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Salutations to all! I call Sergio Burret and I work in a partnership program at VeePN. Do not rush to go to Google and search the brand. You will see below all the details.

I would like to share with you a new, relatively competitive niche, which breaks all trends with affiliates of the global network.

Niche, which products are used by 99% of webmasters and if they are not – will soon be behind the niche. It is impossible to achieve success either in Google or in Facebook without the product. As currently, the reality depends on your GEO – you will not get access to the content of the media or website blocked by the government.

VeePN – is a virtual private networks (VPN) multi-platform service. PC and mobile software used to securely and anonymously receive free access to all content, reliable data transfer protection and personality protection on the Internet.

The use of technology is not limited by a short GEO list, the VPN is used on all continents. The target audience – the most solvent. Most of them are 22-35 years old. men from the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The potential and the volume of the market show us constant growth every year:

• 2017 – $ 18.0 billion.
• 2018 – $ 20.6 billion.
• 2019 – $ 23.6 billion.
• 2020 – $ 27.1 billion.
• 2021 – $ 31.1 billion.

For example, for 2019, the total market for online dating is estimated at $ 1.6 billion in revenue.

So, the main question – why someone instead of you will taste these sweets?

What are we proposing and for whom is our partnership program?

For webmasters
There is no money in excess and you do not want to post growing banner with tea or balm? Solution – Publish our banner or post-evaluation and passively win a few thousand US dollars a month on the RevShare model

For referees
Tired of supporting adwords / fb accounts and the usual bans of concealment? Our white niche with high margin VPN product is for you :)

For doors
The niche is virgin, the semantic core is giant and the search frequency – millions per month. The doors do not crawl? We convert any geo or language. Our loan pages are located in 14 languages ​​and payments are adapted for the whole world. The doors do not want to come by high frequency? Take blank low frequencies. throws doors very fast? Make the doors for Baidu

This is not a casino, a pharmacy or a trial, and the risks of losing the website or receiving a filter due to another update of the search system during the promotion of quality are minimized. The wide geographical selection according to where you are the best – you can start not only with the United States. When you reach the top just once, you will be able to do not only your work, but everything else, traveling, family, etc.

For influencers
Are you a social media guru and the leader of your subscribers? Tell your audience how to protect their Internet membership, how to protect freedom and beyond income, you will strengthen your own authority. The product is "white" and there is no chance of damaging your reputation.

Partner Benefits
– CPA and RevShare offerings;
– High commissions – up to 117% by purchase and 35% by rebill;
– 10% of the reference payments;
– Enter from any GEO;
– The lifespan of cookies is 120 days;
– The partner will have a personal manager, who will help at any time;
– Possibility to develop individual creations and banners of all sizes and formats after the request of the partner;
– possibility of receiving exclusive conditions with good volumes of quality traffic;
– Fast Payments using the highest amount of the most popular payment systems.

Benefits for customers
– Open access to any content in any region, 2500 servers in 50 different locations;
– Ability to download torrents without being punished (in Germany, fines for downloading torrents start from 2,500 EUR) and bypass restrictions on access to adult content (from 2019, fines for have watched porn in China are from $ 10,000);
– Maintenance of all current platforms: iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Android and applications for all popular browsers: Chrome, Opera, Firefox;
– One license and up to 10 devices will be protected, anonymous and will work at one time;
– Absence of newspapers. Nobody and will never know about your Internet business;
– The Smart VeePN proprietary and secure encryption protocol, which allows you to bypass any vpn blocking, even if it is the Great Firewall of China or a local blocking in UAE, SA, TM;
In addition to encryption, the protocol masks the user's traffic and prevents to determine that the user uses vpn (real for UAE, the fine for the use of vpn being 100,000 USD).

If you have questions, proposals or wishes – go to contacts, we are always open to dialogue and will be happy to help you.


Skype: live: 4882bd1c883504bd

Promotion of the affiliate program by niche

I'm calling Oleg. I am the CTO of Fast Buds. One of the leaders in the industry.
We would like to promote our new affiliate program on your platform.
The main offer is the legal delivery of cannabis seeds around the world (except in the United States).
Let me know if we can promote on your platform and what is the best way to do it (ads, paid thread, etc.)?
Thanks in advance

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    hey, use whatever the duration of your assignment, they will provide it in less time and with a quality of work of 100%. This service is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can use it anytime. and best of all, they did not take a lot of money urgently because they understood the needs of the student.

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    I understand you and recommend using a custom writing service. I found it when I was studying and using their help for my dissertations and dissertations. With such a service, I save a lot more money and the work went well. So you can easily use it.

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    Web developer

    Which football team, champion is your favorite?

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    Ketoviante is a proud manufacturer created using biological laboratories based primarily in the United States. The agency offers dietary supplements for fitness and weight loss that can be clinically compounded by Ketoviante Philippines and that contain one hundred percent of safe substances that are demonstrated by strict tactics. To get more information, visit here:

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New affiliate programs have been added to Nifty Stats

Dear users,

We are constantly adding new affiliate programs to Nifty Stats, this month so far:

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These statistics and thousands of other affiliate programs can be tracked via Nifty Stats – your sales, your expenses and of course the ability to create sales and expense analyzes.

The complete list of affiliate programs and supported advertising networks is available on our website.

Do not miss any program from our list? Just send it to us and we will be happy to add it to our database.

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Nifty Stats

GuruMedia Ltd | CPS Affiliate Network | More than 1000 offers, All geos | Convert 4% more than anywhere else | NewProxyLists


Guru Media International is a full service advertising agency and a network of affiliates.
Combining decades of online experience,
Guru Media aims to go beyond the rest through devotion and perseverance.
Success is our only option and excellence through the fulfillment of our credo.

– 10 years of activity

– More than $ 125,000,000 in payments since 2010.

– More than 1000 offers

– Smart tracking

– weekly payments

– dedicated account manager by email / Skype

– Highest payments

– Weekly list of new and best offers

– Accept now new or super affiliates

GuruMedia allows you to convert 4% more compared to other networks by incorporating

Zomex Affiliate Program ~ Web Hosting Templates, Web Hosting and Design Services | Many tools, free

Zomex specializes in web hosting models in a variety of formats including WHMCS, WordPress, Blesta and HTML. We also provide web hosting, design services, including logos, banners, mascots and software services, including WHMCS and WordPress. Our affiliate program is free and easy to join.

> Learn more / join the Zomex Affiliate Program <

Provide reseller hosting?

If this is the case, your customer will need a template for start their web hosting business. This is where Zomex comes in. We provide premium web hosting templates for WHMCS, WordPress, Blesta, HTML and you can make up to $ 15 / sale by promoting them to your customers.

We also provide services that would be vital for any new reseller web hosting including WHMCS installation and configuration, reseller account automation, logo / banner design, WHMCS modules and much more via! All this is going add extra value your reseller hosting offers to ensure that your customers make the best use of their reseller account and continue to renew month after month.

The key to the best affiliate programs is the best products and support. We offer some of the best web hosting models available and we are renowned for the quality of our support, unmatched in the industry. We also took a long time to develop tools and options for our affiliates, including banners, code snippets, iframe integration and more than 40 links to different pages of our website giving you total control.

—– Join the Affiliate Program of Web Hosting Models # 1 —–



– WordPress themes – $ 15.00 commission
– WHMCS models – $ 10.00 commission
– Blesta models – $ 7.00 commission
– HTML templates – $ 7.00 commission


– WHMCS configuration – $ 4.00 commission
– WHMCS integration – $ 4.00 commission
– Upgrading the WHMCS – $ 4.00 commission
– WHMCS Security – $ 4.00 commission
– WHMCS Installation – $ 1.00 commission
– Logo design – $ 5.00 commission
– Banner design – $ 3.00 commission

Characteristics of the affiliate program

We believe that we offer one of the best affiliate programs for web hosting models because we are specialized in this area.

Many affiliate tools

—- beautiful banners
—- over 40 links to various landing pages (includes demo, sales page and payment page of all models)
—- Ready-to-use HTML integration code – instantly display the templates on your website. The code generates template feature areas with command now, learn more, display demo links and an image of all models. All this code is also sensitive
—- partner page – New! – Your own page on with your logo. All links on your page are affiliate links, so you will earn a commission on all purchases made from your page. It's a quick and easy way to promote our models and services to your customers.
– Real time reports and statistics
– Fast and reliable payments
– Instant access to our program and tools
– Free to join
– Access to affiliate support that can help implement / integrate our tools

—– Check out our full range of affiliate resources —–

We look forward to hearing from you

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to answer this question or to contact our

sales department at sales (at) zomex com

or contact me personally at jack (at) zomex com

Thank you for your interest in our services and have a good day!

Best wishes
Jack Curtis – CEO

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