understanding how google adwords headlines / descriptions work

It says I need five headlines. If I try to add less I get a “Too few elements in the collection” error. Does Google switch out between the headlines? What if I’d rather it just use one headline for all ads? I tried to copy / paste the same headline 5x and got an error about duplicates existing.

I looked at another existant campaign on my website and that campaign appears to have 3x duplicate headlines (not 5x). Is that campaign just kinda being grandfathered in?

And what if I wanted certain headlines to go with certain descriptions? From the UI there doesn’t appear to be a way to link the two.

Finally, does the order of the headlines / descriptions matter?

Any ideas?

Google AdWords to get some Traffic

Hey there,

I’m currently trying to get my first site up and running. I’m pretty new to SEO and Online Marketing since I’m more of a Web D… | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1842427&goto=newpost

Google Ads (Adwords): How does one "remove" or "unset" Campaign Groups?

Google Ads (Adwords): How does one "remove" or "unset" Campaign Groups?

Not like this:

enter image description here

wordpress – Set a Google AdWords campaign objective for a URL with a query string

We will launch a Google AdWords campaign for our website.

On our website, we have a page to let users to send us a form for contact. After a user clicks on Envoyer, the page will be redirected to https://example.com/?cf_id=20 (note that the id number in the end may change)

My colleague wants to set a campaign objective for this clicking of Envoyer. Does anyone know if it is possible to set an objective for that (e.g., a URL with a query cf_id)?

PS: Our website is built with WordPress and the form is built with calderaforms.com

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advertising – All of my Google AdWords accounts are suspended because I used the same credit card?

Only Google can say why your card was considered, “suspicious.”

This is usually because they believe it is fraudulent in some manner (for instance, it’s not your card). Although the support page is somewhat vague on the details, it clear that they only do it when they think you’re breaking the law by using that payment method.


This only affects you and that payment method, not the sites you wished to advertise. Someone else can still set up an Ads account to advertise your websites (although I would strongly recommend not attempting to use that payment method again).

You could create a new account to attempt this yourself, but if Google have told you not to and they catch you (and they will) you’ll have those accounts shut down as well.

In future, if Google think your payment method is suspicious, it’s usually best to simply replace it rather than argue with them.

How can i do google adwords for my website_?

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Linking it to Adwords to Google Search Console + Cannot Verify http:// property

Good day everyone and thanks for taking the time to read this.

I have a problem with linking my Google Adwords to my Search Console and have tried to reverse engineer the issue to no avail.

  1. Go to Adwords > Tools and Settings > Linked Accounts > Search Console > Click Details
  2. The site URL that I am allowed to verify is http:// our account is a domain property on Search Console as well as having our https:// and http:// properties.
  3. I cannot verify the property in adwords

Can anyone help here?


Domain property is verified
https:// url of the domain property is verified
https://subdomain on the domain property is verified
http:// verified

Google Adwords only gives me the option to connect to search console via the http:// url

I try to connect Adwords to search console and it cannot verify the property that is verified in search console!

Thank you!

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