air transport – What does BSCT mean?

Apparently, BSCT is the acronym for … cradle for baby. Somehow.

Several airlines use it, for example:

The text only mentions the acronym as

baby cradle (BSCT)

without giving any indication of what the letters actually represent.

What does BSCT mean exactly?

Air Bit Club Ltd – – HYIPs

I am neither an administrator nor owner of this project

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(Investment programs are always risky so do not invest if you can not afford to lose)

baggage – Do I have to re-check my baggage at MCI-SEA-ICN-SGN stops? Delta and Korean Air

As a general rule, if it is only one reservation, you can expect your luggage to be checked in order not to see it at the checkpoint (except in some cases international transfers, but none in the route you describe).

Some ticket sellers sometimes issue tickets across multiple airline bookings, even if you buy them at the same time on their website. This practice is generally considered rather dubious unless the passenger is told exactly what happens (because it also affects your rights in case you get delayed and miss a connecting flight), and I do not think Travelocity is part of it. If in doubt, look for small print characters to warn you that the connections are not guaranteed or are "guaranteed" by someone other than the airline.

In your case, it seems very likely that there is only one reservation – especially since the last leg is reserved as Delta shared code rather than its Korean flight number. Air. There would be little reason to do it except keep the entire itinerary on a single Delta ticket.

air transport – Compensation for delay of theft

I'm trying to book a train or bus from London to Edinburgh on July 2nd.

I will arrive at LHR by flight. Suppose my scheduled flight at LHR is at 1 pm and I book my ticket from London at 3 pm and the flight arrives late at LHR and I miss the train / bus, can I be reimbursed by Airlines companies?

What is the procedure? How much can I get? Do I find it instead?

air travel – Some tips for getting a cheap flight in China

A month ago, I attended a $ 500 round trip flight between Dallas and Shanghai. Now, I can not seem to have less than $ 750, regardless of the time of year. I am looking for Expedia and Travelocity.

I will wander through China to immerse myself in the language for a month, as an extension of my studies in Mandarin – so I am not picky about the time I go. I just want to reduce my costs.

Do you have any advice for me? How can I get the cheapest flight to China?

2nd computer configuration / cold wallet "with air access" for travel

I travel a little and I do not want to lug a second computer "outdoors". I know that connecting a hardware wallet such as a Nano S big book to the desktop Ledger Live application running on an Internet-connected computer is not considered as a "totally cold" wallet configuration.

I asked if a non-networking virtual machine would do the trick, but it sounds like extra security.

So, what would be the right solution for a second "ventilated" computer for travelers? Maybe Tails installed on a USB key or "OS on a key" products already on the market, such as the Intel calculation key:

I am looking for a solution to use the screen and the keyboard of my laptop.

Air conditioner

Hi people I need your help! My air conditioner is down and I have no contact with good service. (Singapore)

datacenter – Does the energy consumed by an air conditioner add to the total heat output in a server room?

I have to measure the air conditioning in the server room. I have calculated the total load of all equipment consuming power in the server room, namely servers, network devices, SAN, lighting, inverters and units PDU. Since the air conditioner also uses electricity, should the wattage of the air conditioner contribute to the heat production in the server room?

Air Travel – Southwest Early Bird

Southwest Airlines offers a service called Early Bird Check-In. For a fee (15 to 35 USD / person depending on the flight), you can be sure that you will be among the first to board and therefore choose your seat first. (It's a free places policy.)

When booking a route on, there is no way to only buy Early Bird for certain passengers or certain stages. By selecting Early Bird, you will buy it for each passenger and each step, which can quickly accumulate.

Lately, when booking flights for 4 people in the southwestern part of the country, I split my reservation into two, selecting Early Bird for two of them and not buying it not for the other two. Obviously, I get two different boarding positions when checking in, but the two people with Early Bird reserve a spot for those who do not have it.

Whenever I do this, I feel confused, probably because of all the stories on this site regarding separately booked routes. Is it possible that this could reasonably be against you?

Air transport – Non-booking reported by the OTA, but refusal of refund. What to do?

I took the plane from Berlin TXL to Paris ORY with Aigle Azur, the flight number ZI608 (30:55 – 11:55) on April 30, 2019. There is a case of ticket sales that I have driven until now without success. attempt to obtain a refund for the flight.

I bought a ticket via MyHolidays, an intermediary. I received a confirmation of the reservation shortly thereafter. At the same time, I received the following e-mail:

From: "Please do not answer"

RECLOC = [redacted] (the same as in the email)

Gentile client
Siam Spain, a problem cause, it is largely unregistered. For more information on this business, check out the travel center.
number 025275407, ext. 2 Agenzie di Viaggio dal lunedi & # 39; al venerdi & # 39; mineral slab 09h00 on 13h00 and on 14h00 on 19h00,
sabato slab 09.30 to 12.30

Google Translate:

Dear Customer

We are sorry, but due to a problem, the ticket has not been issued. For more information, please contact the ticket reservation center
number 025275407 ext 2 travel agencies from Monday to Friday from 9h to 13h and from 14h to 19h,
Saturday from 9:30 to 12:30

In order to confirm the contents of the email, I accessed the Aigle Azur website and entered the flight details into the registration form. The website quickly informed me that a reservation with the specified reservation number was not found.

Based on my judgment on the above-mentioned clues, as well as on the pressure to get a seat on a departing flight in three days, I chose to book another ticket, this time directly with Aigle Azur.

I am in touch with MyHolidays customer service, which refuses me the refund, indicating that the first ticket has remained valid. They refuse to take into account the email that I have received.

I finally checked and stole on the second ticket.

What would be the best course to challenge the ticket and get a refund? I am quite unhappy with unnecessary expenses and treatment.