Decrease in stochastic advantage over general Monte Carlo algorithms

Recall that a Monte Carlo algorithm is $ p $-correct if it gives a correct answer with at least one probability $ p $. In the case of decision problems, where the answer is binary, the repetition of the MC algorithm can increase the confidence that a correct answer is obtained.

However, in the event that more than one possible answer is correct, this confidence can actually decrease. I wonder how many times k $ Should such an algorithm be executed to obtain a confidence in the response less than 50%?

Here is what I did:

Assume that $ k = $ 3 and I have a 75% correct MC algorithm that generates 5 possible answers, of which 4 are correct and 1 is incorrect. I think that in this case, the "correction" of 75% of the algorithm is shared among all the correct answers possible, so that each correct answer has a "probability" of 75% / 4.

Suppose the right answers are $ a, b, c, d $ and a bad answer is $ e $.

In this case, if I list all possible combinations of outputs of an MC algorithm that I run $ k = $ 3 Sometimes I get a list of tuples $ (a, a, a) $, $ (a, a, b) $… and so on, each being associated with a probability of occurrence. So for example $ (a, a, a) $ a probability $ (0.75 / 4) ^ 3 $ to happen and $ (a, a, e) $ a probability $ (0.75 / 4) ^ 2 * 0.25 $.

So, if I build a table associating each possible tuple with its probability of occurrence and I sum the probabilities of all the events for which the algorithm would give the correct answer by a majority vote (the equalities are divided by randomly choosing), this should give me the final result "trust" of the algorithm. In this case, I get numbers around 0.65-0.75 (because of the randomness of the divisions).

However, I have not been able to find a k $ this value is less than 50%.

Ideas if I do something wrong? Help is very much appreciated.

dnd 5th – Are undead controlled by Oathbreaker Control Undead an advantage / disadvantage on the save throw?

Strictly speaking, the Control the undead feature is not the same as "Turn Undead". Other features that make undead (or other types of creatures) pretty self-explanatory about what they do. Take the divinity of the chains of the paladin of devotion, Turn the ungodly, for example:

As an action, you present your holy symbol and utter a prayer censoring the demons and the undead, using your Channel Divinity. All monsters or undead who can see you or hear you within 10 yards of you must make a saving throw of Wisdom. If the creature fails its save throw, he is shot for 1 minute or until he suffers damage.

A creature shot must pass his tricks …

The accent is mine. Functionality as written for clerics is also written in the same way.

In contrast, the Control the undead This feature makes no reference to the "transformation" of the undead that it affects.

As an action, the paladin targets an undead creature that he can see within 10 feet of him. The target must make a saving save of Wisdom. In case of failure of the backup, the target must obey paladin's commands for the next 24 hours, or until the paladin again uses this Divinity of channels option. An undead who has a challenge score equal to or greater than the paladin level is immune to this effect.

Therefore, I do not think it is appropriate, in a strictly RAW decision, to apply the Turn resistance or Turn challenge that creatures like Topi or Ghast have this ability.

Control Undead is very similar to Tower Effects

Although I do not think it is appropriate to treat these effects the same way as RAW, I understand why your DM has grouped them together. Virtually all others Tower The effects of this game come from Channel Divinity options provided to clerics and paladins (and features similar to NPCs and monsters). Both Turn Undead and Control the undead involves saving throws of wisdom applied to the undead by people using their holy (or unholy) power against them.

So, although I do not think your DM has made a RAW decision, I'm inclined to respect it in practice because of the similarities in the source and mechanics of these features, and I could make similar decisions in my own games. .

No future application of Control the undead confers a benefit / a disadvantage

What is directly related to this is that: when I correct the undead's control over an undead that I already have, is he obliged to repeat the death-blow, or do I have a advantage somehow because I already own it?

The feature does not specify any of these features, so you do not gain any advantage in these circumstances. The only circumstance in which you would confuse their saving throw is if a different feature or spell is the cause.

5th dnd – Which builds would take advantage of a dwarf's ability to avoid a speed reduction due to armor?

The speed of a dwarf is not reduced by armor; but the armor gear reductions come from wearing heavy armor without having sufficient power.

Heavy armor: Heavier armor prevents the wearer from moving quickly, furtively, and freely. If the armor board shows "Str 13" or "Str 15" in the Strength column for a type of armor, the armor reduces the player's speed by 10 feet unless the wearer has an equal strength score or higher than the indicated score.

Clerics (some domains), fighters and paladins, all of whom are – to a greater or lesser degree – force-oriented classes, the only classes to have heavy armor. (Have I missed it?)

Thus, apart from a wisdom-oriented cleric or a finesse-based fighter, what types of classes would benefit from the dwarves' speed advantages? Is it really helpful for dwarves to use multiclassing or an exploit to gain heavy skills that their main class would not normally have?

3.5nd dnd – What is the advantage of Monkey Grip?

Monkey Grip allows you to wield a larger weapon at the cost of -2 to attack.

In the best case, a bigger weapon deals 2 extra damage: swordfish 2d6 -> swordfish 2d8. The increase is even lower for smaller weapons.

Attack of power gives you the same damage increase for -1 at the attack, and it is more flexible because you can change the attack penalty and damage from one attack to another.

Why should I choose Monkey Grip?

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Take advantage of a loop for

In my code, I have a for loop that browses a series of items and retrieves a list of tables with different prices depending on VAT. I wanted to know how to get this value and save it to a variable that can be used outside this loop in another part of the file. code


The advantage of online shopping


Online shopping is generally available 24 hours a day, and many consumers have access to the Internet at work and at home. Other organizations, such as cybercafés and schools, also offer access. Requires visits to traditional retailers and must take place during working hours.

When a problem with an item – it's not what the consumer ordered, or what he expected, consumers are concerned about the ease with which they can return the item or repay it. Consumers can contact the retailer, go to the post office and pay for the return, and then wait for a replacement or refund. Some online businesses have a more generous return policy to offset the traditional advantage of physical stores. For example, it includes the labels of the online shoe store for return shipping is free of charge and no restocking fee, even for returns not resulting from an error of the merchant.

Information and review
The online store must describe the product for sale in text, photos and media files, and in physical retail stores, it must actually plant the products and packaging for direct inspection (which may driving, assembly or other tests).

Some online stores provide additional product information, such as instructions, security procedures, demonstrations, or manufacturer's specifications, or link to them. Basic information, tips or practical guides intended to help consumers decide to buy the product.

Some stores even allow customers to comment or rate their items. Dedicated review sites hosting user reviews for different products. Customer reviews and blogs now offer the opportunity to shop cheaper without having to rely on local retailers.

In a traditional retail store, employees are usually available to answer questions. Some online stores offer a real-time chat feature, but most use e-mail or phone calls to process customer requests.

Price and selection
One of the benefits of online shopping is being able to quickly search for items or services offered by different providers (although some local search engines can help consumers find products for sale in nearby stores). You can search search engines, compare prices online, and use the service discovery engine to find the vendor of the product or service.

Shipping costs (if any) reduce the price advantage of online products, although this is possible depending on the jurisdiction, without compensation for this sales tax.

This is an example of buying online from Indonesia:

dnd 5e – What problems might occur with this variant Advantage / Disadvantage?

In the player's manual, it is specified that the Advantage and Disadvange sources "cancel" effectively regardless of their number:

If the circumstances give a result an advantage and a disadvantage, it is considered that there is none and you get a d20. This is true even if several circumstances impose a disadvantage and only one grants a benefit or vice versa. In such a situation, you have neither advantage nor disadvantage.

Intuitively, this rule makes sense, but it has very strange mechanical consequences, especially with regard to several Disadvantages (which is much more common than many Advantage sources).

Take, for example, creature A pulling a Longbow of 550 on its target (conscious and engaged in combat), creature B:

  • From 550 'distance, creature A has a source of disadvantage
  • SOcreature A has a disadvantage on his attack roll

Let's now look at the scenario where this same creature A first enters a thick fog area before attempting to fire and can no longer see its target (and conversely, creature B can no longer see creature A). They are still aware of the location of creature B (because creature B has not moved yet), but they can not see them anyway.

  • From 550 'distance, creature A has a source of disadvantage
  • Unable to see its target, creature A has a source of disadvantage.
  • Unable to see his attacker, creature A has a source of Advantage
  • SO, creature A has no advantage or disadvantage on his attack roll (???)

Do you see the problem? By doing something that, by any objective logic, should have made the shooting more difficult by obscuring the vision of their target, they have rather simplified their shooting; Blinding has resulted in a significant improvement in the accuracy of their shooting.

To solve this problem, I propose to allow several Disadvantages to take precedence over a lower number of Advantage sources. This rule would not be symmetrical; it would not be possible to gain an advantage with any number of sources of disadvantage. That's my proposal [re-]the wording of this paragraph:

Variant – Several sources of advantage or disadvantage. If circumstances make a role present both an advantage and a disadvantage, compile the sources of advantage and disadvantage conferred on that role. If the number of Disadvantages sources exceeds the number of Advantage sources, the disadvantage result is Disadvantage. Otherwise, the jet is made without any advantage or inconvenience; to have an excessive number of sources Advantage will not give an advantageous result.

The purpose of this rule is to prevent characters from performing strange "trick shots" like the ones I described above, in which a course of action that should logically make an action more difficult makes it easier.

Are there common / noticeable situations in which this decision could be against you? If so, what are these circumstances?

Why not symmetrical?

The short version is that Advantage, for me, represents the circumstances where a character is particularly capable to perform any task that they are trying to perform, that it is to escape from the explosion of a fireball or succeed in shooting with an arrow. If certain circumstances interfere with their ability to do so, even if they receive a lot of bonuses, their interference should usually cancel anything that is easy for them.

5th dnd – Part hidden before the attack. Surprise? Advantage? Both?

Our clever heroes found the goblins in a small encampment in the woods. Completely unaware of the threat that surrounds them, the goblins are sitting around a fire, easily prey to the band of hidden adventurers hiding in the trees.

The party is attacking! Arrows rain, spells are thrown and sword bearers rush into them. Our group …

Attacks to the advantage because they are hidden?
Gets only a surprise trick to catch the goblins without knowing it?
Both have the surprise and the advantage?

What are the scenarios in which each of the above would happen?

[2013] Yahoo Advantage Answers in Seo?

What are the advantages of Yahoo Answers in terms of SEO?

How does this help in website promotion?

Please guide.