenshot of the two relevant tables here. Above all, I can not help but notice that many of these benefits are treated as if they came from a level 20 launcher. Could this be a revolutionary game?

Liquidity as an advantage.

I wish we discussed liquidity as a benefit of forex trading compared to other online businesses and similar activities, such as stocks.


5th dnd – Is a barbarian Wolf Totem third level getting an advantage over his enemies when an ally is within 5 feet of the enemy?

The wording gives no indication that this feature is personally relevant to you, so there is no reason to believe that this would be the case. Lets you compare it to other totem spirit options at the same level:

Bear. In rage, you have resistance to all damage except psychic damage. The spirit of the bear makes you strong enough to resist any punishment.

Eagle. As long as you are unleashed and you do not wear heavy armor, other creatures have a disadvantage on the opportunity attack rolls against you and you can use the Dash action as a bonus action in turn. The spirit of the eagle makes you a predator able to sneak easily.

  • this option affects other creatures who make opportunistic attacks against you, and you allowing you directly a bonus action dash.

Wolf. While you are raging, your friends have an advantage over melee attack rolls against any hostile creature within 5 feet of you. The spirit of the wolf makes you a leader of the hunters.

  • this option affects your friends.

All of this makes sense from the contextual point of view when you consider what is happening – you have become a "hunter leader" through the spirit of the wolf and you are helping the hunters you lead (your friends) to distract. presence near an enemy – your enemy is distracted or embarrassed by your presence, giving your friends a better chance of making a hit.

What is the advantage of activating the German / Polish repertory at which level is it appropriate?

Please advise me, is it really worthwhile to enable the german / polish directory in the lower levels. What is the use of this option in GSA ser.

What is the advantage of carrying a tripod and ND filters when you can use the image stack instead?

To my knowledge, if you want to take a long exposure of a landscape as shown in the photo below, you have two options:

  1. Carry a heavy tripod wherever you walk, then use a series of expensive ND filters for a 30-second exposure.

  2. Take a quick image separation, then use image-stacking software to align them and average them by mail. This has the added benefit of eliminating hot pixels and noise from the image.

Long exposure of the waterfall

I understand that this may have been more difficult in the past because of memory card usage and computing requirements, but in 2019, is there any reason to always use a heavy tripod? and ND filters to take such photographs?

dnd 5th – Do marked cards or loaded dice have a mechanical advantage?

Do objects such as marked cards or loaded dice have a mechanical advantage?

Not as written, no. The implication is that you should be able to get some benefit when you use them in a capacity test, as if you were using the Game Rules in Xanathar's Guide to Things, but the benefit that this would represent would be no. is not specified.

What is the purpose of these articles if they do not offer such bonuses?

Most of the elements provided by the background of a character serve mainly role-playing tools. The Soldier background provides items such as a rank insignia, which does not have mechanical rules, but that most SMs can often provide as a contextual benefit, for example, attempting to. access a restricted site or intimidate / persuade someone by appealing to authority.

Finally, is there any advice in handling these items if there are no rules to support them?

The simplest way to determine this is simply to provide an advantage over the capacity controls that use this element. So, for example, if you used the game rules in Xanathar's Guide to Everything:

The character performs three controls: Wisdom (Insight), Charisma (Disappointment), and Charisma (Intimidation). If the character has mastery of an appropriate set of play, this mastery of the tool can replace the relevant skill in any of the controls. The CD for each of the checks is 5 + 2d10; generate a separate DC for each. Check out the game results table to see how the character has done.

Money games, Xanathar's Guide to everything, pg. 130

It is easy to say that the use of one of these types of tools would confer an advantage on these results, which could have particularly serious consequences in case of failure, as an example that does not make these particularly complex rules. In the end, what you do is your prerogative as a DM; If you wish to assess the merits of a decision, you may wish to submit a question with your proposed decision and seek feedback, in accordance with the standards applicable to Homebrew / Houserule questions.

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