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What is the best way to market and look for affiliates this 2020?

Few years ago the norm was to post on forums. Now what is the best way to market and look for affiliates to promote my products?

Cheers and thanks in advance

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How much do affiliates get paid for this type of program?

How much do affiliates get paid for this type of program?

Suppose you only have to link from your affiliate website to main website,
and when people click that link, and sign up on main website, then you get paid per verified signup.
How much amount do you get paid per successful signup?

Successful/verified means confirmed by email verification or phone verification.





The GO Unlimited service, which may be known by the name of many of you, is one of the oldest services specialized in the field of video hosting. The goal of the service has always been to ensure the provision of a secure and stable platform for its long-term partners, in addition to providing features and characteristics commensurate with their aspirations and of course renewed development in order to ensure keeping pace with industry requirements.

GO Unlimited…

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I will create an affiliate marketing program on your WordPress site for $15

I will create an affiliate marketing program on your WordPress site

Hello there – Welcome

I’m going to set up an AutoBlog where Ebay goods are automatically posted on it and you’re going to get the Credit from every sale. Its completely WordPress affiliate marketing and 100% Legit process.

Every product, based on your niche will automatically posted on your website with your WordPress affiliate link.

You will get the following.

1. Full Working Business WordPress Website

2. eBay Affiliate WordPress Auto Blog

3. Premium Plugins

4. Premium WordPress Themes

5. Passive Income on Autopilot from eBay through WordPress

6. Social Media Accounts

7. Backlinks

8. Seo Optimized WordPress Website

Sometimes you need to run paid advertisements to get maximum and desired results.

Contact me, i can design 3 type website for your affiliate marketing



Evoload.io – Multi-Quality | 10 Sec Payouts | API | FTP | Premium | High speed | Affiliates | NewProxyLists

Hi Everyone!
My name is Jason, i’m the official representative of Evoload.IO ,I am your Affiliate Manager

# What is Evoload.IO

Evoload.io is a premium quality host made for stability and scalability by the team behind Jetload.NET which gained the trust of a lot of users & webmasters

Evoload.IO is the better and more upgraded version of Jetload.NET with massive amount of features, with excellent streaming speed and perfect interface

# Technical Side
– Front-end Angular JS
– Back-End NodeJS,Haproxy,Openresty,Nginx,Zevenet
– Uses Web Socket for real time experience

# Features

– Can be used as File & Video host.
– Auto payout for up to 100$/payment, up to 3 payouts automatic payouts per day (Payouts are made 10 seconds after request).
– Tus Upload (Resumable Upload up to 20G)
– Real-time remote Upload
– FTP Upload
– Clone Upload
– All our servers are 10G port speed
– Real Time remote upload
– Live encoding/remote progress bar
– Advanced File Manager with Keyboard support
– Multi Quality (Premium)
– Referral System up to 10% on each payment.
– High advanced Subtitles Manager with lot of functions !
Search, Sort, Filter, Add to multiple files, Edit , Bulk Edit , Bulk Add
– DMCA Manager with options to instantly re-activate any removed file.
– Inactivity Files Manager
– PIN security
– Support for remote subtitles via URL
– Support for FTP URLs via Remote upload
– Possibility to use your own ads
– Ability to switch preferred servers choose between high speed & high encoding servers.
– Very advanced API
– Premium accounts
– Inactivity Plans
– Hot Traffic Plans
– Special API for Webmasters
– Email Notifications for DMCA (can be enabled/disabled)
– Allow downloading of files

Demo for Real-time encoding progress:

Demo for Remote Upload Progress:



– Rates for all other countries: 3$
– The rates are based on 10000 views or downloads
– Attempts to gain revenue with misleading or other unethical methods will result in immediate suspension.
– We pay using Paypal,Skrill,Neteller,WebMoney,Bitcoin,Payoneer
– Bitcoin Payments are automatic once you have received 3 payments
– Auto Payout means, you get paid 10 seconds after request automatically
– Manual Payments are issued withing 6h to 24h
– Minimum is 10$


We know how important data is for many users and webmasters, that’s why Evoload.IO is offering special premium accounts depends on your needs:

Premium Plans

Default Premium Plan:
– 1080P Encoding
– Multi Quality streaming HD/SD (in case the video is MP4)
– Inactivity 75 Days
– 0 Ads for your account
– Priority Encoding
– Priority Remote Upload
– Allow your users to download original video and encoded video
– Allow your users to stream original video and encoded video
Price : 10$/m

VIP Premium Plan:
– All features in Default Premium Plan
– Multi-Quality 480,720p,1080p
– Inactivity 120 Days
Price: 25$/m

Webmaster Premium Plan
– All features in VIP Premium Plan & Default Premium Plan
– Multi-Quality 360p,480p,720p,1080p
– Inactivity 190 Days
– premium servers
Price: 60$

Inactivity Storage Plans:

* Inactivity Storage is charged depends on your inactive files, for example if you us 10TB, and 1TB is inactive you pay just for 1TB

1 TB Inactivity Storage : 6$/m
Files life time: Life time (files never removed)

2 TB Inactivity Storage : 12$/m
Files life time: Life time (files never removed)

5 TB Inactivity Storage : 30$m
Files life time: Life time (files never removed)

* Your videos are hosted on premium storage servers, all of them with RAID 5 for maximum data security.

Hot Link (Premium Traffic) Plans:

* Premium Traffic allows you to serve your videos with 0 ads & super fast streaming!
* Premium Traffic Plans are not monthly, you pay only in case you want to refill your account

10TB Pack : 15$ one time

20TB Pack: 30$ one time

50TB Pack: 50$ one time

Lease to your own:

We can setup for you your own Dedicated Server linked to our system

– We order and setup for you the server
– Setup fee is 50$ one time
– monthly extra charge is 20$/m


– We do all the dirty work for you, instead of buying very expensive scripts or cheap scripts with a lot of bugs and security issues, Evoload can do all of this for you, you upload via our panel to your own un-shared server!
– Managed (never worry about your server it’s fully managed by specialist)
– Unshared ( it’s your own server)
– 0 ads


If the core of a script is badly written, you will spent your whole life fixing bugs​

After running Jetload.NET for over 2 years, we decided to give up on it we made some mistakes in the past for example using HLS, working with the wrong data centers, losing some files and many more

We have learned a lot about hosting , what mistakes happens what could happens in the future, how to stabilize things and how to have a perfect made system that works for everyone and of course bug free
how to handle a lot of uploads, encoding issues, inactive storage?

The solution was for us, a brand new platform completely written from 0 and that’s the first time where Evoload.io came to life.
We spent 5 months in writing and 7 month beta in optimizing and bug fixing, in total 1 year before launching here in Wjunction we toke our time and we made finally a script which has a perfect back-end.

Evoload.io is designed in a way to scale easier since we use multiple types of servers, Streaming,Archive,GPU,Caching,CDN and multiple types of hard drives HDD & NVME for best performance which guarantee 0 buffering during all the time

Not only that, we have completely stopped to use 1G servers, we use only multiple premium high speed 10G servers! we bring streaming into a new whole level.

And Finally we made it, and published it here officially

#Jetload.net Future

# What will happens to Jetload.NET ?
– The Upload will be disabled completely very soon, which means you will be not able to upload anything

# What will happens to my videos?
– Your videos will be safe for maximum 12 months on Jetload.NET, after 12 months Jetload will be closed.

# What will happens to my account on Jetload?
– Nothing!, for the next 12 months you will be able to view dashboard,request payments, view files etc.. same like before, the only thing is you cannot upload that’s all.

# Can you transfer my files to Evoload?
– Right now it’s not possible, that’s why we are giving you 1 Year of time to move your files

# When the Upload will be stopped exactly?
– The upload on Jetload.NET will be stopped the 12/10/2020

# I still have some pending on Jetload
– All Payouts are cleared by the 7th oct.

Thank you
Best Regards
Jason – Evoload.io

Travel Affiliates Website with blogger platform


y u no do it?

Advertise virtually anything here, with CPM banner ads, CPM email ads and CPC contextual links. You can target relevant areas of the site and show ads based on geographical location of the user if you wish.

Starts at just $1 per CPM or $0.10 per CPC.

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The trick is to have a freshly written LP angle and create an LP from scratch! BannersLanders is right here to fill in this gap for you!

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email: [email protected]


Could use an advice for getting more affiliates | NewProxyLists


I recently started my own affiliate program.

I created it using Post Affiliate Pro website.

My niche is herbal supplements for Men’s sexual health.

I’ve posted my program on this forum and on 5, 6 several other popular affiliate forums.

My worry is that I don’t get any affiliates to join. I have only 2 people registered so far but no other interest or even questions
(It has been more than a week since I started promoting)

Can you give me some kind of advice, I really believe in my product.

I offer 40% per sale. + 2nd tier 10%

Thanks for your time