macos – Macbook Air system fails and fsck does not work

My macbook air 13 (mid 2013) cannot boot correctly. It stops at the Apple logo loading screen.
After getting into the single user mode, here is the error I got by runningfsck -fy (didn’t find any information about the error code):
enter image description here

After running the command mount -uw /, I got this and the process just hangs there:enter image description here

I think because of some failed system files or potentially damaged hard drive, the system cannot boot or mount the main drive (macintosh HD). I also tried to re-install the OS in the recover mode and it was just stuck during the initial process (seems related to the mounting problem). I also used the diskutil repairVolume command, but the process went on for 10 hours without any results (guess it’s also stuck).
Any ideas about how to solve this problem? Is there a way to force formating the main drive without mounting it?

air travel – Flight rebooking free (upto fare differential)

Lufthansa’s website currently says “All our fares are rebookable free of charge – Fare differentials might apply”. See also this summary

I was looking to book a flight flying out in January 2021 with a return in November 2021. Since it is not possible to book a flight that far in advance, I thought of setting the return date to be in July 2021. I will then change the return date in 2021 to November when those bookings are possible. Unfortunately, I have to book the flight now due to bureaucracy that I won’t go into and I cannot book two one-way flights.

How will the airline decide what the fare differential is when I make the date change? If fares are the same price or cheaper in November compared to July (which historically is true), will I get this date change for free or will the airline find a way that ends up making me pay a lot more?

Macbook air 2012, installed new battery, bottom of trackpad sounds loose/clicky now, ideas?

My other one couldn’t hold a charge well but didn’t look bloated at all to have warped anything in my system.

All that was weird that happened was that I lost one of the bottom case screws (small ones), could this cause it? (I could get replacement from amazon).

I’m going to go back in and tighten all the case screws, battery screws and tighten the trackpad screws, that’s about all I can do right?

air travel – What happens if a domestic flight lands in a foreign country due to an emergency?

First hand experience from

 I encountered the overnight situation once before. All the passengers were put up in a hotel near the airport. Those of us with permission to enter the country went through normal immigration and got on the hotel bus. The others were escorted as a group to the bus but their passports were taken and held till the next day (not sure who actually had the passports, hotel, airline, authorities). Those of us who had passports could go outside the hotel, those without were not allowed out.

A few other people share their experience there as well. Good summary:

Depends on circumstances, the duration of stay, the infrastructure of the airport and the flexibility and availability of immigration.

Worst case: passenger will stay in a separate room at the airport.

Best case: the receive a visa (eg. transit visa) or a solution is find to let the passenger temporary into the country.

Personally if I was so much suspicious about flight safety, I’d take the boat instead of the passport.

air travel – Is it possible to check, before I buy an airline ticket, whether the TSA will be able to confirm my identity without normal proof of identity?

I live in the U.S.A., where we may board a regular commercial passenger flight only with the approval of the T.S.A. Passengers are supposed to bring proof of identity with us, and present it when trying to make our way through the airport and onto a plane. Normally, people use a passport or an identification card issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The T.S.A. says on their website that someone without normal proof of identity can still fly if the T.S.A. can confirm his identity.

enter image description here

I want to fly, but I don’t have the normal proof of identity. And somehow (because of the coronavirus and the maze of rules and the timing of things) I won’t have the normal proof of identity in time for the trip I’m hoping to take.

Is there any way that I can check, before buying an airline ticket, that the T.S.A. will be able to confirm my identity?

air travel – Why does typically nobody check whether one picked up one’s own luggage at the airport’s luggage claim area?

Airports have many checks, but typically none in the luggage claim area. Why does typically nobody check whether one picked up one’s own luggage (and not somebody else’s or forgetting one’s luggage) at the airport’s luggage claim area? I’m curious if the reason is simply that there’s no need for that, and/or is motivated by the desire to save airport’s money or passenger’s time, or some other reason.

Close voters: this isn’t at all opinion-based, airport authorities most likely have made some statements about and/or released statistics, and there are plenty of research papers on airports e.g.

Are soft copies of ID proof acceptable for domestic air travel in India?

My daughter and I have to travel from Mysore to Hyderabad. I don’t have hard copies of our ID proofs with me, would it be fine to show soft copies of the ID proofs?

Is it possible to travel by air in India domestically with only a scanned pan card? [duplicate]

I am from North India. I am thinking of going to Bengaluru via flight but I only have scanned copy of my pan card in my phone. Is it possible for me to travel without Aadar?

Is it possible to air travel India domestically with only a scanned pan card?

I am from North India. I am thinking of going to Bengaluru via flight but I only have scanned copy of my pan card in my phone. Is it possible for me to travel without Aadar?

macos – 2012 Macbook air Lion will not reinstall

I have a 2012 Macbook air, this Macbook air has its local recovery drive wiped. I used the internet recovery mode (command + r) but for some reason when I try to reinstall Mac OSX Lion, I get a message that says “can’t download additional components.” I have research online but solutions such as changing the time does not solve this problem. So my second attempt was creating a high sierra bootable USB and installing that to the Macbook Air. The Macbook will attempt to boot to it however, about half way loading the progress bar, a circle with a line across appears.