legal – If people from diff countries have sex in a third country with a very low age of consent, are they arrested in the girl’s country?

The age of consent is sometimes low, e.g. 13 in Niger, and I would like to know, if people from two different European countries had sex there, ages 13 and 18, would the man be arrested in the girl’s country? Or is it legal?

visas – Should I mention that I was removed from the UK at age 14?

I was removed at the age of 14, I was dependent and now I am making a student visa application. It asks:

Have I ever been removed or deported or breached UK rules?

Should I say yes? Or should I say no because I was under 18 and it wouldn’t count.

My removal reason was “refusal of asylum” and it was on a different name. Should I disclose everything or just say no and submit it?

probability or statistics – Mean age of people

values = {14, 15, 16, 22, 24, 25};
weights = {1, 1, 3, 2, 2, 5};

You can also use WeightedData:

Mean @ WeightedData[values, weights]

This also works with symbolic input:

values = Array[Subscript[x, #] &, 5];
weights = Array[Subscript[w, #] &, 5];

Mean @ WeightedData[values, weights] 

enter image description here

TeXForm @ %

$$frac{w_1 x_1+w_2 x_2+w_3 x_3+w_4 x_4+w_5 x_5}{w_1+w_2+w_3+w_4+w_5}$$

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campaign settings – What happens on a critically failed secret check while camping in “Age of Ashes – Cult of Cinders”?

I have a question concerning the Camp in the Mwangi Jungle activity taking place during the exploration of the jungle in the part 2 Cult of Cinders of the Age of Ashes campaign.

The activity is described below:

Setting up a camp in the Mwangi Jungle takes about an hour and requires one PC to attempt a secret DC 22 Survival check to determine the quality of the campsite. Utilizing Ekujae mosquito netting they provide grants the PC a +2 circumstance bonus to this Survival check. At your option, other precautions taken by the PCs can instead grant this bonus, but multiple tactics are not cumulative. Certain magic spells like magnificent mansion or rope trick, or magic items like an instant fortress, can create shelters that result in an automatic success at camping in dangerous terrain like the Mwangi Jungle, but at this point in their adventuring careers, the PCs are unlikely to have access to this type of magic. This activity assumes the PCs are resting for 8 hours.

Critical Success The camp serves the PCs well, allowing them to rest and make their daily preparations upon waking without difficulty. The camp is also camouflaged or protected, and as a result, there is no chance of a random encounter while the PCs rest.

Success The camp serves the PCs well, allowing them to rest and make their daily preparations upon waking without difficulty.

Failure The camp doesn’t effectively prevent insects, rain, and other unpleasant jungle elements from reaching the PCs. The PCs can still rest and make their daily preparations, but each PC is also exposed to dysentery (see sidebar).

Critical Failure The camp is an utter mess. The PCs are exposed to both dysentery and malaria (see sidebar). In addition, they gain no benefit from rest during the time spent camping, and they instead become fatigue.

I’m not sure what are the rules for the critical failure when it’s written “they gain no benefit”. I guess they do not regain any HP. But what about spell and focus spell slots?

spellcasting – 13th Age Ritual question – expenditure?

In the book, it states these are the steps of casting ritual magic:

  1. Choose the spell that will be used and expended by the ritual.
  2. Tell the GM what you are trying to accomplish and gather necessary ingredients for the ritual.
  3. Spend 1d4 minutes/quarter-hours/hours (as determined by the GM) preparing and casting the ritual. You can’t cast other spells during this period. A PC taking damage won’t necessarily end the ritual, but it will be ruined if a character falls unconscious or launches an attack of their own.
  4. Make a skill check using one of your magical backgrounds and the ability score the GM deems appropriate. Use the standard DC targets (or a special DC set by the GM), depending on your tier and the results you’re hoping for. The higher the level of the spell consumed by the ritual, the greater the effect.
    No matter the outcome, the spell is expended until your next full heal-up.

My question is, What does “expended” indicate? A cleric gets a certain number of spell slots per day and selects what spells are in those slots. I am assuming ritual magic is being used on spells not selected for those slots, or rituals wouldn’t be required. So what exactly is being “expended?” Does it just mean that you can’t do another ritual of the same spell until full heal-up? Can you perform a ritual for a spell that you have already expended with a normal skill slot? (an extra cure wounds when you have already cast it from a slot?) I love how open ended this is, but the language in the book is really hard to parse at times. DA 20 AGE 16 YEARS
DA 20 PA 18
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Age 16 Years
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I get so irritated by error messages on my old age….

Hello guys,
Why do I get this error message? I try not to click anything, and rarely visit as a result. I have no patience for things that … | Read the rest of

Tomcat 9.0.29 – HTTPS threads age, max connections reached, Tomcat not responding on 8443

In the last two weeks I’ve had two occurrences where a single CentOS 7 production server hosting a public webpage has become unresponsive. The first time, all 300 available “https-jsse-nio-8443” threads were consumed, with the max age being around 45minutes, and all in a “S” status. This time all 300 were consumed in “S” status with the oldest being around ~16minutes. A restart of Tomcat on both occasions freed these threads and the website became responsive again. The connections are post/get methods which shouldn’t take very long at all.
CPU/MEM/JVM all appear to be within normal operating limits.
I’ve not had much luck searching for articles for this behavior nor finding remedies. The default timeout values are used in both Tomcat and in the applications that run within as far as I can tell.
Hopefully someone will have some insight on why the behavior could be occurring, why isn’t Tomcat killing the connections? Even in a RST/ACK status, shouldn’t Tomcat terminate the connection without an ACK from the client after the default timeout?
Is there a graceful way to script the termination of threads in case Tomcat isn’t able to for whatever reason? My research for killing threads results in system threads or application threads, not Tomcat Connector connection threads, so I’m not sure if this is even viable. I’m also looking into ways to terminate these aged sessions via the F5.

At this time I’m open to any suggestions that would be able to automate a resolution to keep the system from experiencing downtime, or for any insight on where to look for a root cause. Thanks in advance for any guidance you can lend.


Is the age to buy alcohol in the duty-free in an airport the same as the country?

I’m flying back to the UK from Malta this weekend, and in Malta the drinking age to buy alcohol is 17 (which is how old I am.) WOuld I be able to buy alcohol from the Maltese airport?