Baggage – Will my baggage be checked from LAX to PEK in ICN with Air China

Does anyone know if my luggage will be checked from Los Angeles to Incheon, South Korea if I have a stopover in Beijing? My flight that lands in Beijing is in the same terminal as my flight leaving Beijing for Incheon. I will be flying with AirChina and I don't know if they would or if I will have to collect my luggage and re-check it in once I land in Beijing.

I also had another question about my baggage allowance, my eTicket says I have a "2 piece plan of 2 bags allowed free of charge up to 50 lbs / 23 kg". So does this mean that I am entitled to 2 checked baggage in addition to my hand baggage?

Air travel – Will the airline wait for me if my incoming flight is delayed (same airline)?

I am traveling for work and my return flight has a very short stopover (37 minutes) in MSP. I did not book the flight, even if I would not have chosen something like that, I have to deal with it.

This flight is the last available home that day. If I miss it, I will have to wait until the next day. Because I am flying from Kansas to MSP, I suspect that my chances of the incoming flight being delayed (due to snow, etc.) are rather high.

Do airlines generally expect passengers who travel with the same airline and have a short connection?

Both reservations are on the same ticket, both are with the same airline.

Air Travel – How Do I Know If An Airplane Seat Upgrade Was Free?

I just flew via Air Canada from the United States to Toronto directly. Before boarding, I asked at the boarding gate if upgraded seats were available. In response, the representative simply gave me a business class seat with no other information. There were a few additional business seats available during the flight, and it appeared that the flight was not completely filled.

It dawned on me later that this upgrade may not be free. The reservation was made through an agency that my company uses, using the company credit card. I am concerned that the upgrade is not free and has been charged to the company credit card.

How do I know if it was a free upgrade or not, alongside (hopefully needlessly) worrying HR?

power – MacBook Air problem

I ran into trouble with my MacBook Air and decided to try to investigate / fix again

In short, it does not turn at all. I disassembled the unit and the humidity indicators show nothing – so I guess the damage from humidity

I left it in charge overnight and it's still orange.

When I put the charging cable, it immediately turns orange, then green, then orange

SMC reset does not work.

Advices? Should I order a new battery ??

Thanks in advance

Why is the airport tax of some airports charged outside the air ticket but must be paid at the airport?

Why is the airport tax of some airports charged outside the air ticket but must be paid at the airport?

Example from Uyuni Airport, where the airport tax is 11 BOB per passenger:

enter description of image here

Air Travel – Airlines Plan Flights to Arrive When Departing

You are watching the schedule of the aircraft at a given time, which will not display the full picture.

It is very likely that the aircraft to be flown UA263 has been delayed or, for some other reason, unable to get to ORD in time.

To deal with it, the airline had to find another plane, and the first one it had was the one that operated AU1140. Obviously, this resulted in a delay for AU263, but this delay would have been shorter than the delay if they had instead waited for the plane originally planned.

The United website will only display the "inbound" flight when you look at it, and at this point it had already made the change, so you see an "impossible" schedule. If you had, for example, looked at yesterday, you would probably have seen another plane scheduled for this flight – with an appropriate buffer between flights.

In practice, these “swaps” are generally much more complex than those described above and could involve the movement of several aircraft between flights in order to minimize delays on all flights. This is especially true in case of bad weather or any other problem causing the delay of several flights.

Update: I did a little digging, and it is indeed an exchange of multiple planes. The original issue was UA795 from Windsor Locks, CT, which was delayed more than 9 hours. In order to manage this delay and minimize the impact on future flights, United traded multiple planes on multiple flights. Your flight was originally scheduled to use the incoming aircraft as UA1573, but this flight was reassigned to another flight, which in turn had been reassigned to another flight to cover the delay of UA795 .

The end result of this is that a number of flights will be delayed a bit (for example, you have to arrive 25 minutes late), but it's better than a few flights delayed> 8 hours each like that would happen otherwise.

Air travel – I was told that Americans can reset their Schengen limit of 90 days in Poland to Ukraine for at least 24 hours. Is it true?

I heard this from two different people in two different situations during my stay here in Poland. In fact, I didn't even ask any of them about it. They told me so on different occasions. These people don't know each other either, and they both said they know Americans who do it all the time. I have no reason to believe they would be wrong, but I'm curious as to where exactly I can find more information about it.

Does anyone know exactly what he is referring to?

And what could be the implications when traveling to other Schengen countries afterwards?

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unit – Problem with "only assignment, call, etc." while I was trying to keep my 2D character from jumping up in the air

First, whenever you get a compilation error, it is essential to include both full Error message:

Only assignment, call, increment, decrement, wait and new object expressions can be used as an instruction

and the line on which the error occurs:

 Character1.GetComponent().isGrounded == true;

Second, this type of error is called syntax error. It is not a problem with your game-specific logic that you need a gamedev expert to solve. This means that you are mistaken in the basics of the language.

Here it is because you used the equality comparison operator == when what you wanted was the assignment operator =.

Character1.GetComponent().isGrounded == true; means "East move2d.isGrounded currently true? "- that is, it is a conditional, something that only makes sense inside of an expression like inside of & # 39; # 39; a if (...) check.

Character1.GetComponent().isGrounded = true; means "Together move2d.isGrounded to be true. "- that is, it is an assignment, which is one of the valid types of reporting in C #.

The error message says that you cannot use an expression (like "5" or "x + 3" or "Is this true?") On its own line as an instruction (like " Make x true ").

When you get a basic syntax error like this, you should always look for our general programming sister site StackOverflow first. They have lots of examples of beginners who make exactly this mistake, so you can easily find your solution in the existing answers:

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