SQL Server – Do varchar (max), nvarchar (max), and varbinary (max) columns affect selected queries?

Consider this table:

create table books
Id bigint non null primary key identity (1, 1),
UniqueToken varchar (100) not null,
    [Text] nvarchar (max) non-null

Imagine that we have more than 100,000 books in this table.

We now have 10,000 books of data to put in this table, some of which are in duplicate. We must first filter the duplicates, then insert new books.

One way to check for duplicates is:

select UniqueToken
of books
where UniqueToken in
& # 39; first single token & # 39 ;,
& # 39; second single token & # 39;
- 10,000 articles here

Does the existence of Text column affects the performance of this query? If so, how can we optimize it?

I have the same structure, for other data. And it's not going well. A friend told me that I should divide my table into two tables as follows:

create a table BookUniqueTokens
Id bigint non null primary key identity (1, 1),
UniqueToken varchar (100)

create table books
Id bigint non null primary key,
    [Text] nvarchar (max)

And I have to do my duplicate search algorithm on the first table only, and then insert data into both. In this way, he claimed that the performances were much better because the tables were physically separate. He claimed that [Text] column affects everything to select query on the UniqueToken column.

Do comments affect Google's ranking?

Do comments affect Google's ranking? | Talk Web Hosting

& # 39;);
var sidebar_align = & # 39; right & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;)
// ->

  1. Do comments affect Google's ranking?

    Yes, the comments affect the ranking of Google. When I say comments, I do not mean when you go to a blog or website and leave a comment and link back to your website. I mean the comments people leave on your website. The comments on your website have always been important, but with the new Google update, they are gaining even more weight because Google translates this as a user experience. You visit dozens of websites today, but you will probably not leave any comment on any of them. You have to be provoked (positive or negative) to leave a comment, and as many comments as your site contains, Google considers it as a better user. experience. If people on your website leave comments such as "keep it up, keep going, have a good job, you switch … Google thinks it's spam." Google gives more value to longer comments, especially if people start So, to improve your rankings, you need to provoke people positively or negatively to engage in a conversation in your comments.
    In conclusion: are comments a decisive factor for the NO classification, are they an important factor YES.

  2. Yes, you did mention the comment, it should be as long as possible and relevant.

  3. Quote Originally posted by Litonkrl
    See the article

    Yes, you did mention the comment, it should be as long as possible and relevant.

    I have not seen the benefits up to now. I want to be sure.

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5th dnd – Does the number of animals pulling a cart affect the speed at which they can travel?

To add to my question here about the draw ability of a mullet, I was curious to know how to thoroughly process additional information.

For example, does the 5th RAW or RAI take into account the number of animals pulling a vehicle to determine its speed (for example, two mules carrying the same wagon will benefit from an increase in movement speed? 5 feet)? Or is the only benefit of having a second mullet an increase in pulling weight of 1700 lbs. at 3,800 lbs?

boot – Will a full installation of Ubuntu 18.10 on a USB stick affect the hard drive of the machines I'm going to connect it to?

In accordance with the title, I installed Ubuntu 18.10 (and the bootloader grub) on a USB stick that I can but in UEFI mode from any computer.

My question is if I run any command from the terminal (mainly apt) that will in any way affect the hard drive of the machine I'm working on or I will be totally safe and Ubuntu will only work on its USB key for updates and others?

starfinder – Does the Corona Aura of Solarian Revelation (same name) affect allies?

All the sources and forums I've visited, when they talk about Solarian revelations for melee construction, suggest that Corona is a great revelation … when they are tuned) affects the enemies. It's their change of wording in "enemies" that has me confused because the text says that:

When you are in agreement or totally to the agreement, any creature that
start his turn next to you while your crown is in effect
suffers fire damage equal to half your Solarian level.

This means that all allies close to you, at the beginning of their turn, will suffer fire damage (equal to half the level). Am I right? My group has many situations in which the fighting is tight (in the corridors), and my character is tall, so there seems to be a lot of situations where its use would also be detrimental to my party.

Put unique ID in the category section and subcategory URL will affect SEO?

Consider that we have a website URL www.abc.com/category/sub-category/article-c7228.html.

We plan to add unique identifiers this way.
www.abc.com/Category-a1352 /sub-category-d3826 /article-c7228.html.

We are concerned that this affects our SEO value?
Please let us know that we can use unique identifiers for category and subcategory sections, as in the example above.

mutants and brains 3rd – Can immortality affect others?

Ok, I have a strange one here.

So a player from my group got an interesting ability. I am extremely happy with its innovative spirit, but it seems to be sort of … as if it was not supposed to happen, from a rules point of view.

The effect is rank 20 of immortality, with supported, affects others and limited to others.

He uses it as a sort of extreme Raise Dead spell. By touching someone, they acquire the effects of immortality and, as he occupies rank 20, they do so in one turn.

I'm not opposed to that happening, and I adore the fact that he's willing to spend 20 PP just for the sake of resurrecting the dead, but is that possible, RAW ? This seems rather dubious from the point of view of the RAI, since Healing is actually an extra of the Resurrection.

Can any one share a glimpse of this? Are there any rules against he?

How will this affect SEO if I hide images on the desktop but display them on a mobile?

If it is only for an image and it is not the most semantically important image, do not worry, you will not become a panel to swap a picture.

And Google understands the difference between hiding content for design reasons and hiding content for SEO manipulations. You do not hide keywords, links, etc., it's just a design element and they know the difference.

In your scenario, I would probably prefer different background images to be shown depending on the size of the screen.

Some examples of tags:

@media (max-width: 768px) {
background-image: url (& img / some-image.jpg & # 39;)
bottom size: cover;
@media (maximum width: 414 pixels) {
background-image: url (& # 39; / img / a-different-image.jpg & # 39;)
bottom size: cover;

If you want to make sure that you display the "alt" tag, using the "picture" tag may be the best solution as it gives the impression that your image actually changes presentation and concept depending on the size of the image. # 39; screen. (This means it's not just the same image made smaller).

    semantic description

– Allows you to display a completely different image more suited to the size of the screen
– The browser has no choice and will display the image you specify based on the media request.
– You still have the tag alt = "" present

– These images will not be automatically stretched or reduced to fill the parent div. You should therefore virtually list each screen size to make sure that the image correctly fills the parent div tag.

In general, you can get by using a responsive "srcset" image to completely fill the parent tag. So:

semantic description

– The browser automatically chooses the image of the most appropriate size and only loads that image.
– The image always stretches proportionally to fill the div parent container
– You always have the advantage of having the alt tag = "" present

– You are essentially loading the same image but it is just being resized.
– The browser decides which image to load in which scenario

Another option is a responsive sprite that will always allow you to have an alt tag. The advantages are that the image will be automatically resized according to the parent div container and you will also have the option to include an "alt" tag.

Here are some examples of tags for you:

Description of the semantic image
.my-bg-img { width: 50%; } .responsive-sprite { maximum width: 100%; bottom size: 100%; background-image: url (& # 39; / img / your-sprite-image.jpg & # 39;) bottom position: 0 49.545136%; bottom size: 100.747065%; }

– Markup is easier than listing more than 10 different image sizes and is robust for all screen sizes
– This also reduces the requests for resource extraction if you have multiple images on the same sprite.
– Always allows to have the tag & # 39; alt & # 39;

– It always loads the same image, regardless of the size of the screen. Although you can fight this by simply declaring a different background image via a media request, a new responsive sprite image would be loaded.

Just search Google for "responsive sprite generator" and this generator in 1st place gives you all the markup you need.

I hope it will help a little ..

sharepoint online – Does the new mega menu on the Hub site show subsites in the associated site collection? what does it look like? How does this affect navigation?

The mega-menu is not yet available for my renter and I wonder how he will show the subsites – what will that look like. I am currently faced with a dilemma: creating an entirely new site that I will associate with the hub site or creating a subsite under an existing site associated with that hub site. I'm considering a subsite because I want to use search columns to reference lists in the site collection. If I create an entirely new site, I will not be able to do it. However, discussions took place on the desirability of creating separate sites and associating them with a hub or creating a subsite. In this case, I think I need a subsite, but I do not know how it will work for navigation. I would ideally like it to be an entirely different site because I think the site topic warrants it, but I would lose this association of listings. We only use one pivot site at the present time and in the near future.

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